D’Andre Swift: Player Profile on a 2020 Top Prospect

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D’Andre Swift is swiftly making a name for himself in Dynasty Fantasy Football

D’Andre Swift, RB, Georgia, is a well-known prospect leading up to this year’s draft. He’s viewed as one of the safer prospects due to his ability in both the running and passing game. Is he as safe as people are making him out to be or is he just a product of the college hype train surrounding Georgia running backs?

The Numbers

Swift’s total yardage numbers are not as gaudy as some other players. Sharing the backfield with other talented RBs at Georgia will do that to you, but his efficiency numbers are still solid. He averaged 6.6 ypc over his career, including 6.2 ypc on his way to 1218 total rushing yards in his senior season when he had the backfield mostly to himself.

More importantly, he averaged 9.1 ypr on 73 career receptions. This doesn’t seem like a large volume of work, but in a Georgia offense where no receiver has eclipsed 50 receptions in any of the three seasons he played, it is solid. Let’s take a look at what allowed him to put up these numbers.


D’Andre Swift has several traits that jump out on film when you watch him play. The most evident, to me, was his natural athleticism. He may not be the fastest or the most powerful runner in the class, but he is one of the most effortless. This translates well to both the running and passing game.

Between the tackles, he doesn’t break a ton of tackles, but he doesn’t take very many big hits either. He is able to subtly change direction and contort his body so that when he does get hit he is able to continue moving forward for extra yards. When he gets outside or breaks into the secondary he is able to force would-be tacklers into bad angles or turn them around. He can juke defenders without breaking stride or stop and quickly change direction at will. He didn’t put up the best testing numbers at the combine but his play-speed on tape tells a much different story that I believe translates to the NFL.

As a receiver, he is one of the craftier route runners of the backs in this class. He sells routes and breaks routes cleanly and consistently. He also has very natural hands, easily catching away from his body to continue without breaking stride. His body control allows him to adjust to passes other backs would drop and his burst allows him to gain valuable yards when he has to stop for passes thrown behind him. He looks just as comfortable as a receiver as he does as a runner which helps project him as a three-down back at the next level, a valuable attribute.

Fantasy Concerns

There is no such thing as a perfect prospect so D’Andre Swift does come with some concerns. He is not the most physical back. As noted above, he does a good job of pressing through contact but he does not break many tackles. He is not the most physical player, often going down on first contact. This is also evident in pass protection where he appears willing but struggles to protect his quarterback. This may cap his ability to stay on the field early on in his career, but he should be able to work through it.

Fantasy Outlook

D’Andre Swift projects as an early pick in the NFL Draft and projects as a day-one starter, depending on where he lands. His ability to contribute on all three downs makes him less dependent on game-script and his passing game ability raises both his floor and ceiling. In the end, he is among the safest prospects in this class and should be drafted accordingly in dynasty rookie drafts.

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