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My Fantasy League Quarterbacks That You Should Add, Going Into 2019.

Each month I’m going to review the top adds/drops, from each offensive position, on MFL’s site. Also included will be my recommendations on if these players should be added to your roster. This article will be covering the MFL top adds for quarterbacks. My next article will cover the top dropped quarterbacks. If you’re looking for MFL adds for IDP please visit IDP Guys for my thoughts on the defensive side.

Add Ryan Fitzpatrick:

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Fitzpatrick signed with the Dolphins for two years, $11 million, with the hopes of being the week one starter. To this point in training camp Ryan Fitzpatrick has outperformed newly acquired quarterback, Josh Rosen. MFL has Fitzpatrick’s 2019 projection at 3,312 passing yards, 21 touchdowns, 16 interceptions, 178 rushing yards, and 1 rushing touchdown. It makes sense that Ryan is the most added Quarterback with a 8.11 percent add rate. While I expect a combination of Fitzmagic and Fitztragic moments in 2019, he makes for a nice add as a bye week fill-in. Anytime you can add a starting quarterback to your team, as depth, I would do it. In 2018, Fitzpatrick finished as Quarterback 27, which is a Quarterback 3 in fantasy, only having played in 8 of 16 games. If Josh Rosen is able to put together a strong training camp I could see him push Fitzmagic for the week one starting job.

Add Nick Foles:

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Foles signed a four year, $88 million contract in the off-season to be the Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback. Unlike Ryan Fitzpatrick, Foles is going to have a long leash in trying to get this team to have a deep playoff run. MFL has Foles 2019 projection at 2,336 passing yards, 13 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, 256 rushing yards, and 1 rushing touchdown. I see Foles being a low-end Quarterback 1 or a high Quarterback 2 as a weekly starter. It also helps that he’s in a run first offense, so that should limit his turnovers. In addition, he has lots of unproven players behind him on the depth chart. He’s the safest add on this list and my top add. I expect his add percentage of 5.88 percent to increase, putting him in the top 5, by the start of the season. I do find it funny that Minshew has a higher add percentage than Foles. In 2018 Nick finished as Quarterback 38, which is Quarterback 4 in fantasy, only playing in 5 of 16 games.

Add Joe Flacco:

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Denver sent a 2019 fourth round pick to Baltimore for Joe Flacco, this off-season. Flacco has three years left on his current contract and not much proven talent behind him on the depth chart. MFL has Flacco’s 2019 projection at 3,751 passing yards, 19 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, 107 rushing yards, and 1 rushing touchdown. I see Joe as a Quarterback 2 and a decent bye week fill in. I’m not a Flacco fan, but I do expect the team to be in most of their games, because of their defense. Which means that Joe should be somewhat productive. His add percentage of 4.72 should stay pretty flat. In 2018 he finished as Quarterback 30, which is a Quarterback 3 in fantasy, only playing in 9 of 16 games.

Honorable Mention:

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Andy Dalton is someone that I like more with A.J. Green. However, with so much uncertainty surrounding Green’s return timetable, I’m looking at Dalton as a nice sleeper for later in the season. Andy Dalton was also talked about by @JasonKamlowsky, check that out as well.

Plan For 2020:

If you’re even considering adding Eli Manning or Case Keenum you should try to trade for someone else or just plan for 2020.


Having solid quarterback play can make or break one’s season really quick. All of these players have their pros and cons, but I think they could win you a week or two, if needed. Also, some of these players will have longer leashes than others, which is great for their fantasy value. Ranking the add order of these quarterbacks would be Nick Foles, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Joe Flacco. Please keep an eye out for the top drops at quarterback.

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