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We are always looking for new talent, and we invest in our writers. If you have an established brand and you would like to settle with a site that values you, or you are just starting out and need some coaching to move up in the fantasy world. Β We are here for you.

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Check out my #idp #ffidp (semi) instant reaction & IDP waivers article, every team & IDP relevant player & situation broken down to get you ready for week 7. Playing time, production, etc. Only @IDPGuys your one stop shop for all things IDP.

🏈 Week 7⃣ #IDP rankings are done 🏈

Top 6⃣0⃣ DLs: https://t.co/3lflyOw9M4

Top 6⃣0⃣ LBs: https://t.co/xbmQnpyGno

Top 6⃣0⃣ DBs: https://t.co/ezPIWexbld

@IDPGuys keeping you game ready with all your #FFIDP needs.

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Meet Our Staff

Ron Sears

Ron Sears

Staff Writer

Been playing since 2002. Started in redraft, moved to my first keeper league 10 years ago, been doing dynasty for the last 5 or 6 years. Love everything football, trying to improve every year. Sad to admit I'm a Lions fan. Been torturing myself for close to 30 years.Husband and father of an awesome 2.5 year old. Avid golfer, rocking a single digit handicap. Seasoned sales rep turned sales manager.Dynasty. Redraft. Rankings contributer.

Tyler Joesph

Tyler Joesph

Staff Writer

Played football starting in third grade all the way through college. Started playing fantasy in sixth grade. After my playing β€œcareer” ended I had to get my fix somehow.Lead my college football team in personal fouls for two straight years (late hits before the whistle).IDP, Draft (in future years)

Joseph Petrosino

Joseph Petrosino

Sr. Media Manager

Dynasty Fantasy Baseball lead me here.I’m a Broadway stagehand. I’ve been to 49 of 50 states.Social Media Manager

Joshua Drumm

Joshua Drumm

Data Assistant

My gate way drug into fantasy football was a home redraft league 5 years ago. Overnight I could not get my hands on enough fantasy football content. So for 5 years I've been growing, winning, losing, and getting my wife mad for spending way too much time doing it.

One time I ate a tarantula. Two words: Hairy legs.

The articles I have found most helpful and fascinating in my 5 year journey has got to be evidence filled statistical op-ed pieces. So I'll be bringing you articles written from an un-biased perspective based heavily on statistical trends and probability. Think, Shawn from 'Psych' meets Jonah Hill's character in 'Money Ball'.