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Knowing when to make moves can be as important as who to target when you are trying to capture value. @FFSuperflexGuru drops his favorite buy and sell in this #dynasty moment.


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IDP Guys A Fantasy Football Site

Meet Our Staff

Kasey Avila

Kasey Avila

Staff Writer

I started watching football and playing Madden when I was about ten years old and learned a lot about the game. I started playing fantasy football when I was seventeen and have been playing in multiple leagues ever since.I grew up in a small town in California that is known for its dairy farms. I’ve probably seen more cows than people in my lifetime!I’ll be writing about many different fantasy football related topics but I will primarily focus on player and team matchups during the NFL season.

Andrew Bidlake

Andrew Bidlake

Senior Content Editor

Started playing with friends in 2008.I am a dual citizen of Canada and Ireland.My interest in football is primarily statistical so my articles will be largely analytical.

John Maynard

John Maynard

Staff Writer

Reading a magazine in 1990.I had a full ride to BGSU & Penn State in 1995 to play def tackle, until I blew my knee out and lost them. I instead concentrated on my singing/vocals and played 1000’s of shows as a metal front man. Even was signed in 2015 by a band that was on the billboard top 20, Mushroomhead.Everything fantasy football but mostly campus to canton stories and some devy and cfb stuff.

Nathan Cheatham

Nathan Cheatham


I got into fantasy football 10 years ago after hanging out with my friend Johnny The Greek.Β I'm a graphic designer.I created all you see here, I'm the founder of both the Dynasty Football Digest and the IDP Guys.