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The IDP Dude breaks down the last nine rounds of his 12 team dynasty mock draft and digs deeper to explain his picks

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Continuing with my dynasty startup mock draft series, I’m picking up where I left off in part 1 where I discussed my picks in rounds 1-9. In rounds 10-18 I will continue to discuss the reasoning behind each of my picks. As in any draft, it’s easy to grab some rankings and work your way down the list. For this, I wanted to dig a little deeper to explain why or perhaps why I didn’t draft a certain player. I hope you find this useful and maybe it will introduce you to a new draft philosophy that helps your roster overall.

Draft setup: 12 Teams – 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 3 Flex, 8 Bench

Current roster through the first 9 rounds heading into the 10th.

1 QB – Russell Wilson

2 RB – Joe MixonChris Carson

3 WR – Tyreek HillA.J. GreenRobert Woods

1 TE – Evan Engram

2 of 3 Flex – Sterling ShepardJulian Edelman

8 Bench – Open

Round 10, Pick 112: RB – LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills

The necessary evil, if you want to try and win now in a startup, veteran depth. I could’ve gone Latavius Murray here but if there is any drop of goodness left in the tank for McCoy I want a piece of it. At this point in the draft it’s the perfect balance piece to help you win now.

Round 11, Pick 129: RB – Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers

There is no denying what Ekeler was able to do last year. The pass catching scat back is a piece I’d love to have during a bye-week apocalypse. Melvin Gordon is the clear workhorse for the Chargers but Ekeler can be effective and productive on his limited touches. In PPR, his upside is good for the cost.

Round 12, Pick 136: QB – Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Call me crazy but I’m on the Winston hype train this year. Plenty of quarterbacks left on the board but I needed to take Winston here. This could be the year he finishes as a top 5 quarterback. This could be the last year you can get Winston on the cheap in dynasty. This could be the year he ultimately busts leaving fantasy owners upset. I’m willing to bet on him being great. New coaching staff and new offense. Give me the gunslinger here please and thank you.

Round 13, Pick 153: RB – Kalen Ballage, Miami Dolphins

I feel dirty, having not drafted another wide receiver yet in the back half of the draft. What’s going on in Miami? What’s going on with Kenyon Drake? I’m not sold on Drake so I’ll gladly spend a 13th round pick on the youngster behind him. I’m not in enamoured with Ballage but I expect him to be serviceable, should times get desperate. Gore is gone and Ballage is the next man in line.

Round 14, Pick 160: WR – Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

Veteran depth is veteran depth. I’ll take my shot as we wait to see how Arizona’s quarterback situation plays out. Give me one or two good games from him and I’ll be happy. If someone is willing to trade for him mid-season, even better.

Round 15, Pick 177: RB – Jamaal Williams, Green Bay Packers

Remember that time when Williams was the lead back in Green Bay? It wasn’t that long ago before the free Aaron Jones movement swept through. Williams is a great situational runner and the duo remind me of a poor man’s Mark Ingram, Alvin Kamara. I’ll take a piece of this backfield, the Jones hype is out of control.

Round 16, Pick 184: WR – Jamison Crowder, New York Jets

This doesn’t look good on paper but Crowder can be a thing this year. Maybe this is the piece Sam Darnold needs. Crowder is only 25 so there is time to grow with the team and the young quarterback in New York. Head coach Adam Gase seems to be pumped about Crowder’s arrival too.

Round 17 Pick 201: WR – Zay Jones, Buffalo Bills

When the dude isn’t running around naked in a hotel he’s actually a pretty good football player. Give me the top receiver for any team in the second to last round any day. Josh Allen has more weapons to throw to this year, and it should alleviate some of the coverage Jones faced in 2018. Jones should be capable of posting WR3 or 4 numbers this year with improvement to come.

Round 18 Pick 208: RB – Peyton Barber, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last time I checked, Barber was still the starting running back in Tampa. It’s possible they address the situation in the draft, but I’ll take this dart throw over any other handcuff taken in the last round. I expect Tampa’s offense to be very efficient this year and someone has to carry the ball.  Barber is the guy until proven otherwise.

If you liked this series, be on the lookout for more mock draft articles from me and the other dudes here at Dynasty Football Digest throughout the offseason!

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