2019 Dynasty Fantasy Football QB Rankings 2.0

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Dynasty QB Rankings 2.0: Whos the New #1?

I released my first QB rankings at the beginning of the off-season in May. I decided to release my 2.0 before the season began so that you can get a better feel for who I am looking forward to this upcoming season.

Quarterback is arguably the position with the most depth in fantasy football. There are many different league types that drastically change the value of the quarterback position. For example, in 2QB or Superflex Dynasty Leagues, Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is going in the top five in most startup drafts. While in single quarterback leagues, he is going closer to the middle of the third round.

There are many factors to consider when projecting for dynasty leagues. The biggest thing to take into consideration is age. Players on the back-end of their careers like Tom Brady or Philip Rivers are basically useless to rebuilding teams but are exactly what win-now teams are looking for. In redraft fantasy football leagues, it would be crazy to think Lamar Jackson is worth more than Drew Brees, but in dynasty leagues the value is a lot closer to even.

With startup leagues there are many approaches that you can take when drafting quarterbacks. A lot of people like to use the late-round quarterback approach. While everybody ahead of you is drafting quarterbacks high, you can stack up talent across your roster. While others prefer the draft them early approach. If you can lock up Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes in the first two rounds of a Superflex league, that isn’t a bad idea. Because you just locked up your quarterback position for the next ten years.

Here is my first QB rankings article I released at the beginning of the off-season to compare it to how I ranked the QBs now.

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*The ( ) is how much they rose or fell from my last rankings!

1. Patrick Mahomes (+1)

A lot of people were surprised that I had Mahomes slated at my #2 QB in my first QB rankings in May. At that time there were a lot of question marks surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs offense. Who will their starting RB be? Will Tyreek Hill be there for all 16 games, half the games or be suspended all season? Will there be any sort of regression going into his second season as a full-time NFL starter?

Most of those questions are answered by now. Andy Reid came out and said earlier in the off-season that Damien Williams will be their starting RB. Now he is backtracking saying that it will be an RBBC more than having a 3-down back.

I expect Mahomes to be a ‘lite’ version of himself. He will still throw 300+ yards per game. I will not be surprised if he averages 2.5 touchdown passes per game as well. If those averages come to fruition his numbers will look like 4,800 passing yards and 40 touchdowns. With those numbers he would still easily finish as this years QB1.

2. Andrew Luck (-1)

My first rankings had Andrew Luck as my QB1. I can still see a situation where Andrew Luck finishes as QB1. I am a little wary just because Luck hasn’t practiced much with the Colts this off-season. He is currently struggling to get over a calf strain.

The Colts have done everything to continue to build around Luck, the have added weapons all around him. They brought in Devin Funchess this off-season to compete with T.Y. Hilton and newly drafted deep threat Parris Campbell. Not to mention their stacked TE room that consists of Eric Ebron, Jack Doyle and Mo Allie-Cox.

Like I said earlier, I fully expect Luck to have a dominant season this year. The Colts have done everything they can to improve around Luck. Their offensive line is going to continue to dominate the line of scrimmage to help Luck and open up holes for Marlon Mack to keep the defense honest.

3. Deshaun Watson (+1)

I have been slowly moving Watson up in my rankings throughout the off-season. The Texans searched for their franchise QB for many years until Watson fell into their lap in the 2017 NFL Draft. They didn’t do him any favors last year by trading away franchise left tackle Duane Brown to the Seattle Seahawks.

They made up for it a little bit this off-season by adding a few offensive weapons. The Texans drafted tight end Kahale Warring to help them spread the field. They also recently traded for one of the best pass catching backs earlier this month, in Duke Johnson Jr.

Their offense took a big hit with breakout wide receiver Keke Coutee getting hurt in the first preseason game, but head coach Bill O’Brien believes he will be back week one. I think Watson will be one of the most consistent QB’s in the NFL, just have to hope his team can stay healthy around him.

4. Baker Mayfield (-1)

Does anybody have more buzz coming into the NFL season than Baker Mayfield? I would say no. I was driving the Mayfield bus at the beginning of the off-season. As you can tell I had him ranked as the #3 QB in my first QB rankings in May. But at this point I think it has gotten a little out of hand.

There is no QB in the NFL that has more weapons around him than Mayfield. His WR room is stacked with Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry and Antonio Callaway, who is suspended for the first four games due to substance abuse policy. The RB room is equally stacked with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. Not to mention one of the best young TE in the game in David Njoku.

It will be interesting to see what type of numbers Mayfield can put up in a full NFL season. It would be a major meltdown if Mayfield doesn’t put up, at the very least, top 10 numbers. Everybody is buying Baker so you can draft him early and sell him super high after he throws 4+ touchdowns week one against the Tennessee Titans.

5. Aaron Rodgers  (0)

I think Rodgers at QB5 is probably the safest bet out of all my rankings. We all love Rodgers, I feel like we can all agree that he is one of, if not the, most consistent fantasy QB. He leans heavily on Davante Adams for most of his scoring opportunities. After Adams everybody else just falls in line for touches. We are all hoping one of the young WR’s take a step forward this season.

We all let out a celebratory cheer when the Packers finally moved on from former head coach Mike McCarthy and replaced him with the acclaimed offensive guru Matt LaFleur. It is crazy to think the Rodgers ended the season with only two interceptions. But on the other end, he also blew the league away in most thrown away passes.

So we have to find a happy median with what we can expect from Rodgers this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rodgers ends up being QB1 this season but he will have to have a lot of things go his way. I think during this season is when we see the younger guys below Rodgers in this list possibly leapfrog over him.

6. Carson Wentz (+1)

I have always been a fan of Wentz. I was one of the few people at the time saying that I prefer Wentz over Goff when they were going through the draft process in 2016. He has really taken the NFL over when he does play. The important part of that sentence is “when he does play.” Wentz has had a really tough time staying healthy his entire NFL career.

This is the first season besides his rookie season that he is entering with a clean bill of health. The Eagles don’t have Nick Foles to lean on if Wentz get injured, so hopefully Wentz did everything he could to prepare his body for the NFL season. Philadelphia have seen what Wentz can do when he is healthy, during his MVP candidacy season before injuring his knee in the 2017 season and injuring his back during the 2018 season.

The Eagles have done everything they can do to improve the already stacked offense. This off-season they brought back fan favorite speedster Desean Jackson. They also drafted one of the best possession receiver in the 2019 NFL Draft in JJ Arcega-Whiteside. Not to mention all the receiving threats he already had in Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffrey and Dallas Goedart.

7. Cam Newton (+3)

Newton is probably the most polarizing QB in fantasy football. When healthy Newton might be THE most dominate QB in fantasy football. We saw what he can do last season before his season had to be cut short due to his shoulder problem. Newton has stated numerous times this off-season that he is going to enter the start of the NFL season 100% healthy.

If I can get Cam to be QB1 or even my second QB in 2QB or Superflex leagues I will be very happy. Yes, you should be concerned about Cam’s shoulder injury until we see him in action. But I’m at the point where I want to snatch Cam up before his value reaches its highest point.

Cam has never entered a season with this much talent around him, not even when the Panthers went to the Superbowl. He has the most versatile running back in the NFL with Christian McCaffrey. Not to mention, the best young wide receiver tandem with D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel. I would not be surprised if Cam finishes the season as the QB1.

8. Russell Wilson (-2)

Wilson’s stock has probably taken the biggest hit throughout the off-season out of all my top 10 QB’s. He lost his favorite wide receiver target throughout his entire NFL career in Doug Baldwin. The Seahawks have historically been the most run-heavy team in the NFL and I do not expect that to change this upcoming season.

The Seahawks will have to do everything they can to scheme their pass catchers open. Other than Tyler Lockett, there isn’t anybody on their roster that strikes fear in the opposing defense. They need to figure out what they are going to do at their tight end position and with their #2 and #3 receivers. They need 1st round draft pick D.K. Metcalf to take over and win every downfield ball thrown his way.

The only thing that is keeping Wilson fantasy relevant is his rushing numbers. It is tough to forecast what Wilson’s rushing stats are going to be week to week. Especially with every year Wilson will be looking to stay in the pocket more and more. But it is hard not to project Wilson as a QB1, especially with the fact he is one of the most consistent QB’s in the NFL.

9. Jared Goff (0)

Is there anybody more lucky in the NFL than Jared Goff? We were about to label him a bust and throw him out of the NFL after his first season with former head coach Jeff Fisher. But as soon as wonder boy Sean McVay came to the L.A. Rams he turned Goff into a legitimate NFL QB. Goff has been gifted offensive weapons at every turn.

He has the best trio of receivers in the NFL with Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp. Add in the most dominate running back in the league with Todd Gurley and up-and-coming rookie running back Darrell Henderson, Goff has a very comfortable offense that is catered to put up 35+ points per game.

Goff took a big step forward last season, that’s why I feel 100% comfortable slotting him as my #9 QB. I would feel confident heading into the season as my QB1. I would definitely try to stack him with Gurley or one of the Ram’s WRs, preferably Woods. There is nobody in the NFC West that can stop the Rams offense either so look for him to put up monster numbers this season.

10. Matt Ryan (-2)

Is there anybody more underrated than Matty Ice? I do not think so. He put up the quietest QB2 season ever last year. Nobody knew he finished as the #2 QB until all the final rankings came after week 17. But he is easily the most consistent QB in the NFL. The Falcons have quietly build a stacked offense throughout the years.

It hurts Ryan’s stats a little the pass catching running back Tevin Coleman left them this off-season for the 49ers. But current starting running back Devonte Freeman is looking primed and fully healthy to take back the full reigns in the offense. Not to mention, the fact that Ryan still has the most talented WR in the league to throw the ball to in Julio Jones.

But after Jones is where the Falcons have done a tremedous job at adding talent in the draft, with 2016 draft pick TE Austin Hooper and 2018 draft pick WR Calvin Ridley. Both of them took huge steps last season and will look to continue to be huge redzone targets for Matty Ice this upcoming season.

11. Jameis Winston (0)

Is there any other QB that benefited more from a coaching change this off-season than Winston? I don’t think so. Bruce Arians will come in and energize the offense and hopefully help Jameis reach his full potential. Winston is on his last leg with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers due to the fact that they did not pick up his player option for next season.

The big problem with Winston, his whole career, has been with turning the ball over. The Bucs got rid of Lovie Smith back in 2015 and replaced him with former OC Dirk Koetter with the hopes that he will be able to become a franchise QB. Three years later and they finally realized that the pair of Koetter and Winston were not working together. They are hoping by bringing offensive guru Bruce Arians out of retirement that they will be able to turn it around.

The Bucs have done a really good job surrounding him with talent. They have hyped up Chris Godwin all off-season saying that him and Mike Evans can both reach 1000 yard receiving. If that happens then Winston will be able to put up QB1 numbers without a doubt. Not to mention the fact that the Bucs have one of the best young TEs in the game in O.J. Howard. The combination of those three players should give Winston the ability to turn his game around.

12. Jimmy Garoppolo (+1)

Is 12 too high for somebody we have only seen play a handful of NFL games? Possibly, but Garoppolo was good enough to scare Brady to force the Patriots to trade him to the 49ers. And from what we have seen from Jimmy G it all but cements that he looks to be a franchise QB. He has been given one of the best offensive minded head coaches in the league in Kyle Shanahan so the sky’s the limit.

The 49ers have done a lot this off-season to build around Jimmy G. They added two young talents out of the draft in WR Deebo Samuel and WR/TE Jalen Hurd. Not the mention, they are looking for WR Dante Pettis to take a big step forward and look to be their #1 WR. They still have speedster WR and 40 yard dash champ Marquise Goodwin at their disposal. And I didn’t even have to mention Pro Bowl TE George Kittle. Kittle dominated the NFL and broke onto the scene without Jimmy G, so he will look to break out even more with a more competent QB at the helm.

Looking above at all those weapons around him it will be hard for him not to produce. Especially in Shanahan’s QB friendly scheme. The only thing holding Garoppolo back is his return from a torn ACL he suffered last season. If he can come back healthy and slinging the football around, I expect him to put up QB1 numbers.

13. Sam Darnold (+2)

I honestly do not know what to expect out of Darnold in his sophomore season. We saw him dominate in his limited action in the first preseason game. We saw him struggle to be efficient during his rookie season. The Jets saw him make many smart decisions during his rookie season and then make some questionable calls as well. The brought in offensive guru Adam Gase to be their new head coach.

Darnold has a lot of talent to get the ball to this season. They brought in arguably the best running back in the NFL in Le’Veon Bell and want to force feed him touches in any way possible. They still have one the best downfield threats in Robby Anderson and signed one of the best slot receivers in Jamison Crowder. Their offense took a hit during the off-season with their TE Chris Herndon being suspended for the first four games of the regular season.

The Jets have done everything they can to surround Darnold with talent so they can see if he can be their franchise QB. I think that Darnold has all the tools necessary to take over the NFL. I’m hoping the Jets draft one of the best skill position players next year to solidify their offensive roster. I expect Darnold to take a big step forward and produce close to QB1 numbers. Bell is going to be a monster in the Jets offensive scheme.

14. Kirk Cousins (+3)

Kirk Cousins might be my favorite QB in the NFL. Ever since his infamous “You Like That!?” game I have been one of his biggest fans. I expected his fantasy value to take a big bump going from the Washington Redskins to the Minnesota Vikings, but that was not the case last season. The Vikings had to change offensive coordinators midway through the season last year because their offense was hitting such a lull.

The Vikings have done a great job at surrounding Cousins with elite NFL talent. His WR corps might be the best in the NFL. The duo of Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen are the best receiving duo in the league. Combine that with maybe the two best duo tight ends in Kyle Rudolph and Irv Smith Jr., and the sky is the limit. The last thing working in Cousins favor this season is RB Dalvin Cook is finally entering an NFL season fully healthy.

With all those factors going Cousins’ way it would be mind blowing to me for him to finish anywhere lower than QB20. At the same time I would not be surprised if he blows up this season and emerges as a top 5 fantasy QB. This season will be a make or break year for Cousins, due to the fact that he is entering the second year of a three-year contract, although it is fully guaranteed.

15. Lamar Jackson (+9)

As you can see Jackson made the biggest jump out of all the QBs. I was one of the biggest Lamar Jackson haters at the beginning of the off-season. I’m not saying that I’m buying all the Jackson truthers are selling. I just failed to take into account all of his rushing yards he accumulates throughout the entire season.

Even if you say Jackson is going to get 50 rushing yards a game, averaged out through 16 games that is 800 yards. You have to take his rushing stats into account when evaluating Jackson’s fantasy value. He is going to put up a lot of stats this season, that is not in question. The Ravens have revamped their offense to cater to what Jackson is capable of. I think the Ravens making a conscious effort to put Jackson in the right scheme will pay dividends.

The Ravens added a ton of talent to their offense the past couple off-seasons. They have retooled their TE room with two versatile threats in Hayden Hurst and Mark Andrews. They have a totally different WR room that got injected with young talent in Marquise Brown, Miles Boykin and Chris Moore. I am really looking forward to what the Ravens offense will look like this season.

16. Drew Brees (0)

I am probably the biggest Brees hater out there. I really was debating putting him in the 20’s just based off what I saw from his last season. Everybody is claiming Brees is still a QB1 when that is just not the case. The Saints have slowly become one of the most run-heavy offenses in the NFL. And when Brees does pass the ball it is usually bubble screens to Michael Thomas or Alvin Kamara.

Brees still has offensive guru Sean Payton as his head coach so he at least has that going for him, but I have seen too many throws from last season and throughout the off-season where his balls just do not have the proper zip that is needed to be a starting caliber QB in the NFL. Peyton Manning survived a few more years just based on his mental ability to see the game and I think Brees will be capable of something similar.

I am staying away from Brees this season entirely. Even though he does have some nice weapons around him. The already mentioned elite talent in Thomas and Kamara. And then the second tier talent in Jared Cook and Tre’quan Smith. I believe Brees will still be a serviceable QB but not worth where his current ADP is.

17. Philip Rivers (+3)

Rivers is one of the players in the league where I truly have no idea how many years he has left in the tank. He is one of the older players in the NFL and is still playing at an MVP type level. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hangs it up after this season but I can also see him playing for a few more years.

The Chargers have done a great job of adding talent to the offense. The Chargers lost one of the best deep threats in the NFL in Tyrell Williams but they already filled his spot with up-and-coming WR Mike Williams. Not to mention, the Chargers still have Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry to throw the ball to. Rivers has to be glad to have Henry back after he missed all last regular season recovering from an ACL tear.

If you are wanting to wait for a QB in your draft, Rivers would not be a bad option as he is one of the most consistent QBs in fantasy football. He probably has the highest floor besides the top 3 QBs. The Chargers were one of the most high scoring offenses in the NFL last season and I project them to have a similar output this upcoming season.

18. Mitchell Trubisky (-6)

Trubisky might be one of the most polarizing QBs in the NFL. The Bears loved him so much that they traded up in the 2017 NFL Draft to draft him #2 overall. A lot of draft experts deemed that to be a reach and think that Trubisky can never live up to that draft selection. The Bears have done everything they can to make sure they find out early if he is their franchise QB.

They added a lot of talent last off-season through free agency, signed the two top free agents at the respected positions in Allen Robinson and Trey Burton. They gelled well with their offensive scheme. They added more offensive talent this off-season, this time through the draft. The Bears brought in arguably the best running back prospect in David Montgomery and added another young WR in Riley Ridley.

I think Trubisky is still a couple years away from being fantasy relevant on a week to week basis. We saw what he can do at his peak with his seven touchdown game last season. But then he showed us what he is also capable of with a couple single digit games. The Bears are crossing their fingers that he will take a giant step forward this season.

19. Josh Allen (-5)

I had Allen at #14 on my first QB rankings list. After going through the entire off-season I wasn’t pleased with what I was hearing out of their camp. There have been reports that Allen’s accuracy issues have not gotten any better and that they are not wanting Allen to rely as heavily on his legs this season.

Allen came onto the fantasy scene during the second half of the NFL season. Mostly due to that fact that Allen was rushing for 65+ yards a game and a safe bet for a rushing touchdown. The Bills did a great job this off-season adding veteran skill players around Allen. John Brown will stretch the field and test out Allen’s arm and Cole Beasley will dominate the slot and be his safety net.

I think Allen is going to be the biggest boom or bust QB in fantasy football. There will be games that he goes off and scores +35 points and then next week he will give you less than 10 points. Especially in the Bills offense that doesn’t have any skill position players that strike fear into defenses it will be hard to produce consistent fantasy numbers.

20. Ben Roethlisberger (+1)

Is there anybody’s whose stock got hurt more the past few seasons than Big Ben? Le’Veon Bell’s holdout and ultimate departure from the Steelers was highly unexpected. And then combine that with the even more shocking departure of All-Pro WR Antonio Brown, it leaves Big Ben with big holes needing to be filled.

The Steelers are incredibly lucky that they have high quality players to fill those holes. Running back James Connor will look to continue the momentum he created last season. Along with Pro Bowl WR JuJu Smith-Schuster the Steelers are looking to keep the offense going and hope that their offense doesn’t skip a beat.

Another worry of mine is that Big Ben is a year older and we have seen everybody in his draft class like Eli Manning and Philip Rivers start showing their age. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the season that we start to see a decline in Big Ben’s play. I expect the Steelers to lean on the run game and throw heavily to JuJu. Big Ben is a great bench QB to target in your fantasy drafts.

21. Dak Prescott (+2)

I felt pretty bad putting Prescott this low on this list. I just have never been a fan of his game and how it coverts to fantasy football. It is frustrating to know that they promoted their QB coach Kellen Moore to their offensive coordinator. I do not see how it will help Prescott elevate his game to become a QB1 in fantasy football. There is a rumor going around the NFL that around this time next year the Dallas Cowboys head coach will be Lincoln Riley. But I’m not going to speculate too much on that.

The Cowboys have done a tremendous job adding talent around Dak, almost too good of a job because now they do not have the salary cap space to resign everybody. Dak recently turned down the Cowboys’ offer of 30+ million a year, only time will tell if that was the right move. At the moment, Zeke Elliott is still holding out and not looking like he will be reporting any time soon. At the very least, Dak has Amari Cooper and newly signed free agent Randall Cobb to throw the ball to.

I’m not betting that Dak will take the step forward to pay dividends to where his current ADP is. Dak does have all the tools around him to take that step forward. We just do not know when Zeke’s situation will be finished and over. The Cowboys did bring back Jason Witten in hopes that he will become Dak’s safety blanket once again. And combine that will his running ability and hopefully Dak will be able to produce even without Zeke.

22. Kyler Murray (0)

Murray was one of the hardest players for me to rank personally. We have only seen him play in one preseason game so far and all he did was throw the ball around the line of scrimmage. That isn’t a problem at all, we have seen Drew Brees put up QB1 with a very similar playing style. I think that when the regular season starts the Cardinals will take more shots down the field.

The marriage between Murray and head coach Kliff Kingsbury is a match made in heaven. Kingsbury’s offensive scheme is probably the only scheme that fits Murray’s playing style. The Cardinals have a ton of talent around Murray to help him succeed in his rookie season. They have dynamic WR’s in Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk, and a plethora of rookie WR’s. Not to mention former All-Pro RB David Johnson.

I decided to keep Murray at #22 based on the fact that we still haven’t seen much from him. I expect him to have a somewhat similar season to what Lamar Jackson had last season. He will have very similar rushing numbers. I expect him to have more passing yards though, the Cardinals are going to be a very pass heavy offense, so watch out for David Johnson to break back onto the scene.

23. Derek Carr (-4)

As a Raiders fan, it really hurt to see myself move Carr down my list. I really was hoping Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams would come in and energize the Raiders offense. But with Brown having foot issues and helmet disputes, Carr hasn’t had the opportunity to gel with him yet. Williams has impressed in camp but he isn’t a #1 receiver that Carr will be able to lean on.

The second year in Gruden’s offense should mean results though. If you look at the second half of the season last year and compare it to the first half you can see the difference in being able to know the system. Carr expressed numerous times throughout last season that Gruden and he were on different pages.

I think that Carr will be able to prove that he is a franchise QB this season. The Raiders have to find that question out before they move to Las Vegas. They were gifted Brown and didn’t have to pay very much for Williams. They found a gem in Darren Waller, their starting TE, and solidified their offensive line with signing giant right tackle Trent Brown. We will see if Carr will be able to put up fantasy friendly numbers in Gruden’s offense.

24. Matt Stafford (-6)

As you can see Stafford was the biggest faller in my rankings throughout the off-season. I was really high on him coming into the off-season based on the fact that they were not projected to lose anybody and was heading into his second year with head coach Matt Patricia. But I have seen a lot of numbers throughout the off-season that are pointing to a downward trend for Stafford.

The Lions have not done anything wrong, they even added more talent around him with 1st round selection TE T.J. Hockenson. Hockenson looks to be the second coming of Gronk, not to put too much pressure on the rookie. They still have Kenny “Babytron” Golladay and Marvin Jones to throw the ball to, not to mention the fact they have one of the most talented young backs in Kerryon Johnson.

I ultimately think that Stafford will be a solid QB2 in 2QB or Superflex leagues and he is a perfect backup in 1QB. I say that because Stafford has very rarely missed games in his career. He has played through a broken back and a broken hand in his career. He is one of the most dependable fantasy QBs in the league at the very least.

25. Tom Brady (+1)

Too high for a 42 year old QB who’s contract ends after this season? Not for the G.O.A.T. The Patriots have slowly morphed into a run-heavy offense, so tread lightly expecting Brady to put up QB1 or even QB2 numbers. The Patriots have said that they want Brady to be their QB for the next few years but the contract they just signed him to sends a different signal.

It will be a rough transition for Brady with the fact that he lost Rob Gronkowski and has nobody to throw the ball to besides Julian Edelman. They have brought in a lot of young receivers with 1st round pick N’keal Harry and undrafted free agent Jakobi Myers and they have been electric so far in training camp and the preseason games.

I was really thinking about putting Brady lower on this list just due to his age. But I think Brady will still put up better numbers than anybody below him on this list. The Patriots have done a great job surrounding him with talent and will be able to keep the defense honest with being a run-centric offense.

26. Andy Dalton  (+3)

Dalton has had a pretty rough off-season and it doesn’t even have to do with him. He has seen his offensive line crumble around him through injuries. He has seen his #1 target A.J. Green go down with an ankle injury. And only time with tell if TE Tyler Eifert & WR John Ross will stay healthy, but Vegas would bet against it.

I have always been a Dalton fan, I think he is extremely underrated in fantasy football and on the field. The Bengals have done a good job surrounding him with talent, before the injuries. The Bengals have said they expect Green to be gone until week 3. So they will be trotting out Boyd and a bunch of injury prone players until Green comes back.

This may be the season that I stay away from Dalton and maybe the Bengals offense as a whole to be honest. I feel bad for freshly hired head coach Zac Taylor because the injury Gods have not done him any favors, but if anybody can scheme his players open it’s a guy who knows Sean McVay.

27. Marcus Mariota (0)

I think I am the only one who still believes in Mariota. He has the skill set needed to take over the NFL. He is a great decision maker and is great at controlling the locker room. Mariota is heading into another season with a different offensive coordinator. I was hoping Matt LaFluer was going to stay there for a few years because I think he and Mariota were going to be a killer combination.

Mariota has been the most injury prone player, not QB, in the NFL. Every season there is something wrong with him. Whether it is his leg, ankle, shoulder or nerve damage there is always something bothering Mariota. Mariota would be closer to #20 if the Titans didn’t bring in former Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill to be their backup QB. It is hard for me to believe Mariota will start the full 16 games this season. It is even harder for me to see the Titans going back to Mariota if he gets injured, especially with Mariota entering the final year in his contract.

The fact that Mariota has all the tools you are looking for in a QB. He has the speed to be a dual threat QB and has the touch to be a precision passer. Mariota had a streak of redzone efficiency that turned into 30 TDs and zero interceptions for his first three seasons. If Mariota can stay healthy we may finally be able to see what he can do with a full season of work.

28. Nick Foles (+2)

Foles finally gets his second chance to be the unquestioned starting QB on his roster. After his first time playing with the Eagles, Foles left to be the starting QB of the St. Louis Rams and really struggled to show that he can be a franchise QB.

After going back to the Eagles and sitting behind oft-injured QB Carson Wentz, Foles got his opportunity to play from time to time. Most importantly leading the Eagles to a Superbowl during the 17-18 season. Foles showed what he can do in a offense that has a great supporting cast. Now Foles goes to the Jaguars to be their unquestioned starting QB.

Will he succeed, you can see my answer by how I ranked him as my #28 ranked QB coming into the season. Foles has a lot of average skill players around him besides RB Leonard Fournette and WR Dede Westbrook. I think those two can do enough to keep the defense honest and to help Foles be able to make the throws necessary to be a great fantasy football QB.

29. Dwayne Haskins (-4)

Will Haskins start the 2019 NFL season as an NFL starter? My guess would be yes. Vegas released their first set of bets of who will be the first coach fired this season. And the Redskins head coach Jay Gruden was by far the leading favorite, which kinda surprised me. But with that being said, I expect Gruden to throw Haskins into the fire at the beginning of the season to try to buy him as much time as possible.

It is very fair to say that Haskins supporting cast is the worst in the NFL. His best pass catcher is Jordan Reed, the most injury prone TE in the league. And then behind him is a plethora of rookie receivers and Paul Richardson. Thankfully for Haskins, the Redskins have one of the best backfields in the NFL. They have versitile pass catching backs in Chris Thompson and Bryce Love. And have two well-polished running backs in Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice.

Haskins was my favorite QB coming into the 2019 NFL Draft. In my opinion he landed in one of the best situations he could have, the Redskins have a good young group of skill players around him that can grow into the NFL with Haskins. If Reed can stay healthy it will help Haskins improve and have a strong rookie season.

30. Josh Rosen (-2)

As you can see, Rosen was ranked as my #28 QB at the beginning of the off-season. I was extremely high on him, based on the fact that at that time we were unsure of where he was going to play the next season. It really hurt his stock that he got traded to the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins have very below-average pass catchers on their roster. The Dolphins have had a new hot name to add every week. Its gone from TE Mike Gesicki to WR Devante Parker to undrafted rookie WR Preston Williams. The only thing all of those players have in common is the fact that their hot names have already cooled off, after other reports saying that they have struggled just as much as they have dominated.

The Cardinals did Rosen zero favors by trading him to the Dolphins, we still have to see if he is even going to enter the season as their starting QB. I expect him to play more games than Ryan Fitzpatrick, that why I chose to put Rosen on the list over Fitzmagic.

31. Joe Flacco (0)

I really considered putting Flacco at #32 on this list. I am not very high on Flacco coming into this NFL season. He just doesn’t move the needle like he used to. We have always labeled him one of the best downfield throwers in the league. The thing is that now-a-days he doesn’t look down the field anymore.

There isn’t anybody on the Broncos roster that scares you into throwing double coverage their way. So Flacco will have a hard time finding throwing lanes in my opinion. The biggest threat that Flacco has to throw the ball to is an unproven rookie in TE Noah Fant. His WR room is very weak at the moment with the biggest name being Courtland Sutton.

The Broncos are hoping that Flacco can bring them back to relevance this year, but with the AFC West being so dominant I just do not envision it. Denver also has a very boring offense where they will look to run the ball more than pass with their plethora of running backs. Flacco is somebody I would stay away from, especially with rookie Drew Lock breathing down his neck.

32. Daniel Jones (0)

I am going to be honest with you guys. I am really excited to see what the Giants offense will look like with Jones leading it. All we have seen of Jones so far is an incredible looking drive that ended with a beautiful touch pass in the back of the endzone. Everybody, including Giant fans, are wanting to see Jones start the season at the helm. I think he will start the majority of the games this season, hence why he is on the list rather than Eli Manning.

I believe that Jones is going to struggle during his rookie season. And it doesn’t have to do entirely with Jones. The Giants have not done a good job surrounding him with talent after agreeing to trade away All-Pro WR Odell Beckham Jr. At the very least, Jones has Saquon Barkley to throw dump off passes to throughout the season.

I believe Jones can be left on the waiver wire in 1QB but I would snatch him up in 2QB or Superflex leagues based on the fact that the Giants are married to him for the next few years, due to using a high pick on him during the 2019 NFL Draft.

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