“Older” Stud WRs – Fantasy Contender Buys

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Are you a fantasy contender or a pretender? If you made playoffs in 2019, then you are in the 2020 title conversation.

To move from fantasy contender to fantasy champion, look for undervalued vets to help you find the promise land. Let’s tie it all together.

It’s a frustrating feeling in fantasy. You made it to the playoffs, the semifinals or maybe even got to the ‘ship, but you still came home empty. You could almost taste that champagne.

Now your league champ has turned into a GIF monster bragging about his/her title in group chats or on Twitter. Take that as fuel for the fire, do your job and make the move to grow from a fantasy contender to fantasy champion. Be bold, take risks and dethrone that chump. 

Dynasty football is a young man’s game and everyone wants those young stallions to ride to infinity and beyond. The talent pool at wide receiver is full of young guns, so targeting some more seasoned pass catchers may come at a nice discount while everyone else is looking for something new and shiny. You are a contender NOW! Don’t let history repeat itself.

For this first installment of my Buy Low veteran series, let’s focus on two WR1 “studs” who are tragically undervalued. After reading this, act quickly! Values are constantly changing.

Julio Jones – Not that Old, but Still Faithful

  • 31 years old/9 seasons played
  • 2019 PPR Fantasy Points: 274.1 fpts*
  • Position Rank: #3 overall PPR WR*
  • Stats: 156 targets, 99 receptions, 1,394 rec yards and 6 TDs
  • Dynasty Football Digest- Dynasty ADP (June 2020): 18.33 ADP
  • My Overall Dynasty Positional Ranking (June 2020): #5

*Data sourced from fantasydata.com- 2019 Fantasy Stats, PPR settings

If you read my article on buying Julio Jones, then you already know my in-depth argument. Oh you didn’t read it? Just click here to see why Julio isn’t falling off a cliff any time soon. From my observations of mock drafts, Twitter banter, fantasy discussion groups and dynasty websites, the future Hall-of-Famer is possibly the most undervalued dynasty player overall and any contending team should be trying to get him on your team.

A back-end 1st round rookie (i.e.- Reagor, Jefferson) plus a future 2021 1st is MORE than enough to get the most consistently dominant WR in fantasy football. It would be smart to start off with a lower offer, because that’s how insane some people are about Falcon standout’s age.

Would you rather roll the dice on 3rd or 4th best rookie WR in his draft class or for a guy destined for The Mount Rushmore of WRs, who finished as the WR3 last year? It’s an easy choice for me, as the price tag is modest compared to how significant that move could improve your already strong squad.

Keenan Allen – Haters Gonna Hate

  • 27 years old/7 seasons played
  • 2019 PPR Fantasy Points: 261.5 fpts*
  • Position Rank: #6 overall PPR WR*
  • Stats: 149 targets, 104 receptions, 1,199 rec yards and 6 TDs
  • Dynasty Football Digest- Dynasty ADP (June 2020): 36.33 ADP
  • My Overall Dynasty Positional Ranking (June 2020): #12

*Data sourced from fantasydata.com- 2019 Fantasy Stats, PPR settings

Another way to jump from fantasy contender to champ is when people zig away from value, you should zag towards that value. Keenan Allen has been a popular sell candidate due to a QB change. Yes, such a major offensive personnel change no doubt is something to consider, but I believe that QB shift is somewhat overblown.

Tyrod Taylor (see 2015-2017 numbers) was also an accurate passer who led Buffalo to the playoffs in 2017 and they SIGNIFICANTLY improved their line with two Pro Bowlers, so there is a world where this offense could actually be BETTER. The Chargers did not add any major threats to Allen’s high target volume (averaging 148 targets over the last 3 seasons) and the former Golden Bear star has finished as a top 12 PPR WR for the last 3 seasons.

A wise move would be taking advantage of the rookie fever by moving one of the hyped rookie WRs (Ruggs, Reagor, Higgins, etc.), possibly a 2021 2nd and maybe some fillers for a proven stud who been oddly downplayed by some many in the fantasy community.

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