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I wrote this in the summer and it makes sense to get it out again to shine light on the bravery of our armed forces. Take a few minutes on this veterans day to experience what our soldiers went through to keep us safe and how the NFL helped them survive.

My Friend The Soldier

@OrangeMan3142 wrote this piece over the summer about his friend the soldier and the role the #NFL played in his time overseas as well as his return home. #VeteransDay #NFL100 #USArmy #SaluteToService

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Ash Thompson

Ash Thompson

Staff Writer

Back in the days before the internet we used to have to dig through box scores in newspapers..... both ways....... Up hill... Get off my lawn.2 cats, 2 dogsDrafting theory, IDP scoring, rookie opportunity analysis

Trey Tindell

Trey Tindell

My high school friends and I started redraft leagues each year for the last 6 year's. Fell in love with it and made me love football even more. Over the last two years is when I started getting into dynasty leagues.I am an Oakland Raiders fan living in the heart of Kansas. Constant berating from Chiefs fans is what I live for.Best writing for the Oakland Raiders. Possibly moving into fantasy articles later on.

Joshua Drumm

Joshua Drumm

Data Assistant

My gate way drug into fantasy football was a home redraft league 5 years ago. Overnight I could not get my hands on enough fantasy football content. So for 5 years I've been growing, winning, losing, and getting my wife mad for spending way too much time doing it.

One time I ate a tarantula. Two words: Hairy legs.

The articles I have found most helpful and fascinating in my 5 year journey has got to be evidence filled statistical op-ed pieces. So I'll be bringing you articles written from an un-biased perspective based heavily on statistical trends and probability. Think, Shawn from 'Psych' meets Jonah Hill's character in 'Money Ball'.

Joey DeFeo

Joey DeFeo

I started playing fantasy football about 14 years ago for fun with some of my buddies. Shortly after when I started adulting and making my own money I started playing in money leagues and that’s when I started putting in a lot of work in expanding my knowledge. From there I started playing in dynasty about 6 years ago and loved it from the very start.I served active duty in the Air Force for 8 years. After separating I joined the private sector to spend more time with my wife and kids. Although I love football I am an avid fan of almost every sport and I love playing golf.I’ll be writing articles on just about everything. From trade targets to actual NFL roster analysis. I enjoy writing about things I enjoy so whatever I feel passionate about I will write and hope to spread my knowledge to the masses.