Mock Draft: IDP Dude’s Dynasty Breakdown Part 1

The IDP Dude breaks down the first nine rounds of his 12 team mock draft and digs deeper to explain his picks

As a fun exercise, I wanted to break down my latest fantasy football dynasty startup mock draft and discuss the reasoning behind each of my picks. As in any draft, it’s easy to grab some rankings and work your way down the list. For this, I wanted to dig a little deeper to explain why I did, or perhaps, why I didn’t draft a certain player. I hope you find this useful and maybe it will introduce you to a new draft philosophy that helps your roster overall.

Draft setup: 12 Teams – 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 3 Flex, 8 Bench

Round 1, Pick 9: RB – Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals

The 7th running back of the board, I had to make sure a young stud that’s lined up for a workhorse role in the foreseeable future was secured. Melvin Gordon would’ve been a nice pick here as well but taking age into consideration and given the few years of youth on Mixon’s side I stuck with the Bengal. In dynasty I tend to go heavy on wide receivers which you will see. However, I couldn’t pass up on what should be a top producer at the running back position for years to come.

Round 2, Pick 16: WR – Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs

I didn’t think he would fall to me after the turn so this was a pleasant surprise. I had my sights set on Mike Evans (who I love) or Stefon Diggs. JuJu Smith-Schuster was also available which surprised me. I didn’t have to think long about it though because Hill is tied to Patrick Mahomes and I want every part of that offense I can get.

Round 3, Pick 33: WR – A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals

Essentially one of, if not, the last “elite” wide receivers left on the board nearing the end of round 3, I couldn’t pass on him. His stock has fallen a bit so far this off-season so I took the opportunity to buy at a discount. A new contract is in the works and I expect Green to produce wide receiver two numbers for a couple more years. He’s also a good piece to think about trading away during the season when he gets hot to a wide receiver needy team who went heavy on running backs during the draft. Injury concern, yes, but the value here is too good to pass up.

Round 4, Pick 40: WR – Robert Woods, Los Angeles Rams

I’m glad T.Y. Hilton was taken ahead of me because I would’ve been tempted to snag him here. Not sure if I would’ve liked having two 30 year old receivers as part of my core so I felt a little better about Woods with this pick. Honestly you could make the argument for Cooper Kupp here, as well, but splitting hairs with Kupp coming off a knee injury I rolled with Woods and am totally fine with it. Going against my philosophy to load up on wide receivers I would’ve been tempted to draft Marlon Mack who was taken the pick before me. I think good things are ahead for Mack in 2019 and beyond.

Round 5, Pick 57: RB – Chris Carson, Seattle Seahawks

At this spot I was really hoping Kareem Hunt, D.J. Moore or Chris Godwin would fall to me. I also debated going with Courtland Sutton here but my plan was to grab a quarterback and tight end in the next two rounds and by round 8 I’d really be in trouble for a second running back. I would’ve made the sacrifice to punt another running back though, if I could have landed Moore or Godwin here. Carson should be a serviceable running back this year and I don’t believe that backfield will have a clear cut leader anytime soon. I think we will see a 1A and 1B this season and to me Carson is the 1A right now and not going away despite the hype building for Rashaad Penny.

Round 6, Pick 64: TE – Evan Engram, New York Giants

Give me some of that Engram! I rarely get my hands on a top five tight end but because this is dynasty and not redraft, I’d prefer to not stream the position every week like I would in redraft. Engram should see a good amount of targets this season, set and forget and hope Eli Manning has enough time to get the ball out of his hands. Hunter Henry and David Njoku would’ve been fine with me at this spot but both face a considerable amount of competition for targets compared to what’s left with the Giants.

Round 7, Pick 81: QB – Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

I didn’t feel good about this pick even though I planned to take a quarterback here. I think I could’ve waited a bit longer. There was some more wide receiver value left on the board. Either way I lucked out in round 8.

Round 8, Pick 88: WR – Sterling Shepard, New York Giants

Shepard doesn’t have Odell Beckham Jr. there to draw coverage away anymore but I still think Shepard will get fed this year. Ideally I could’ve taken Shepard in round 7 instead of Wilson and snagged Devin Funchess in this round but I’m okay with how things played out to this point. I did have my eye on someone that I hope slips through the next sixteen picks, and he did!

Round 9, Pick 105: WR – Julian Edelman, New England Patriots

There isn’t a more win now veteran wide receiver I would want on my team than Edelman. Gronk is gone (for now) and there is no doubt Tom Brady will lean on Edelman even more in 2019. At this point he is my wide receiver 5 and a great body to play in your flex. He finished the 2018 season as WR21. I don’t think he slips far down from that this year. Edelman should be a dependable low end WR2 or high end WR3. The value here is great.

Now that I’ve gone through my first nine rounds let’s take a look at where my starting roster stands.

1 QB – Russell Wilson

2 RB – Joe Mixon, Chris Carson

3 WR – Tyreek Hill, A.J. Green, Robert Woods

1 TE – Evan Engram

2 of 3 Flex – Sterling Shepard, Julian Edelman

8 Bench – Open

I like where I’m at so far. My wide receiver corps is awesome and my quarterback and tight end are stellar. I’m sitting on one stud running back with a good amount of upside on my second. Typically I like to build around a good core of wide receivers as you’ve seen so far. In dynasty this is smart and a popular build as they usually carry a longer shelf life than running backs. Let’s be real, I’m not brave enough to travel the zero running back route. I have no issues rolling with one while the rest of the squad gets filled out during the first half of the draft.

If you liked this article, be on the lookout for part two where I break down my picks from the back nine of this draft!

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