Roster Tiers: Who Is Relevant On The Seattle Seahawks For Fantasy Football

For the Seattle Seahawks, I break down, in tier levels, who your dynasty targets should be.

The Seattle Seahawks are a team that is perennially in the conversations for most dangerous teams in the NFC. Moreover, the Seahawks have only missed the playoffs once in the last seven years, and that was with a 9-7 record. The Seahawks have committed to a run-first offense that lets them control the flow of the game with Russell Wilson leading the team, on the field.

Let’s check out how the Seattle Seahawks tiers break down, for fantasy purposes.

Tier 1- Draft Targets

RB: Chris Carson

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2018 stats: 247 carries, 1151 yards rushing and 9 TDs, with 20 receptions and 163 receiving yards.

Chris Carson had some offseason injury issues, and Rashard Penny has been breathing down his neck for that #1 RB spot. However, Carson looks ready to once again be THE GUY, in Seattle.

Carson is the #1 RB in one of the most run-heavy offenses, the Seattle Seahawks. He’s also one of the Seahawks’ favorite players to go to, in the Red Zone.

Notably, the folks in Vegas also have the Seahawks at nine wins, for their over/under total. Correspondingly, the Seahawks should be ahead in a lot of games, meaning, tons of carries for their RBs, as they try to grind the clock.

The best thing about Chris Carson is the fact that he’s going around the 4th round, in redraft leagues, and is also seriously undervalued in dynasty leagues. He’s a buy-low guy, with a high ceiling.

2019 Projection: 250 carries, 1090 yards rushing and 9 TDs, with 25 receptions, 200 receiving yards and 3 TD receiving.

QB: Russell Wilson

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2018 Stats: 3448 yards passing, 35 TDs, with 376 yards rushing.

It’s important to understand that Russell Wilson is one of the deadliest and most underrated QBs, in the NFL. He almost single-handedly wins games for the Seattle Seahawks, while keeping their offense humming on all cylinders.

However, for fantasy purposes, he’s quarterbacking for a team that has committed to being a run-based team, thus limiting his potential ceiling. Despite that, he’s a QB that is almost always in the top 10 of fantasy QBs.

Russell Wilson won’t win you a fantasy league, by himself, but he’s consistent and additionally, won’t hurt you, when you roster him, week-to-week. If your strategy is to draft a QB in the late rounds or if you want to trade for a consistent QB, at a low(er) price, then Wilson is your guy.

2019 Projections: 3600 yards passing, 30 TDs, with 360 yards rushing and 2 TDs.

Tier 2- Depth Players

WR: Tyler Lockett

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2018 Stats: 57 receptions, 965 yards, and 10TDs

After a disappointing 2017 season, where he caught 45 receptions for 555 yards, Tyler Lockett broke out in 2018 and became the Seattle Seahawks home-run threat. His 81.4% catch rate, 16.9 yards per reception, and 10 TDs helped skyrocket his fantasy value, while also helping fantasy players win many leagues.

Lockett should once again put up good stats, but the 10 TDs might be a tall order to duplicate, especially as D.K. Metcalf was drafted as an additional home-run threat for the Seahawks.

Lockett is a top 25 WR, who has a high ceiling because of his big-play potential.

2019 Projections: 65 receptions, 980 yards, and 8 TDs

RB: Rashaad Penny

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2018 Stats: 85 carries, 419 yards rushing and 2 TDs, with 9 receptions and 75 receiving yards.

Rashaad Penny has been leading the Seattle Seahawks 1st team offense, during OTAs, and been impressive doing so, however with Chris Carson returning; he has been pushed back to being the #2 RB.

Penny has the potential to put up some bigger numbers in 2019, particularly with the exit of Mike Davis to the Bears. If Chris Carson’s injuries or full tilt running style causes Carson to miss any games, then Penny will be an RB that will help push your team to championship land.

Rashaad Penny will get a bunch of carries regardless of Carson’s status, he is an RB3 and is one of the premier RB handcuffs, with a high ceiling, that you should look to own.

2019 Projections: 150 carries, 650 yards rushing and 4 TDs, with 25 receptions and 200 receiving yards and 3 TDs.

Tier 3- Rotational Players

WR: D.K Metcalf

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2018 Stats: None (Rookie)

Rookie WR, D.K. Metcalf was one of the most controversial players going into the 2019 draft. A physical specimen at 6’3 and 227lbs, and seen as one of the top WRs coming out of college, Metcalf recorded a blazing 4.33 40-yard time, only to have a disappointing  “3-cone” time, causing people to dump on his potential upside for the position.

The Seattle Seahawks drafted him in the 2nd round and are planning to plug him into their offense, giving Russell Wilson a large target for the red zone and another homerun threat to go alongside Tyler Lockett.

Metcalf has to beat out fellow WRs David Moore and Jaron Brown, for depth chart position and targets, but his upside is too enticing, especially if he proves he can play at the NFL level.

2019 Projections: 40 receptions, 500 yards, and 4 TDs

WR: David Moore

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2018 Stats: 26 receptions, 445 yards, and 5 TDs

I struggled with putting either David Moore or Jaron Brown in the spot. I think both are likely to produce if they can get the opportunities and roster spot. David Moore has more upside, coming off a decent 2018 season, and should put up similar stats, in 2019, if he can cement a spot in the Seattle Seahawks depth chart.

2019 Projections: 30 receptions, 450 yards, and 4 TDs


Will Dissly

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2018 Stats: 8 receptions, 156 yards, and 2 TDs

Will Dissly started the 2018 on a hot streak, putting up the #s you see above, through the first four games. An injury put him out for the rest of the season, but you can see the type of production that he was going to put up in his rookie season.

If Dissly comes into the 2019 season, fully healthy, he has the potential to put up TE2 (Top 20 TEs) stats and come at a low price. His stats will probably come in bunches and be matchup dependent.

2019 projection: 35 receptions, 400 yards, and 4 TDs

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