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We are always looking for new talent, and we invest in our writers. If you have an established brand and you would like to settle with a site that values you, or you are just starting out and need some coaching to move up in the fantasy world. Β We are here for you.

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Meet Our Staff

Joey DeFeo

Joey DeFeo

I started playing fantasy football about 14 years ago for fun with some of my buddies. Shortly after when I started adulting and making my own money I started playing in money leagues and that’s when I started putting in a lot of work in expanding my knowledge. From there I started playing in dynasty about 6 years ago and loved it from the very start.I served active duty in the Air Force for 8 years. After separating I joined the private sector to spend more time with my wife and kids. Although I love football I am an avid fan of almost every sport and I love playing golf.I’ll be writing articles on just about everything. From trade targets to actual NFL roster analysis. I enjoy writing about things I enjoy so whatever I feel passionate about I will write and hope to spread my knowledge to the masses.

Joseph Haggan

Joseph Haggan

Senior Rankings Officer

I became interested in playing fantasy football from my brother.I like hot rods and own a 1971 C-10.I will be writing rankings, mock drafts, player analysis, idp, and fantasy football.

Andrew Bidlake

Andrew Bidlake

Senior Content Editor

Started playing with friends in 2008.I am a dual citizen of Canada and Ireland.My interest in football is primarily statistical so my articles will be largely analytical.

Sean Lanigan

Sean Lanigan

Senior Draft Officer

I’ve been playing fantasy football for a really long time. When I was younger I used to play by using a spreadsheet and manually inputting scores by reading the box scores in the paper.I spend absurd amounts of time watching film on college prospects. It’s probably unhealthy, but hey, someone’s gotta write about all these guys right?I write about pretty much everything, but I love watching college prospects and projecting them into dynasty. I like finding late round rookie sleepers, especially at running back.