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In dynasty/keeper league formats, here’s a couple of players you should be looking to trade for to upgrade your future dynasty/keeper team.

Terry McLaurin

McLaurin is a player who seemingly came from out of nowhere. He has become a viable fantasy WR for the Redskins and fantasy owners. With the Redskins on a bye in Week 10, McLaurin currently ranks as the WR18 in standard leagues and WR20 in PPR leagues. McLaurin broke out in the first half of the season and has kind of came back down to Earth, but fantasy owners should be looking to make a trade for the Redskins WR. Owners may seem reluctant to trade the WR, but here are some possible options below of what could get the breakout WR:

  1. Mark Andrews/Terry McLaurin
  2. Late 2020 1st/Terry McLaurin
  3. 2020 2nd + 2020 3rd/Terry McLaurin


Joe Mixon:

I know, I know, Mixon is probably off-limits to a lot of trade offers. With the lackluster play of the Bengals QB’s, Mixon owners are feeling the pain of owning the RB. (Me being one of those owners). Mixon is the RB36 in both STD and PPR leagues, which is way below what was expected of the late 1st-early 2nd round pick in most drafts. The reason I would target Mixon is that the owner may be looking to sell for low and you may be able to cash in on the future investment. With a down year from him, the buy of him could be a lot lower for a player who’s only trajectory is up from here.

  1. 2021 1st/Joe Mixon
  2. James Connor + 2nd/Joe Mixon
  3. Devonta Freeman + David Montgomery


Mark Andrews

With the emergence of Lamar Jackson as a star QB, Andrews has also emerged as a top-level TE. Andrews is ranked as the TE7 in STD and PPR formats. He has averaged 8.9 fantasy points per week over the 2019 season. With the TE landscape looking as grim as it has been all year, Andrews could be that jolt at the position that teams need or are looking for. Look to move a few future draft picks for the TE, especially in TE premium leagues.

  1. Curtis Samuel/Mark Andrews
  2. Early 2nd + 3rd/Mark Andrews
  3. Damien Williams + 2nd/3rd/Mark Andrews


Christian Kirk

Kirk is a player that I had my eye on in startup/redraft leagues from the beginning. I really liked the upside of Kirk and thought with Kyler Murray being in Arizona, he may emerge as a decent WR2/low-end WR1. Kirk then sprained his ankle and missed 3 weeks and the WR’s value started to drop. In Week 10, Kirk then had a huge rebound game and went 6/138/3 in a loss to the Bucs. It may be harder to get Kirk, but look to possibly get him on your roster amid a pretty tough schedule to end the season.

  1. Corey Davis + Peyton Barber/Christian Kirk
  2. Late 1st/Christian Kirk
  3. Sterling Shepard + Diontae Johnson/Christian Kirk


Kirk Cousins

You’ve been reading this entire article full of young players and then get to a 31-year old QB. Cousins has been absolutely fantastic in the past few weeks of the season. He has been averaging 21.9 points over the last 5 weeks. With the injuries/benchings of several QB1’s in the league, some teams may be hurting at the QB position. I myself, have Cousins in a 2-QB league and thoroughly believe he is a viable starter for your fantasy team. With Thielen and Diggs to throw to and Cook running well enough for the play-action, the QB has no shortage of offense to fuel your fantasy team.

  1. 1st + 2nd/Kirk Cousins
  2. Josh Allen/Kirk Cousins
  3. Matt Ryan + 2nd/Kirk Cousins


Melvin Gordon:

With the Chargers RB returning from his prolonged holdout, and the emergence of Austin Ekeler, fantasy owners may be more willing to trade the 26-year old RB. Gordon could be a difference-maker for playoff-bound teams. He could be a league title winner if he comes back to form. Teams who are needy at RB could look to make a move for the Chargers veteran and have a true RB1 caliber guy. Some owners may be reluctant to trade the star-RB, but a good enough offer could pry him from teams who are not necessarily playoff/championship contenders.

  1. Chris Carson/Melvin Gordon
  2. 2020 1st + 2021 1st/Melvin Gordon
  3. Keenan Allen/Melvin Gordon

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