Dynasty Stock Market: Who to Buy, Who to Sell

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Dynasty Stock Market Is Now Open for Business. Which players do you want to end up in your portfolio?

One of the main objectives of dynasty fantasy football is to buy low and to sell high. You have to know when the players on your roster have reached their max value. You always want to sell your players at their max value, so that you can get a return on them before they fall off their peak

I have been releasing a monthly buy/sell/hold article (check them out here, #1 & #2), this is just a short article that quickly goes over one of my favorite buys and one player that I think you should sell while they are at their max value.

When I tell you to sell a share of a certain player, that isn’t me saying that they are not going to be successful or that they will not still be a quality fantasy contributor. I’m just saying that I think this player’s value is at its peak value and you should sell before his value falls off a cliff.

Best Buy At The Moment

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Tyrell Williams WR Oakland Raiders

At the beginning of the off-season, Williams’ price was beginning to catch fire. With Williams entering free agency it was an unknown where he was going to land. There were rumors that he was interested in playing for the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. When those rumors were flying around social media, Williams’ price was at an all time high.

Williams eventually signed with the Oakland Raiders, one day after they traded for Antonio Brown. Williams said that was a major factor in him coming to Oakland. After signing with the Raiders his price tag took a hit due to the public persecution of the Raiders’ offense.

Derek Carr was a big target for the public to blame for the Raiders’ struggles. He struggled early on in the season and the critics just continued to blame him for the losses that were piling up. After a few weeks Carr finally started understanding and playing free in Gruden’s system. Here are some stats that support that Carr turned his season around and ended on a positive note:

  • #5 in Completion %
  • #3 in 4th Quarter Comebacks
  • #10 in Interception %
  • #12 in Passing Yards

I think that proves that Gruden’s offense can support two heavily targeted receivers throughout the season. Those stats came with a very bsub-par receiving core, whose best options were TE Jared Cook and WR Jordy Nelson. One of those was signed very late in free agency and the other has retired from the NFL.

Williams has never been a heavily targeted receiver, but the Raiders brought him in to do just that. They will utilize his deep speed and try to have him stretch the field while AB uses his agility to get open across the middle. Williams and Mr. Big Chest will be a deadly combo.

Watch this video, Good Morning Football can maybe talk some sense into you.

Best Sell At The Moment

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Marlon Mack RB Indianapolis Colts

Throughout the beginning of the free agency period, Mack owners were nervous that the Colts were going to add another RB. Whether it would be an elite bell cow like Le’Veon Bell or a complimentary piece like Tevin Coleman. Thankfully, the Colts stood pat, only adding veteran RB Spencer Ware.

Then came the draft and Mack doubters were pounding the table that the Colts would select an RB with one of their many picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. Surprisingly, the Colts stood pat again and didn’t bring in a single running back to aid their backfield. In their defense, they did draft two running backs last season.

Yes, Mack has a clear path to touches this season. Mack isn’t much of a pass catcher, only catching 17 balls last season. His backups, other than Ware, are both pass catching backs, so he will lose touches to them during obvious passing downs. Sometimes during dynasty fantasy football, you have to try your best to predict the future.

And that means that you have to trade Marlon Mack before the season begins, maybe even before training camp begins, to avoid injuries. There will never be a moment where Mack’s value is any higher than what it is at the moment. And that’s what this is all about, buying low and selling high.

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