Best Ball Championship Draft Recap #2

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I drafted this team, a few weeks ago, but I was putting off posting my 2nd Best Ball Championship team recap, because despite this team being projected for a ton of points, I don’t think it came out very well. I aimed for some value picks and also some interesting stacks, but the results were a bit mixed. If you’re looking to review/compare my 1st draft to this one, you can go here.

In fantasy football, there’s value from studying, and sharing, our mistakes.

Let’s look at my 2nd championship draft, and hopefully, you can pick up things to do and maybe a few not to do, for your best ball drafts.

Rounds 1-3

Ezekial Elliot RB 1.2:

At 1.2 it’s pretty cut and dried. Could’ve gone with CMC, but went with Elliot, who has escaped suspension and should be one of the top RBs in the NFL. A no-brainer.

George Kittle TE 2.11:

I still think that if you want a winning best ball team, you have to have a great TE.  With Kelce already off the board, I went with the next best thing in Kittle.  Kittle is still the focal point of that San Fransisco 49ers offense, so I expect great things, from him.

Zach Ertz TE 3.2:

What’s better than one top TE…two top TEs.  Both Kittle and Ertz put up WR#1 type of stats, and with a required starting TE spot and a starting FLEX spot, these guys are going to push up the points I get from both positions.

Once again I’ll be dominant in the TE department.  I’ve pretty much cornered the market…now let’s see if that pays off.

Rounds 4-5

Phillip Lindsay RB 4.11:

I’m a big believer in Phillip Lindsay. You can take a look at an article I wrote about him and Freeman, here.

Before Lindsay went down, he was a top 20-25 player, overall.  He’s a bargain at the bottom of the 4th round if he can come back 100% healthy.  Great value pick.

Robert Woods WR 5.2:

Woods was in for 96%, or more, of the Rams’ snaps, in 13 games last season. Of those 13 games, he had 9 or more targets, eight times. In the other five games, his lowest amount of targets was 5.  Also in those five games, the lowest receiving yardage he had was 67 yards. He wasn’t much of a value pick, but he’s a pretty consistent player in a potent offense.  He’s not a super stud WR1 for me, but I know he’s going to get me points, and in best ball leagues, consistency goes a long, long way.

Rounds 6-8

Andrew Luck QB 6.11:

I like waiting on drafting QBs, but Luck has an ADP of 65 in best ball leagues, so I couldn’t pass up the bargain.  Also…

Baker Mayfield QB 7.2:

Here’s a pick I wish I had back.  Is it great to have two, stellar QBs with tremendous upside? Sure, but probably won’t improve my weekly point total/they might cancel each other out, since you can only start 1 QB. This is right around where Mayfield has been getting picked, but there was some WR depth around as Jeffrey, Shepard, Kirk, and Pettis were all drafted afterward.

Royce Freeman RB 8.11: I wanted the handcuff to Lindsay, and I’m a big believer in having BOTH Lindsay and Freeman, this year. Had to draft him a bit earlier than I wanted though.

Round 9-11:

Corey Davis WR 9.2:

I’ve been slowly waning on Corey Davis, the more I dig in. The Tennessee Titans ranked nearly last in passing, last year, and there weren’t a lot of receptions for Davis.  He had 3 or fewer catches in 50% of his games last year. He’s my WR2, and I’m willing to live with the bad games, if he can REALLY pop off in his good games…not a great pick though.

Tyrell Williams WR 10.11:

I’m rolling the dice that going from WR#3 with the Chargers, to WR#2 with the Raiders (opposite Antonio Brown) can bring Tyrell Williams some big stats. Have to take some big swings to win a massive tournament, like this one, and I love Williams’ potential.

Josh Allen QB 11.2:

I’m big on Allen, especially if he keeps running. He’s consistently on my best ball teams with 50% ownership. I got him nearly a full round later than I did last time.  Allen should be my #2 QB, but at #3 I’m hoping he has some big rushing games that get me an additional 5-10 points over whatever Luck/Baker bring in that same week.

Rounds 12-18: The Lottery Tickets

Here’s where I start taking my chances with players that could hit it huge in 2019.

Emmanuel Sanders WR 12.11:

Sanders looks like he’s going to come back healthy.  He’ll most likely start the first 6-8 games slowly, then hopefully find his footing/stride.  The Denver Broncos have the Chiefs, the Lions, and the Raiders as their last three games.  If I’m in the playoff portion of this Best Ball Championship, Sanders could help me win some $$$.

Matt Breida RB 13.2:

The San Fransisco 49ers backfield is an ugly RBBC, right now.  With a little luck (and a lot of talent) Breida could break out of that.

Zay Jones 14.11:

I need Zay Jones to break out. I think he’s the best option of the Bills WR corp to be a stud. In the last seven games of 2018, Zay Jones had targets of 11, 1, 9, 9, 6, 9, 9.  BTW, the game with one target was against Jacksonville and Jalen Ramsey.

Duke Johnson 15.2:

Waiting on Duke Johnson to be traded, or Kareem Hunt to do something dumb…both seem equally likely, right now, and both would raise Duke Johnson’s value immensely.

Ben Watson TE 16.11:

I’m a sucker for whomever the New England Patriots top TE is.  Watson has to go through a four-game suspension to start the season, but he SHOULD be the top TE, after that (*Cough* unless Gronk comes back)…of course, I drafted ASJ in my 1st best ball draft…whoops.

Cole Beasley WR 17.2:

My Bills stack grows.

Trayveon Williams 18.11:  Last pick. Mixon is always hurt. Williams is a lot younger than Gio Bernard and a pretty good pass blocker in his own right.  Williams has to beat out Bernard to get that backup spot, which he hasn’t done…yet.


Final Analysis:

I’ve got a rock star QB group with Luck/Baker/Allen.

I’ve got the best TEs with Kittle/Ertz/Watson.

My WR corp is lacking, as it’s pretty much Robert Woods and five guys I need to get lucky with.

For my RBs I’ve got my Batman & Robin with Lindsay and Freeman, with Ezekial Elliot being the anchor (or rather Superman in this analogy).

I originally posted on Twitter, right after I did this draft, and I think there are some interesting notes here too.


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