Dynasty Targets for 2020 and Beyond

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There’s always, always next year. It’s not too early to target guys for your 2020 squad.

It’s entirely possible that you’re in a dynasty league. It is also very likely that you’re out of contention in your dynasty league, for whatever reason. Instead of checking out, I want to encourage you to pursue some trades that will help your squad in 2020 and beyond.

Andy Dalton

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The Cincinnati Bengals did Dalton dirty on the day of the NFL trade deadline. They announced, hours before the deadline, that rookie QB Ryan Finely will be the Bengals starter moving forward. This means Dalton was benched without enough time for his agent to seek a trade and he’s now stuck on the bench in Cincinnati until, at least, this coming offseason. Oh, and it was his birthday.

Dalton has one more year (2020) on his contract and he will become an unrestricted free agent. However, the Bengals could certainly move on from him this offseason and/or field trade offers. Andy Dalton, for all intents and purposes, is shut down for 2019. This is the perfect time to try and grab him in dynasty.

If the Bengals move Dalton this offseason to another team, he will more than likely be a starting QB in the NFL yet again. If he’s on a team like the Bears or the Broncos, he’s someone you’ll be able to start on a weekly basis. Start a conversation with the Dalton owner in your league and see if they’re willing to move on from the aging, bench-warming QB.


Kareem Hunt

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If you align with the idea that you’re not the morality police when it comes to your dynasty teams, Kareem Hunt maybe someone you want to look into. Hunt is 24 years old, immensely talented and on a one year deal with the Browns. Hunt is absolutely a candidate to be moved this offseason, potentially into a starting role. We know he has the talent to be the lead guy and produce. 

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Kareem Hunt’s stat line at the end of the 2017 season: 1,772 total yards and 11 total TDs. Hunter played 11 games in 2018 and his stat line was 1,202 total yards and 14 total TDs. Kareem Hunt was a dominant fantasy RB during his first two seasons and if he gets another opportunity, he will continue to do so. I would hurry on him as he’ll be playing more and exposing his talent, reminding everyone just how gifted he is on the football field.


Hakeem Butler

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The Arizona Cardinals have a bright future offense with a lot of young talent at the WR position. Five of the eight WRs they have on their roster have been drafted in the past two years. One of those WRs is sitting out this season and it seems like a really good time to acquire him. 

We know the Cardinals like to throw the ball. Kyler Murray will be entering his second season in this system, which is built around him and throwing the ball. Fitzgerald, at some point we think, will be retiring. Byrd, Cooper, Sherfield, Johnson all don’t have the draft pedigree that Butler has. Also, there is no one that looks like him currently on this roster or most NFL rosters. He has a real shot to create a nice role for himself this offseason and entering into the 2020 season. 

Hakeem Butler was drafted with the first pick of the 4th round in this past draft by the Cardinals. Butler stands at 6’5”, weighs 227lbs and runs a 4.4 40; Butler is a specimen. People have short memories. Butler has been sitting on someone’s IR all season. Start putting feelers out for Butler, especially if you have space on your IR. He’s a solid asset to have at the end of your bench going into the 2020 season. 


Blake Jarwin

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Here are some general facts. There will be a time when Jason Witten is officially gone from football forever. In fantasy football, TEs typically take about three years to develop/ breakout. Blake Jarwin will be entering his third NFL season in 2020. 

There’s a strong possibility that Jarwin is available in your dynasty league, depending on league size. Jarwin is currently on pace to at least double his fantasy production from his rookie season. This isn’t incredibly exciting if you look at the numbers, as his rookie season wasn’t anything to write home about with 307 yards and 3 TDs. But if you focus on the trajectory, that is something to note. 

Jarwin is a very cheap option right now. If you have space at the end of your bench, Jarwin is definitely worth rostering entering the 2020 season. 

Others Receiving Votes

Cam Newton

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There are few more guys I want to make sure I at least mention. Cam Newton will almost definitely be on a different team starting in 2020. If you believe he still has something to offer, grab him now while he’s the cheapest he’s ever been.


Justice Hill

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As long as Lamar Jackson is running the offense in Baltimore, everyone has at least some value. Justice Hill will more than likely be rostered in your league, but we haven’t really seen him all year and the Hill manager may be willing to part with him. Justice Hill is one Mark Ingram injury away from being very fantasy relevant in a run happy offense. 


Tim Patrick

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The Denver Broncos offense isn’t anything to be excited about, I know. However, they will either have Drew Lock or an impending free-agent QB under center. You just don’t know what a new QB can bring to an offense like this. Tim Patrick, if he were healthy, would be the Broncos WR2. He’s got the size, speed, and talent, but he’s on IR. It’s likely that most fantasy managers aren’t thinking about Patrick at all right now. If you have space on your IR, stash Patrick for 2020.


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