Top Dynasty Waiver Adds Week 4

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With Three Weeks Of NFL Games Completed, Dynasty Owners Are Relying On Their Depth, More Than Ever.

Three weeks into the NFL season, there are plenty of injuries to star players. This also causes an issue for dynasty owners, making them rely on their roster depth sooner than expected. For example, I went into this season in one of my dynasty leagues with four quarterbacks, in a one quarterback league. I don’t normally carry that many, but I had Ben Roethlisberger, Nick Foles, Derick Carr, and Mitchell Trubisky. Going into week four I have Ben and Foles on IR and I’ve added Mason Rudolph, so my quarterback position is going to be rough all year.

Dynasty owners are also hoping they nail their waiver adds each week and hopefully, I can help you do that. I’m going to cover each position: quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and tight end and tell you who you should be adding to your dynasty teams for week four and possibly beyond. I’ll be referencing My Fantasy League for this article, but these suggestions should apply to other platforms as well.


No real surprises on this list, as I’m sure everyone has heard of these players by now. My top added quarterback would be Daniel Jones over Kyle Allen. They both played well in week three, but for dynasty Jones is the one I’d want. It’s largely due to the opportunity he’ll be getting compared to Allen. Daniel Jones is the future of the New York Giants and as it stands now, Cam Newton is still the quarterback in Carolina, when healthy. Jones and Allen are both quarterback two’s for me, in dynasty, until we can see more consistency.

As for the rest on this list, I’ll tell you the order I’d add them. Andy Dalton, Jacoby Brissett, Gardner Minshew, Teddy Bridgewater, Case Keenum, and Taysom Hill. The first two guys out of this group should be starters the rest of the season and are solid quarterback two’s or bye week fill-ins. As for the rest, they all have something that could affect the rest of the season’s outlook. Minshew and Bridgewater are the only two I’d want to add out of the remaining four. If you’re down in this group looking for a weekly starter, you might want to try and trade for a better quarterback, I know I’ll be exploring some trades.

Running back

Just based on opportunity, Saquon Barkley out 4-8 weeks with a high ankle sprain, Wayne Gallman should be the top add from this list and depending on team need, the top overall claim this week. My number two add on this list would be Jamaal Williams mainly based on the opportunity to produce and what Green Bay head coach Matt LaFleur said earlier in week three and how it translated during the game.

As for the rest of the players on this list, it really comes down to take the player you want or like the most. The rest of these backfields are too unpredictable, as to how the carries will play out weekly or need an injury to be relevant.

Wide Receiver

With this group, again it comes down to who you like or want on your team as a dynasty owner. If it was me, Terry McLaurin would be my top add. I’m thinking long term with this add, yes other guys are producing more, but I’m thinking that Dwayne Haskins will get his shot in Washington D.C. sooner rather than later. Also, seeing how McLaurin is doing with Case Keenum is also a positive and Terry is currently the 12th highest scoring receiver through three weeks. Next, I’d look to add D.J. Chark, again thinking long term and if Gardner Minshew keeps looking his way then that is what we like to see as dynasty owners. Chark, is currently the 8th highest scoring receiver through three weeks.


Phillip Dorsett would be number three for me on this list. He’s the 21st ranked wide receiver, scoring-wise, through three weeks. He also plays in an offense that has thrown it 106 times, so far this season, which is 11th most in the NFL. However, if you like one of the Kansas City players or Nelson Agholor, I can’t fault you.

Tight End

In my opinion, the tight end position is the hardest one to nail down as to who will be productive on a week to week basis outside of Travis Kelce, Evan Engram, and Darren Waller. All three of these players have seen 25 targets or more through three weeks and rank in the top four in scoring. Zach Ertz has seen 30 targets so far this season, but isn’t as productive as the other three, ranking 10th in scoring.

Will Dissly would be my top add at tight end this week. He has seen 14 targets so far, which is on the lower side, but he has been productive with his limited work. Dissly has three receiving touchdowns and going into week four he ranks as the seventh-highest scoring tight end. He’s a low-end tight end one and someone who should be owned in all dynasty leagues. As for the rest, they just are dart throws and are tight end two’s, at this point in the season.


As a dynasty owner, now is the time where you start looking at your team and deciding if you have the pieces to make a run at a championship or do you want to start acquiring draft picks for 2020. The sooner you can decide which direction you want to go the better, especially if you’re in sell mode. If you’re on the fence and have a .500 record, then hopefully you have been active on the wire, trying to add the pieces you need.

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