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The awesome thing about fantasy football dynasty leagues is that it is year round.  As Bill Belichick says, “No days off!” There is nothing better than when big trade news drops and a player on your team’s value goes up like a rocket. It is often tough to decide when to trade a player and when to keep a player on your fantasy squad.  I will be coming out with a buy/sell/hold article every month leading up to the season.  It will be based around the trendy players that month.  This month, I will start off with players affected by moves made in free agency.

The Art of Juggling Your Roster

Buying low and selling high is the ultimate goal in fantasy football, especially in dynasty.  Of course, there are time where you may buy high and sell low. The best thing to do, when approached with a trade, is to look at it from multiple angles. The aspects taken into consideration are the players’ potential ceiling and floor, surrounding teammates and coaches, and injury history. In each of these monthly articles I will take all formats into account when applicable. You will see me reference DTC, Dynasty Trade Calculator, in this article. which I use as one of my decision tools in all my trades.

Relationships Are Key

It’s always good to maintain good relationships with your league mates. The quickest way to shut down trade negotiations is to continuously offer one sided trades.  Sometimes it just takes one terrible trade offer to make somebody not want to do business with you.  I always try to put myself in my trade partners shoes before sending my trade. I always think, “would I accept this trade.”  And if is clearly a no I try to spice it up a little bit before sending it.

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TE Evan Engram

DTC Evaluation: 19.5

DTC Trade Comparison: A.J. Green 19.9

Evan Engram is a classic example of addition by subtraction. With Odell Beckham Jr. gone that opens up 124 targets just from last season, and that with him missing 6 games.  Yes, I know they just signed Golden Tate, but if you watched any Philadelphia Eagles game late last season you saw a much slower, worn down version of Tate than in years past. Sterling Shepard is a good bet for a consistent 6+ targets a game with his explosive abilities downfield.

Engram struggled with injuries throughout last season, missing a combined 12 games.  Engram was marred with knee and hamstring issues all year.  He was finally healthy the four remaining games of the regular season. Coincidentally, OBJ was out those four games so we got to see how he would produce without his star studded receiver.

Engram went on a tear to finish the season, catching 22 balls for 320 yards.  Averaging 5.5 catches and 80 yards a game, that’s 13 points in PPR leagues. That would be good enough to be TE1 last year, Travis Kelce lead the league with 12 ppg. Engram has played 12 full games without OBJ on the field in his career, lets take a look at how he has played during that time.

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QB Le’Veon Bell

DTC Evaluation: 30.0

DTC Trade Comparison: Adam Thielen 30.9

Could Le’Veon Bell have gone to a worse situation? I do not think so. We were all hoping he would go to better situations like the Colts or the Raiders, but he went to the butt fumbling New York Jets.  I know they always say that talent prevails and Bell has a lot of talent, but I don’t think the Jets are in a position where they can take advantage of Bells strengths. The Jets trading for Kelechi Osemele will be a key factor on whether or not this addition will turn into fantasy gold.

I am wary of acquiring Bell just due to the fact that he hasn’t stepped onto a NFL football field in over a year.  There were rumors before free agency that he was overweight and didn’t train as much as he should in his year off. His whole running style is base on patience and his cohesion with the offensive line.  With the brand new offense and coaching staff we will see if he is the same Le’Veon Bell we saw in the black and yellow.

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QB Baker Mayfield

DTC Evaluation: 39.7

DTC Trade Comparison: Julio Jones 38.0

Can Baker Mayfield’s off-season get any better? General Manager John Dorsey got him two former Pro Bowlers in Kareem Hunt and Odell Beckham Jr. They are loaded on their already stacked roster that included, Nick Chubb, Jarvis Landry and David Njoku. Mayfield has to be excited about the potential offensive barrages that his team can now go on.  If you could have swiped Mayfield last season for a mid to late first round rookie pick then you have to be excited on how his value has gone up this offseason. Even if you drafted him 1.01 over Saquon Barkley your argument just got a lot stronger (I’d still take Saquon though).

Like I said earlier in the article buying low and selling high is the main goal in fantasy. So if you get a wild offer that you cannot turn down for Baker, then by all means take it. Holding is the most difficult thing to do because you’re betting on the player’s potential to come to fruition. The good thing is, is that I think Baker has all the tools around him to succeed. He has a great roster, a great relationship with the head coach and the support of his fanbase.

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