Best Ball Championship Draft Recap

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A recap of my 1st Best Ball Championship draft for this year. just started their yearly Best Ball Championship tournament, and I jumped on drafting a team on the first day.

I have 20 Best Ball teams already and have been drafting teams since the Super Bowl ended, but this is my 1st $3.5M Best Ball Championship draft, so far. I’m going to try to do at least one of these a month, and I’ll post recaps of all of them.

While this wasn’t a perfect draft, lots of stiff competition on Day 1, I wanted to highlight some draft strategy that I think would work well, this year, for both regular Best Ball leagues and the Championship tournament.

For this draft, I’m rolling with the “RBs Don’t Matter” strategy. I’m shooting to get 3 QBs, 6 RB, 6 WR, 3 TEs.  Last year, I rolled with 2 TE and/or 2 QB and injuries cost me making the playoffs by a few points, in this same tournament.

Rounds 1-3

Travis Kelce 1.10:

Kelce has been creeping up the Best Ball ADP; he wasn’t going to last past the end of Round 1 and make it back to me at Round 2.  Best Ball requires starting a TE and Kelce gives me an advantage, every week, over every team in the league.

Michael Thomas 2.3:

I thought about going for Chubb here, but my main strategy is going for the best WR/TE available in the 2nd Rd.  Thomas gets a crazy amount of targets and receptions, an easy #1 WR for me.

Stefon Diggs 3.10:

You start 3 WR in Best Ball, and getting two premium WR is essential.  Drafting Diggs puts me in a hole for RBs, but I’ll be taking my swings on those later.

Rounds 4-5

Sony Michel 4.3:

For my “RBs Don’t Matter” strategy to work, I have to have one RB I can count on.  I expect Michel to see more carries as Tom Brady gets older and the Patriots lean more toward the run. The New England Patriots also have the easiest strength of schedule, meaning the Patriots should be ahead and running out the clock.  Michel should have a good year.

Eric Ebron 5.10:

The teams that win Best Ball leagues have two good TEs.  Kelce/Ebron gives me the best duo in the league.  Ebron had 13 TDs last year, if Kelce has a slow week or if Ebron pops off with Kelce in the same week, he gets me some tasty points at the FLEX spot.  I own Ebron in 50% of my Best Ball Leagues, usually as my starting TE.

Rounds 6-8

Tyler Boyd 6.3:

Boyd gives me a legit 3rd WR.

Tyreek Hill 7.10:

Hill is the ultimate risk/reward player-If he’s not suspended, or suspended for only a few games this will pay off huge. I had to take him a round earlier than I’d like to, but to win this tournament I have to take some chances and Hill is one of them.

Courtland Sutton 8.3:

Courtland Sutton is one of my prominent sleeper candidates for 2019.  He has the talent and opportunity; Now we see if he can make the jump in his 2nd season. With Flacco at QB, he has an excellent chance to break out, especially if Emmanuel Sanders comes back healthy and takes on the opposing CB1, every game.

Round 9-11:

Ito Smith 9.10:

Not fantastic that Ito Smith is my RB2, but he has the chance to be the starter if Freeman gets hurt and if not,  he could be the Falcons version of Tarik Cohen.  Of my 20 Best Ball teams, I own Ito Smith in 50% of them.

Josh Allen 10.3+Lamar Jackson 11.10:

200 yards passing/gm + 60 yards rushing/gm >300 yards passing

2500 yards passing +800 yards rushing>4000 yards passing

Both Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson can have big games, both through the air AND on the ground.  Top 10 QB potential at Round 10/11 prices.  Sold.

I own Josh Allen in 50% of my Best Ball Leagues.

Rounds 12-18: The Lottery Tickets

Here’s where I start taking my chances with RBs and other players that could hit it huge in 2019.

Kalen Ballage 12.3:

Backup with starter potential.

Duke Johnson 13.10:

Potential to be traded with Hunt now in Cleveland.  If he goes to Tampa Bay or a team equally thirsty for a player like him, I’m golden.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins 14.3:

ASJ’s stock just keeps going up.  With the Ben Watson suspension, ASJ should get all the TE targets at NE…for the first 4 games, unless they make a trade.  ASJ is my most frequent TE lottery ticket at 25% ownership in my Best Ball leagues. I got him a couple of rounds earlier than usual.

Zay Jones 15.10:

I can’t pass up on his potential.  The Buffalo Bills WR corp is a bit more crowded with Cole Beasley and John Brown signing as FA, but if Zay Jones gets me 6-7 TDs (or more) he’s a nice option to have as a 6th WR.  He had 5 TDs in his last five games (including two games with 2 TDs each).  I’m willing to bet on his chemistry with Josh Allen now being cemented.

Darwin Thompson 16.3:

Kansas City Chiefs RB lottery ticket.  I like him the best of the Chiefs’ longshots to get some significant touches.

Trayveon Williams 17.10:

Potential to be Mixon’s backup.  Mixon hasn’t played 16 games in a single season, yet.  Trayveon could be the starter for a couple of games or for a huge part of the season.  Again, lottery ticket.

Dwayne Haskins 18.3:

I don’t need Haskins to hit big, but of all the rookie QBs I think Haskins has the potential to be the most consistent and I’m going to need that if Allen or Jackson goes down and/or for their bye weeks.  I got a zero at QB, for one week last year in Best Ball, and it cost me huge.

Final Analysis:

I might’ve taken the “RBs Don’t Matter” a bit too far, I’ll need one of those guys to hit for me to go far in this tournament, but I’m thrilled with my WRs and especially my TEs.  I’m going to own the TE points and compete for the top 3 with my WR corp.

I took the right gambles at QB with Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson, one of those guys is going to hit it big this season. These guys can pinball up the fantasy points from their rushing yards alone.

I didn’t get to go after my favorite stacks Best Ball stacks of Tampa Bay and Cleveland, as I let the draft flow, instead of pushing a stack agenda on Day 1, but that may change when I do additional drafts for this tournament.

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