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My newest 15 min podcast.

A deep dive into one player or one topic each week. This week it is over Corey Davis. Give it a quick listen and if you feel compelled like many others, leave it a review!

Awesome to see some positive feedback. Day 1 Episode 1 in the books. If you haven't checked it put already give Vital Fantasy Football Information just 15 min of your time. Thanks all and a special thanks for the reviews!

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Joshua Drumm

Joshua Drumm

Data Assistant

My gate way drug into fantasy football was a home redraft league 5 years ago. Overnight I could not get my hands on enough fantasy football content. So for 5 years I've been growing, winning, losing, and getting my wife mad for spending way too much time doing it.

One time I ate a tarantula. Two words: Hairy legs.

The articles I have found most helpful and fascinating in my 5 year journey has got to be evidence filled statistical op-ed pieces. So I'll be bringing you articles written from an un-biased perspective based heavily on statistical trends and probability. Think, Shawn from 'Psych' meets Jonah Hill's character in 'Money Ball'.

Antonio Vasquez

Antonio Vasquez

Staff Writer

Around 15 years ago I heard some dudes at work talking about their fantasy football league, I had no idea what fantasy football was. Having never played at all, I joined their IDP league. No getting my feet wet, I jumped into the deep end never looked back.I am a Star Wars geek. I refer to myself as a Sith Lord and I somehow grew up a Patriots fan raised in Buffalo. Just let that sink in for a second or two. I primarily focus on IDP rankings articles and provide weekly IDP rankings throughout the season.

Steve Tomasin

Steve Tomasin

My best friend got me in my first league in 1999 at age 14. 2 years later as a sophomore in high school I started my own keeper league which has been running ever since. The high of being "right" about players and combing through stats and box scores is so far unmatched by any other hobby or passion.I was born outside of Detroit but have resided in the suburbs of Philly since the age of 2. For many years I was actually quite the contrarian when it came to being a fan of Philly sports and teams. However as I grew older and wiser, the teams, and fanbase that surrounded me essentially my whole life, grew on me. I am also a huge WWF (80s-00s) fan. So there will likely be many wrestling references and gifs accompanying my writing.Hoping to do lots on my hometown Eagles and also looking to cut my teeth on some IDP analysis. ADP analysis and overall team outlooks as well.

Tyler Joesph

Tyler Joesph

Staff Writer

Played football starting in third grade all the way through college. Started playing fantasy in sixth grade. After my playing β€œcareer” ended I had to get my fix somehow.Lead my college football team in personal fouls for two straight years (late hits before the whistle).IDP, Draft (in future years)