Dynasty Week 8 Buy Low Candidates

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Welcome guys to my 2nd addition of ‘Buy Low’.

In my first addition, I hate to tell you so but what did I say about Marvin Jones?

Last week he was WR45, this week he is WR16!

Jones is now going to cost you more than he would have this time last week, so I hope you listened to my advice!

We are now past the halfway point of the regular season in fantasy football leagues.

Here are the candidates I believe you can buy low, who will either give you a shot to the arm or help the rebuild for next season.

Whatever your situation may be, the best way to trade is always when the stocks are down, buying low.

Here are my top 3 targets whom I believe you could buy low and benefit your dynasty side greatly, using the same methodology that predicted / told you about Marvin Jones.

I hate to tell you I told you so

Odell Beckham Jr

Here’s to hoping that the Odell Beckham Jr owner in your league is frustrated and wants to move on.

Beckham is one of the few truly elite, superstar wide receivers in the NFL.

We have seen glimpses this year, but he has undoubtedly been held back this season by Baker Mayfield and the Browns poor offense.

Baker can only improve; he has simply been mediocre this season.

The Browns schedule gets a little easier (They face the Dolphins, Bengals (twice) and Cardinals to name a few).

I mean we have seen what Beckham has produced with an aging and awful Eli Manning.

Beckham finished as the WR3 in 2015 and the WR1 on PPG basis. In 2016, we saw a top 4 finish as the WR4. In 2017 we would have seen Beckham finish as the WR3 if he never broke his leg and finally last season Beckham played in 12 games and was the WR6 on a PPG basis.

Truly elite numbers, hence why you should be looking to buy low on the current WR28 while his stocks are low and owners frustrated.

Beckham’s inevitable climb up the rankings will happen, it just a matter of when not if.

One of Beckham’s few highlights this season

Carson Wentz

I’ve never been big on writing about quarterbacks as there are so many playable options. However, I’ve always been a fan of Wentz in real life and fantasy.

DeSean Jackson is back soon, this will not only give him another weapon, but also help to stretch the field for the Eagles’ offense. Creating more space and opportunities for the likes of Ertz and Jeffery to benefit, benefiting Wentz as well.

Wentz is currently sitting just inside the top 10 QBs, at number 10. I know what you’re saying, top 10 isn’t exactly buying low but hear me out.

Wentz is the QB14 based on points per games played basis this season (Stafford, Winston, Allen and Brissett have had their bye and are scoring greater than Wentz on PPG basis).

Feel free to use the above line in any negotiations for Wentz.

It wasn’t too long ago you see that before the Eagles won the Super Bowl with Foles under center. Wentz was tearing up the league and the MVP favorite before his ACL in 2017.

Wentz was the QB1 before going down injured. He was averaging an astonishing 21.8 points per game.

21.8 PPG would have been good enough for the equal QB2 last season, alongside Ben Roesthlisberger.

Wentz remains the number 5th ranked QB on Fantasy Pros dynasty rankings (He began the season at number 4).

I firmly believe this will be the cheapest you can acquire Wentz in dynasty for some time.

AJ Green

While you can find my expanded thoughts on Green here, the fact remains he is the ideal dynasty buy low candidate for competing teams.

I’ve seen Green being sold on Twitter for as little as a 3rd round pick in 12-man leagues.

Due to recency bias people are to quick to forgot that Green is a stud.

The Bengals are a basket case there is no other words for it. However, he is all but guaranteed to pick back up and be Dalton’s favorite target.

If you’re competing and need some help at wide receiver or at flex for the upcoming fantasy playoffs, go inquire about Green. After all, he has finished no lower than WR10 when playing a full season. The man’s body may not be reliable, however, his ability to put up numbers when healthy is.

This is the lowest Green’s stocks has ever been and therefore, he is the perfect buy low candidate. He’s inexpensive and he could be the final piece for your championship run.

​A gentle reminder

Thank you for reading guys, I hoped you got something out of it and are targeting these players. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter for many a poll’s @dynastyboyd or on Instagram @boydkillingworth.

You can also find my other fantasy articles here.


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