Kenyan Drake Takes Flight Against San Francisco

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Drake delivered. Kenyan Drake ended the game against the 49ers with 19 touches for 162 total yards and a TD. In a PPR league that’s 26.2 points!

Kenyan Drake Reaction

Stop me if this has happened to you before. You wake up on a Monday in Miami. You’re traded to the Arizona Cardinals on that same Monday. You hop on a bird that same day against three time zones. You practice with a new team for a day or two. You’re expected to be the starting RB on Thursday of the same week. Now do it against the 2nd best defense in the league, who have been snacking on RBs all season. Do it with an offense run by a rookie head coach and a rookie quarterback. I can feel my blood pressuring raising just typing this out. 

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This was a reality for one Kenyan Drake this past week. He became the starting RB for the Cardinals with two days of preparation. He was expected to be the main guy and compete in that Thursday night game. Drake delivered. Kenyan Drake ended the game against the 49ers with 15 carries for 110 yards and a TD with 4 target, 4 catches for 52 yards. In a PPR league that’s 26.2 points! If you were feeling risky, or desperate, in Week 9 and you threw Drake out there you are sitting pretty entering the weekend. 

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The Cardinals went with Drake early and often as he scored that touchdown on the first drive of the game. It honestly reminded me of the first time a young and growing drake, or dragon, is able to spread its wings and take flight. It was a beautiful sight and very exciting for the Cardinals moving forward. 

Cardinals Future Outlook

The 2019 season may not be very promising for the Cardinals at this point. They currently sit at 3-5-1 in a very competitive NFC. There should be some excitement as they currently have three starting caliber RBs on their roster with David Johnson, Chase Edmonds and Kenyan Drake. They have a young, budding superstar in Kyler Murray. Arizona’s pass catchers are mostly young but they have a lot of potential as well. The Drake trade didn’t cost the Cardinals too much in a 2020 6th. Now they have confidence in whoever they put out there with these three RBs. 

Fantasy Implications

Now let’s talk about you. If you have the starting RB for the Arizona Cardinals for the rest of the season, you have at least an RB2. Let’s say David Johnson comes back, you know you can trust him and he can be an RB1. And if Drake takes the next few games, he clearly has an RB1 ceiling in this offense.

What if you only have Drake and David Johnson starts? That’s a great question. In the two games leading up to Chase Edmonds’ monster game in Week 7, in which Johnson played, Edmonds averaged 16.2 fantasy points in PPR. What does that mean? It means if Johnson plays, and you have Drake, his ceiling is capped but he has a high enough floor to start as a flex. If Drake is on his own, like last night, he has RB1 upside.

Fantasy football is more exciting when a trade like this happens. A guy isn’t used well on his past team. He gets traded and is better utilized and excels. Drake is probably going to be too expensive to acquire if you don’t currently have him on your roster. If you were able to grab him before his breakout against the Niners you could very well have a playoff earning, championship winning piece on your fantasy roster.


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