The Royce Freeman vs. Phillip Lindsay Decision


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Sorting Out Who Is The Best Broncos RB To Choose For Your Fantasy Team:  Royce Freeman or Phillip Lindsay?  

When looking at the Broncos RBs, the option I keep hearing is to buy low on Freeman, hoping that Lindsay gets hurt, and sell high on Lindsay, or fade at Lindsay’s current ADP (40-50 ADP) in redraft/startup leagues, as he’s “too small” to survive long in the NFL.

The real answer is this…You buy both.

Let’s take a quick look at why buying both Broncos RBs would be a good option.

Royce Freeman:

Royce Freeman was #2 in the NFL, during the 2018 season, for carries against 8+ Defenders at a whopping 36.15%.  Defenses stacked the box, at an alarming rate when Freeman was on the field,  Yet, Freeman rushed for a respectable 521 yards and 5 TDs with a 4.0 YPC average.

This year the Broncos have:

An improved offensive line that is coached by the best O-line coach in the league, in Mike Munchak.

A big upgrade at QB with a Super Bowl MVP QB in Joe Flacco at the helm.

Rookie TE, Noah Fant, a new receiving threat that opposing LBs will have to account for and who will open up the middle of the field more.

So that 8+ Defender % should go down and Freeman should do better with the opportunities he gets because of that.

He’ll be a good “Robin” to Lindsay’s “Batman.”

He’s also a perfect fantasy handcuff, just in case Lindsay starts the season hurt, or gets hurt during the season again.

Lots of upside with Royce Freeman in 2019.

Phillip Lindsay

On the flip side, Lindsay is currently hurt, yet his health status is improving.

Undrafted, lived in his parents’ basement, yet a Pro Bowl player in 2018.

Repeat all the advantages that Royce Freeman will see in 2019 but add a “Rudy” sized heart [Do yourself a favor and watch the Sports Center segment, below, on Lindsay.  Incredible story].

If you told Phillip Lindsay that you thought he was a one year wonder, he’d probably spend the next two weeks camped out in your driveway doing one-armed pushups to prove you wrong.

He was trending to be a top 15 overall player, in 2018 before his injury, with the stats he was putting up.  Twitter was on fire with people wondering why the Giants drafted Saquon Barkley at #1 (when they could’ve gotten a QB), while Lindsay went undrafted and was putting up comparable stats to Barkley.

1037 yards rushing (9th best in NFL), at 5.4 YPC, with 9 TDs (Tied for 7th best), along with 35 receptions and 241 receiving yards. Players with similar stats, from 2018, are going top 20 overall in this year’s redrafts/best ball/dynasty startups. So a 40-50 ADP is wildly cheap, especially if Lindsay comes back healthy.

Final Analysis:

Both players are worth going after, as their perceived value is low; Freeman as a handcuff with upside potential and Lindsay for top 20 overall stat ability at a top 50 price.



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