10 Old Guys Who Can Help Your Dynasty Roster

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Every year there are some age 30 and over guys that can help your dynasty roster that drop in drafts mainly due to their age. Below is a list of 10 players, age 30 or older, who you should not forget about during your dynasty startups or who you may want to go acquire likely on the cheap from league mates looking to get younger.

A.J. Green – WR Cincinnati Bengals – Age: 30

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He has not been the beacon of health lately, but don’t forget about what he can do when he is on the field. Playing for a pretty conservative head coach for his entire career, Green has consistently finished as a top 10 WR when healthy. Now, an offensive minded head coach who is implementing the Rams playbook as the foundation of his offense is in charge. I’m salivating thinking about what that could mean for A.J. Green. Go buy him from a frustrated owner right now before camp highlights and coach speak start to hit Twitter and everyone forgets about his injury woes.

Danny Amendola – WR Detroit Lions – Age: 33

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This one might jump out as a bit of a surprise. Call it sort of a gut feeling. Danny Amendola has been incredibly mediocre as both an NFL wide receiver and fantasy asset throughout his career. Health is a concern for him as much as anyone on this list. What I like is where he landed and the role he takes over. As the slot WR for Detroit, Golden Tate never caught less than 90 balls in a full year.

That is the ceiling Amendola is walking into. He stayed healthy last year in Miami and if he does the same in Detroit, I love him as a deep WR 4/5/6 on your team. He could very easily be available on your waiver wire or added as a cheap throw in piece of a trade. Amendola is not going to be a league winner, but if you need a bye week fill in, or get hit with the injury bug to your main WR core, he could be a decent plug.

Adrian Peterson – RB Washington R Words – Age: 34

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Are we witnessing Frank Gore lite??? 30+ year old running backs are not a great dynasty asset so this is the only one that’s going to be on this list. We saw that Adrian Peterson still has some gas left in the tank last year and we don’t know if Derrius Guice is injury prone or not yet. Peterson is probably one of the better handcuffs to own this year and that’s the primary reason he made the list. The ageless wonder should be pretty cheap to acquire, especially right now while Guice is healthy and the “starter”. Even if Guice makes it through the year, I could easily see Peterson taking up a role as the red zone/goal line back and steal a decent amount of touchdowns.

Philip Rivers – QB San Dieg Los Angeles Chargers – Age: 37

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Philip Rivers is like the Rodney Dangerfield of fantasy football, he gets no respect on his name! I want ALL the Rivers this year with a load of weaponry at his disposal. Hunter Henry returns after missing last year with an early ACL tear in May and should be a favorite target for Phil. Just about everyone expects Mike Williams to take a major leap. And reception machine Keenan Allen is still around, along with two excellent pass catching running backs in Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler.

This sets Rivers up for a great year and at worst you’re getting a top 12 QB guaranteed with top 3 upside. The guy loves football and I think he’ll play for at least another 3-4 years. With that young core of weapons, he is a perfect fit for any dynasty team in win now mode. Go get him!

Delanie Walker – TE Tennessee Titans – Age: 34

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Originally I was going to use Greg Olsen here, but I think he’s still sort of on the fence about coming back and his injury history at this point scares me more than Delanie Walker’s. Walker is unarguably Marcus Mariota’s favorite target. In a contract year, Mariota will lean heavily (as he always does) on his Pro Bowl tight end to help him get a contract if not with Tennessee, then somewhere.

Walker has been a reception machine when healthy and everyone is down on him after 1 year of injury after staying pretty healthy through his tenure with Tennessee previously. He is incredibly cheap going in double digit rounds in startups and if you are planning to punt on drafting a tight end, he’s the perfect target as your starter.

Larry Fitzgerald – WR Arizona Cardinals – Age: 35

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Fitzy could actually battle AP for the title of ageless wonder. He is a machine and has decided to give it a go one more time. I don’t blame him, the Cardinals were abysmal last year and I would not want to go out like that either. Larry Fitzgerald is a first ballot hall of famer who wants to give Kyler Murray a shot at developing. The combo of those two players is incredibly attractive from a fantasy standpoint.

Yes, there is a ton of young pass catching talent on this team between Christian Kirk, David Johnson, the 2 rookie WRs Andy Isabella and Hakeem Butler, TE Caleb Wilson, and even RB Chase Edmonds. But the old man is still the top dog and should find himself the benefactor of a ton of safety valve targets from the #1 overall pick QB Kyler Murray. Just don’t let him fall too far. Larry Fitzgerald is a great depth piece this year as a WR 3/4.

Jason Witten – TE Dallas Cowboys – Age: 37

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I know, I am cringing a bit myself about to make a case for a 37 year old tight end returning out of retirement. BUT, Jason Witten finished as a top 10 PPR tight end only 2 years ago. His connection with QB Dak Prescott is undeniable, and the Cowboys clearly haven’t found their long term solution at TE or else they probably wouldn’t have wanted Witten back.

Much like a couple of the guys on this list, Witten has almost zero concerns about staying healthy. Which considering the recent tight end landscape in regards to health, having a solid option for 16 games could prove to be quite valuable. Witten is another guy going very late in dynasty startups for obvious reasons. Like Delanie Walker, Jason Witten is a great punt on TE target.

Desean Jackson – WR Philadelphia Eagles – Age: 32

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The prodigal son returns! The Philadelphia Eagles, along with their fans, are welcoming back DJAX with open arms. Rightfully so. Even at age 32 Jackson is still a burner and started out early last year on fire with Fitzmagic chucking him deep balls. Now replace Ryan Fitzpatrick with Carson freaking Wentz. It’s like a match made in heaven.

Jackson should have plenty of opportunities to fly down the field facing man coverage, as the Eagles have a host of other receiving options that defenses won’t be able to forget about. This could be one of those resurrection type years for the aging receiver and I want him on my fantasy team to witness it first hand.

Julian Edelman – WR New England Patriots – Age: 33

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Julian Edelman might be one of the most divisive players in fantasy football. When he’s healthy and on the field playing, he has top 10 PPR WR potential. But that has only happened what, twice in his career? As Tom Brady’s favorite little man to target, Edelman even got a contract extension which proves that Patriots believe in him to stay on the field. As long as that happens, I would certainly love to have him as my WR3 heading into the season.

Obviously the departure of Rob Gronkowski leaves a bunch of targets up for grabs. Despite drafting a WR for the first time ever during the Belichick regime (N’Keal Harry) and bringing in a gaggle of “just a guy” guys to sort of see what sticks, Edelman will be the primary beneficiary of those vacated Gronk targets. He is the epitome of a high risk high reward target this year.

Julio Jones – WR Atlanta Falcons – Age: 30

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Ending on the easiest sell of this article, don’t be worried about Julio Jones. Many people are down on him and inexplicably allowing him to fall to the mid-late 2nd round of dynasty startups. He has just turned 30 and likely has at least 4-5 great years still in him. Please take advantage of any impatient owner looking to flip Julio for picks or young, unproven talent. For this year specifically, the Falcons have returned Dirk Koetter as offensive coordinator, which is excellent new for Julio Jones.

Already the focus of the passing game, the knock on Julio has always been his inconsistency with TDs. Guess who was the Falcons OC in 2012 when Julio had his highest TD total of his career (10)? Dirk Koetter. This reunion may catapult Julio into the WR1 spot for the first time in his career. And people want to get rid of him/are letting him fall in drafts. Please capitalize on that.

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