The Stache: An Opportunity Knocking in 2020?

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Moustache of the Week:  Tight End

I’m back again this week to give you another deep dynasty “stache” to keep your eye on. This week we’re diving back into the tight end talent pool (because let’s be honest it’s more of a sespool).

Carolina Panthers:

With Carolina looking good with Kyle Allen under center will the Panthers maybe trade CamNewton to a QB needy team? This might not be as far fetched as it first seems, Kyle is showing he can lead the team and with a promising rookie in Will Grier behind Allen. Carolina can free up cap space if they trade or cut Newton (due $18.5 million in 2020). Of course the Panthers would have to work out an extension for Allen who’s an ERFA in 2020. But with that in mind let’s take a look a free tight end available in most dynasty league waivers… Ian Thomas.

Ian Thomas:

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Coming out of Indiana, Thomas was seen as an unfinished product who would take time to adjust to the NFL Reconized as a good blocker the hope was for Ian to improve his route running and learn from Greg Olsen. With this looking like the last year for Olsen (who recently announced a game during the bye week). Things are setting up nicely for Thomas to step into the role as a third year pro in 2020.

While 2019 has certainly been a CMC year in Carolina, odds are it won’t be sustained in 2020. With defenses still having to be aware of the threat of CMC and the emergence for two young talented wideouts (Moore, Samuel), Thomas should be afforded to free roam on underneath routes. Acting like a safety blanket for Kyle Allen between the 20’s and a monster target in the redzone 6’5″ 260lbs Ian Thomas shouldn’t be forgotten about but probably is. It is expected of Tight ends to take around three years to transition to the NFL properly, but with this year bringing rookie sensation T.J. Hockenson the casual owner probably couldn’t tell you what roster Thomas is on.

Showing some strong promise last year (albeit with Newton under center) it should be expected for Thomas to be fantasy viable in 2020. Still only 23 and having already shown to be a commodity in both passing and blocking. Thomas could prove to be a valuable asset with Moore, Samuel and  Mcaffery all  23 or younger.

How to play it in Dynasty:

The Panthers are setting up nicely to compete in the NFC South for many years. Thomas is currently warming the bench in Carolina due to Olsen looking good again, don’t make the mistake and think Thomas isn’t talented. It’s just not Ian’s time yet but 2020 is shaping up to a possible breakout year for Thomas. If he’s on the waiver ( and should be) you can pick him up if you’re out of playoffs and “Stache” him now if you’re in playoff contention you can safely wait until week 13 and add him before the playoffs.

As in the last article these “Staches” could be a steal in Dynasty and help you out next year. I’m not picking low hanging fruit in these, there’s enough people touting Ty Johnson and Mark Walton. Join me again next week for another Moustache of the week. Follow me on Twitter @goldjacketqbs for any Dynasty questions answered. As always with any good moustache you need to give them time to grow.




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