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Quarterbacks That You Should Buy Low, Sell High, And Hold.

With all of the recent changes at the quarterback position, fantasy football owners are scrambling to make sure they have their guy. Due to this, owners may be less likely to trade a quarterback. However, knowing when the right time to buy, sell, or hold a player is very important and could make or break your fantasy football season. Below, i’ll suggest a couple of quarterbacks that fantasy owners should be looking to buy low, sell high, and hold.

Buy Tom Brady:

The 42 year-old quarterback has gotten off to a great start, this season. According to My Fantasy League, entering week 3, Brady is the fourth highest scoring quarterback, in fantasy football. Recently, it seems like fantasy owners continue to think this is the year that Brady finally takes a step back. As it turns out, he continues to prove us wrong. Through the first two weeks, he has 605 passing yards, 5 passing touchdowns, and 1 rushing touchdown. Tom Brady and the Patriots will only play four top ten defenses, this season. Based on yards per game, he’ll face the Bills in week 4, the Browns in week 8, the Ravens in week 9, and the Bills, again, in week 16.

According to the IDP Guys trade calculator, Brady is worth a 2020 3rd/4th round pick. I’d gladly pay that for him to be my QB1 for the rest of the season.

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Sell Lamar Jackson:

The second year signal caller comes into week 3 as the highest scoring quarterback, in fantasy football. He has 596 passing yards, 7 passing touchdowns, and 126 rushing yards. As a comparison, last season, through two games here is what he accumulated. He had 24 passing yards, 0 touchdowns, and only 39 rushing yards. Unlike Brady, Jackson faces six top ten defenses, based off yards per game. Those teams are the Browns in week 4, the Patriots in week 9, the Rams in week 12, the 49ers in week 13, the Bills in week 14, and the Browns, again, in week 16. Another thing that Jackson has working against him, is his passing accuracy.

If you watch him play you can see that he has improved as a passer, but he’s not as accurate as you’d want from your franchise quarterback. For his career, which is 20 starts, he has a completion percentage of 61.7. I would capitalize on his early season success and try to acquire a top tier running back, wide receiver, or a couple of first round draft picks for 2020.

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Hold Patrick Mahomes:

Normally, i’m not one who wants to hold onto a quarterback, but for Mahomes, i’ll gladly make an exception. When he was drafted with the 10th overall pick, in 2017, by Kansas City people instantly thought of what he and Andy Reid could do together as a duo. Here’s an article if you need a refresher. After finishing last season as the top scoring quarterback in fantasy football, it was assumed that regression would happen, the following year.

All Mahomes has done is pickup where he left off, last season. Through two weeks, in 2019, he has 821 passing yards, and 7 passing touchdowns. Those numbers are good for, third in scoring among quarterbacks, in fantasy football. I think he’s a generational talent and believe he will once again finish as the top scoring quarterback in 2019 and for years to come. That type of consistent production isn’t something i’d feel comfortable trading, but if you feel the time is now to sell him, I can’t fault you for that either.


As a fantasy football owner hopefully you’re always looking to improve your team and not just living in the moment. Those owners who are following this mindset will be able to build and sustain success much longer. Due to there only being 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL, being able to identify when the right time to buy low, sell high, and hold is, should keep you one step ahead of other owners.


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