Terry McLaurin Is A Fantastic Late Round Dynasty Rookie Pick

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Dynasty rookie drafts are still ignoring Terry McLaurin’s skill set, and he is going to be a rookie wide receiver that you want in the later rounds of your fantasy drafts.

This 2019 NFL Draft is loaded with wide receivers. Due to the immense amount of talent, even into the 6th and 7th rounds of the NFL Drafts, there are going to be guys that just slip through the cracks in much of the dynasty community. Most of these guys will be available to you in the latter parts of your 2019 dynasty rookie drafts. Terry McLaurin is one of these players.

Terry McLaurin is often overlooked because of both his lack of production at Ohio State and the fact that he was overshadowed by his fellow teammate, wide receiver Parris Campbell. Don’t let these things fool you, Terry McLaurin is a good NFL prospect, and good NFL prospects have the opportunity to be good dynasty prospects if they land in a decent situation.

Terry McLaurin didn’t see a ton of production for a variety of reasons. First of all, Ohio State has a solid running game featuring future first-round dynasty selection, JK Dobbins.

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Secondly, the Ohio State offense didn’t exactly tailor to Terry McLaurin’s strengths. The offense fed the ball on manufactured touches to Parris Campbell on wide receiver screens and drag routes. Why? Because they could. Campbell is a monster RAC threat, so taking short, easy passes that allowed for yards after the catch was obviously preferable to making riskier throws downfield.

Ohio State rarely deviated from this gameplan, and it killed any opportunity that Terry McLaurin had to be a productive college wide receiver. NFL offenses can’t run like that. McLaurin can be a productive player in a more traditional passing attack. This makes him a player that is going to be a value. People are passing on him based on his lack of production, something that is largely out of his control.

Terry McLaurin is an exceptional athlete and a polished route runner.

His combination of technical refinement in his route running and his elite top end speed and agility give him among the best speed-based separation skills in the 2019 NFL Draft. He is going to get open at the next level and that is going to make him a valuable asset to an NFL team and may earn him immediate playing time in his rookie season.

McLaurin is good after the catch, making quick transitions from a receiver to a runner and displaying his elite top-end speed to beat defenders down the field. He isn’t as elusive as you would think, but his combination of speed and toughness as a runner, as well as his quick transitions, help him make the most of his opportunities after the catch.

His releases at the line of scrimmage are more than good enough to translate to the next level, despite his frame. His quick feet, excellent lateral agility, and commitment to his technique will serve him well as an outside receiver in the NFL. He doesn’t have a huge frame, but he does have enough size that he shouldn’t get bullied around by NFL corners at the line of scrimmage.

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Where Terry McLaurin can struggle is at the catch point. He can often times let the ball into his frame and fail to extend to high point the ball. Despite his strong releases, decent tracking ability, and top-end speed, his lack of will to attack the ball at the catch point will hurt his projection as an elite downfield receiver.

With that said, his separation ability and speed should be more than enough to be a threat vertically in the NFL, he just may not be as dangerous as he would have been if he extended away from his body and high pointed the ball with more consistency.

Combined with his separation ability, Terry McLaurin’s ability to catch the ball through contact will serve him well as an option in the slot. He isn’t as big as the “big slots” and he isn’t as shifty after the catch as some of the smaller ones, but his speed should allow him to terrorize the seam, and his ability to catch through contact, as well as his excellent route running, should allow him to make plenty of plays in the short and intermediate game against nickel corners.

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Overall, Terry McLaurin projects as a player that can play inside or outside, can create separation at all levels of the field, and is a threat to turn every play into a big play. He needs to work on his skills at the catch point, but in the third round of rookie drafts and beyond, you aren’t going to find perfect projects.

McLaurin projects to make an immediate impact at the NFL level. He has the potential to make splash plays right away, and may earn more volume than expected based on his route running ability if he lands in a decent spot. In a class that is loaded with receiver talent, Terry McLaurin is being left to fall to the third round and beyond. He is far too versatile and talented for that. He will provide excellent value with immediate production in your dynasty fantasy football rookie drafts.


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