2019 Fantasy Football Dynasty Quarterback Rankings

2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings: Who’s #1?

Quarterback is arguably the position with the most depth in fantasy football. There are many different league types that drastically change the value of the quarterback position. For example, in 2QB or Superflex Dynasty Leagues, Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is going in the top five in most startup drafts. While in single quarterback leagues he is going closer to the middle of the third round.

There are many factors to consider when projecting for dynasty leagues. The biggest thing to take into consideration is age. Players on the backend of their careers like Tom Brady or Philip Rivers are basically useless to rebuilding teams but are exactly what win-now teams are looking for. In redraft fantasy football leagues it would be crazy to think Mitch Trubisky is worth more than Drew Brees, but with dynasty leagues the value is a lot closer to even.

With startup leagues there is many approaches that you can take with drafting quarterbacks. A lot of people like to use the late-round quarterback approach. While everybody ahead of you is drafting quarterbacks high, you can stack up talent across your roster. While others prefer the draft them early approach. If you can lock up Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes in the first two rounds of a Superflex league, that isn’t a bad idea. Because you just locked up your quarterback position for the next ten years.

Other than the last few years, the NFL has been littered with young quarterbacks trying to find their way. While the veterans are still chugging along, with no big names retiring since Peyton Manning after the 2015 season. Two rookies are projected to start right away in the 2019 season, Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins. Lets see where they stack up against the NFL elite.

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Dynasty Quarterback Rankings:

1. Andrew Luck

Luck is going to dominate this season. During the second half of the 2018-2019 season he finally started knocking off the rust from his shoulder surgery. And to top that off all the Colts have done this offseason is add more offensive weapons with Parris Campbell and Devin Funchess.

2. Patrick Mahomes

All hail the mighty Mahomes. I think Mahomes will have slight regression from his MVP Award winning season last year. Even if he has 75% of the season he had last year he will finish as a top three fantasy quarterback. If Tyreek Hill gets suspended, Mahomes value will take a slight hit.

3. Baker Mayfield

Baker or Baeker? Either way, Mayfield has to be excited about the potential of the Browns offense this next season. With the additions of Odell Beckham Jr. and Kareem Hunt, it is easy to get excited too! Put any quarterback in an offense with OBJ, Jarvis Landry, David Njoku, Nick Chubb and Hunt and they will put together Pro Bowl numbers.

4. Deshaun Watson

Watson would already have an MVP Award in his trophy case if he didn’t tear his ACL a couple years ago. He has everything a young quarterback looks for in a team. A great coach, an elite defense and an All-Pro wide receiver with DeAndre Hopkins. I think he will continue to take a step forward this next season and put up big numbers with Hopkins and a fully healthy Will Fuller.

5. Aaron Rodgers

FINALLY!! Rodgers finally got his divorce from former head coach Mike McCarthy. Will that turn into better fantasy numbers? I think so. Especially since he got paired with former Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur. With the combination of a new offense and another year for young receivers, Marquez Valdes-Scantling & J’Mon Moore, to develop next to stud receiver Devante Adams, Rodgers will look to make a huge impact this season.

6. Russell Wilson

Wilson got rewarded for his amazing play with the richest contract in NFL history. No big deal. I was hoping he would leave via free agency next year. Sucks he is stuck in the leagues highest running offense in the NFL. But he makes the most out of this situation with producing on every level of the field. He produces with his arm and his legs, that’s what makes him a top 10 fantasy quarterback. With the addition of D.K. Metcalf will more than makeup for the loss of Doug Baldwin.

7. Carson Wentz

Will Wentz finally stay healthy this season? The Eagles are surely hoping so with their insurance, Nick Foles, gone in Jacksonville now. When healthy all Wentz does is produce numbers. Wentz is surrounded by offensive weapons like, Alshon Jeffrey, Zach Ertz, Desean Jackson, Dallas Goedert and freshly drafted JJAW (JJ Arcega-Whiteside). He has to be chomping at the bit for the season to get underway.

8. Matt Ryan

Ryan has been underrated since he won the NFL MVP two years ago. In most league formats, Ryan finished as a top three QB last season. And nobody is talking about it! Ryan is littered with offensive weapons with Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Austin Hooper and Devonta Freeman. I expect for Ryan to have a similar season as last one.

9. Jared Goff

Goff has drastically improved every season. Granted it wasn’t hard to improve off his historically bad rookie season. The only thing that worries me is having a Super Bowl hangover. I think head coach Sean McVay will keep him level headed and he will take another step forward. The Rams are flooded with offensive talent on all levels.

10. Cam Newton

You know what Newton brings to the table every game. A few overthrows and a lot of QB draws. Lets hope the first changes with the shoulder surgery he had this offseason. The fact that he may not be ready for the regular season worries me, but I think he will be ready. He is still an elite running QB that can lead you to a fantasy football championship.

11. Jameis Winston

As you just noticed, I think new head coach Bruce Arians will have a huge effect on Winston. Winston has always been on the verge of breaking out, the problem has always been his playing mentality. I’d bet on Arians coaching him up to being a low-end QB1, at the very least high-end QB2. He still has WR Mike Evans and I think WR Chris Godwin and TE O.J. Howard will take a big step forward this season.

12. Mitchell Trubisky

Did anybody gain more from a new coaching hire last season than Trubisky? Head coach Matt Nagy was supposed to bring some offensive flair to the ever boring Chicago Bears offensive. If you say no tell that to when he threw for six touchdowns in Week 4. He has a ton of young talent around him that will continue to mesh with him. Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller will look to take Trubisky to a high-end QB1.

13. Jimmy Garoppolo

Will we ever get to see Jimmy GQ play a full season? Hopefully this season will be the season we will. I was bummed when he tore his ACL last season, but he has been making a fantastic recovery and is expected to be ready for preseason play. The only negative was their WR play, but the 49ers fixed that problem drafting WRs Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd. Did I even mention 2nd team All-Pro TE George Kittle?

14. Josh Allen

Copy and paste what I said about Jimmy G’s lack of offensive weapons and put it here. Allen was throwing the ball to a bunch of late round/undrafted free agents last season. This season they brought in some veteran talent with Cole Beasley, John Brown and Frank Gore. I think all that talent will only improve his numbers that brought him to QB17 last season. He has the big arm and rushing ability that is needed to make the big plays in that offense.

15. Sam Darnold

Come free agency Darnold must have been upset watching his team go defensive heavy early. But at the back end of free agency they reeled in the big fish with Le’Veon Bell. I was already bullish on him this offseason before that, I think he takes a big step next season. I am nervous about new head coach Adam Gase ruining his talent though.

16. Drew Brees

I am not a Brees fan for this upcoming season. I think this ranking is rather high for me, I truly wanted to put him a few more spots down. Towards the end of last season you could see some throws that were butterflies coming out of his arm. All I’m saying is that father time came fast for Peyton Manning. The Saints offense is too good that even if he struggles he will put up rather decent numbers.

17. Kirk Cousins

Cousins struggled last season, I think everybody can say it was a disappointment. Cousins was the first ever QB to get a fully guaranteed contract so we expected him to at least be better than former Vikings QB Case Keenum. That was not the case. I think that he has too much talent around him to post similar numbers again this season. Cousins finished as QB21 last season.

18. Matt Stafford

Is there anybody more polarizing than Stafford among the fantasy football community? Some have a very high opinion on him while others refuse to touch him. I have been on both sides of the coin, while this season I think he will be rather consistent. You know what Stafford brings to the table, high yards and low touchdowns numbers. Hopefully Babytron (Kenny Golladay) and Marvin Jones can continue to lead this offense. Rookie TE T.J. Hockenson will also look to contribute.

19. Derek Carr

Carr might have had the best offseason out of any NFL QB. New general manager Mike Mayock has infused the once boring Raiders passing game with flashy offensive weapons like WRs Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams. He was once an MVP candidate, until he broke his leg a few years ago. I think he can return to that form especially with head coach Jon Gruden leading the way.

20. Philip Rivers

Rivers has always been ole reliable when it comes to fantasy football. He has never really put up monster numbers in recent years, but he hasn’t been a scrub either. I would expect him to take a step back because he is getting up there in age, but the Chargers have surrounded him with a great supporting cast on all levels of offense. You know what you’re getting with Rivers.

21. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben got what he wanted, an AB less Steelers offense. Will it pay of fantasy wise? There is no chance. Whether Big Ben or JuJu wants to admit it or not their lives will get more difficult with him gone. I still think Roethlisberger will be serviceable for fantasy purposes but he will definitely take a step back from his QB 19 finish last season.

22. Kyler Murray

Will Murray succeed in the NFL? I think he will, but I also think he will have a rough rookie season. Too no fault his own, strictly because the Cardinals are not built to win right now. But his talent will turn into fantasy numbers that’s for sure. Some compare him to Lamar Jackson but he is far more accurate than Jackson, and can match all of his running ability. He is surrounded by young WRs and David Johnson so he has all the tools to take the league by surprise.

23. Dak Prescott

Dak is just a younger fantasy version of Rivers. He is Mr. Consistent, you always know what you’re getting with Dak. He may surprise you some games with a dud or with a boom, but for the most part he will be in the QB 20ish range. Zeke eats up a lot of touchdowns for the Cowboys, but a full offseason with Amari Cooper will pay dividends. Dak finished last season as QB 15.

24. Lamar Jackson

I am probably the biggest Jackson hater out there. But his floor he provided with his rushing ability makes up for his extreme lack of passing ability. I’m sorry I will not buy into Jackson until I see it on the field. The Ravens have done everything to cater to him this offseason. Signing RB Mark Ingram and bringing in rookie WRs Marquise “Hollywood” Brown and Myles Boykin. 24 seems pretty low so I wouldn’t be surprised if he surpassed it, but I doubt he plays a full season.

25. Dwayne Haskins

Yeah no surprise here. I think Haskins will beat Case Keenum and Colt McCoy in the Redskins QB battle this offseason. I think their perfect plan would be for Alex Smith to return and play this year, but he seems to be out for all next season with a broken leg. Haskins doesn’t have very many established weapons around him. He is entering one of the most run heavy teams last year and will probably look to ease Haskins into the NFL. So while he is a great buy for dynasty leagues don’t expect much from him in year one.

26. Tom Brady

Brady looked pretty solid last season showing very little signs of aging. The Patriots did a good job making up for the loss of Gronk by adding TEs Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Benjamin Watson this offseason. They added electric WR N’Keal Harry in the 1st round of the NFL draft. While 26 does seem pretty low for the G.O.A.T. QB, the Patriots were a run heavy team last season and I expect that to continue this season. Please remember that this is a dynasty ranking and that he is expected to retire soon.

27. Marcus Mariota

Mariota has all the tools to finish as a top 10 QB. I really hope he proves my ranking wrong and finally lives up to his potential. But the fact of the matter is he more than likely won’t play more than 12 games this season. The Titans are one of the most run heavy teams in the NFL and look to continue that next season. But at least the Titans added rookie WR A.J. Brown through the draft and look to pair him up with freak WR Corey Davis. The Titans hope that helps turn Mariota’s fortune around to something positive.

28. Josh Rosen

This means that I think Rosen will start for at least the majority of games for the Dolphins. I’m not for sure that he will be the starter come Week 1; but I know he will be starting after their bye week, which is Week 5. I am a big Rosen fan and I think he is surrounded by a talented group of offensive players. He struggled mightily last season and may take some bumps again this season while he learns a new offense. That’s why I have him ranked so low, but I still think he is a top dynasty QB asset.

29. Andy Dalton

Dalton was having a really good season last year before injuring his thumb. The Bengals come into the season with extremely low expectations but their offense is flooded with quality players. Dalton can throw the ball to A.J. Green, John Ross, Tyler Boyd, Tyler Eifert and Joe Mixon. If Dalton can just stay upright he can easily surpass my ranking. The problem is he has had a problem staying healthy the last few seasons. He was even entering the offseason with questions if he would even start this next season.

30. Nick Foles

Yes I know Foles is extremely low. It really isn’t his fault, Foles himself has a ton of talent. The Jaguars just haven’t done a good job surrounding him with talent. Yes, Dede Westbrook is a good receiver but if he is the best pass catcher on your roster it’ll be tough to pass the ball. I believe the Jags will continue their pattern as one of the run heavy offenses in the league. Fournette will steal a lot of touchdowns from Foles, so don’t expect a high touchdown number from Foles.

31. Joe Flacco

Flacco will look weird not in a Ravens uniform, but I think he has a chance to thrive in Denver. Granted that is a small chance. The Broncos offense isn’t very attractive, especially since Emmanuel Sanders is coming off a serious injury. The Broncos love running the ball with young backs Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman. Flacco has never been a great fantasy QB, and I expect that trend to continue with him getting acclimated to a new offense.

32. Daniel Jones

Jones will start at some point this season. Manning looked washed last season. There is a 0% chance that he improved from last season. The Giants did not improve their offense, trading away Odell Beckham Jr. That only makes Eli’s job harder. I expect Jones to take over after they get thumped on Thursday Night Football Week 6 against the Patriots. Jones job this season will be to hand the ball off to Barkley and to throw the ball the Barkley. If he does that he will finish the season will semi quality numbers.

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