The Stache: There’s Someone You Auden Know

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Mustache of the week: Wide Receiver

Hey Guys, I’m back again this week with another edition of The Stache. Last week I highlighted Jakeem Grant and if you listened you’re ahead of the waivers. This week I’ll look at someone who’s had a shot, but might have been dropped.

Cincinnati Bengals:

While this week’s “Stache” has had some run with the bye week and return of A.J. Green (I personally doubt he plays more than 2 games all year) he’s most likely been dropped.

Auden Tate:

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Already being able to showcase what he could do with the teams starting offense, Tate didn’t disappoint. With a banged-up offensive line that eventually leads to the Holstering of the Red Rifle, Tate still produced 391 yards and one TD. With the Bengals in the Tua lottery against the Dolphins ( they play week 16 for the 1.01) and newcomers to the party New York Jets, the offense isn’t expected to be explosive in 2019. But We’re here for Dynasty and I’m looking at 2020, where 32-year-old A.J. Green probably moves on from Cincinnati.

Auden Tate, from Florida State. Standing 6’5″ 228lbs but never posting massive numbers in college, there were concerns about him needing time to develop. But the second-year wideout has not disappointed. While only posting 1 TD this season, that should not be put on Tate as the offense is terrible. With the return of Jonah Williams next year and improvement in the quarterback play and the run game, I fully expect positive regression in touchdowns next year. Another positive I see in Auden is he was a 21-year-old rookie WR. Wide receivers who have finished their rookie year at age 21 have historically gone on to have at least one WR2 season more than 40 percent of the time. That number drops to only 20 percent if they are 22.

How to play it in Dynasty:

For the price of a future 3rd round pick or waiver claim, he’s worth the coin toss. Odds are Green walks in 2020 and while Cincinnati might draft a WR, they have more pressing needs. If A.J. is out for 2019, Auden steps into a sizable role with a juicy playoff schedule. I’d pick him up you have space. If you read last week you’re ahead of the waivers. ***A..J. Green has suffered a setback and is now out indefinitely ***

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