Staff Writer

Steven Perkins

I first got the Fantasy Football bug playing free leagues, on ESPN–I drafted all my favorite Broncos players with no regard for ADP, or value. It was disastrous, but it made the games so much more fun, as I was always a geek for box scores, and fantasy football was the next level of that. Soon after, I started playing $ redraft leagues, with some friends, and I was hooked, after that.

Some years back, had individual fantasy correspondents, for each professional team, I was the fantasy correspondent for the Colorado Rockies. It was pre-humidor and Todd Helton & Larry Walker were smashing the ball out of Coors. I was just a pup, and it was an unpaid thing, but it was a ton of fun.

I’ll be writing articles about Fantasy Bestball, Dynasty, and Redraft leagues. Digging in on players whose value I see rising, or falling, and using social media to present info to readers, so they can take advantage of those swells in value.