Beyond the Studs: Late Round Dynasty Rookie Running Backs

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Bryce Love, Myles Gaskin, L.J. Scott, and Mike Weber are late round dynasty rookie running backs that will be coming off the board in your dynasty fantasy football rookie drafts.

In a weak 2019 running back rookie class, it is all about landing spots. Which running backs are going to land in the best situation, with the best chance to immediately contribute to your dynasty fantasy football teams? Before the NFL Draft, I prefer to look at some of the later round rookie running backs rather than pay up for some of the bigger names.

If you spend an early pick on a running back this year before the NFL Draft, you are assuming the risk of a poor landing spot. Any of the top rookie running backs could plummet down boards if they don’t land in a favorable situation.

On the flip side, acquiring some of the potential late-round rookie running backs could yield good value. If a team opts to spend a later pick on a running back rather than putting up top draft capital, one of these late-round guys could shoot up rookie draft boards and put up early points or be a nice quick-flip for profit.

Bryce Love

Bryce Love is one of the most well-known late round running back prospects in recent memory. Just a year ago, many had him in the conversation as a round one running back. Instead, Love returned to school and had a disappointing final collegiate season.

Now, he is viewed as more of a flyer than a top-end asset in dynasty fantasy football.

Love is a legitimate big-play threat due to his speed, burst, and elusiveness. He has good contact balance and has excellent body control to minimize contact. He catches the ball well out of the backfield and plays extremely well when you get him into space.

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The problem with Bryce Love is that his instincts in space don’t show up in traffic and behind the line of scrimmage. His vision isn’t particularly good, and he struggles with decision making in his cuts behind the line of scrimmage. His big plays come generally when he is given a free lane and can do what he does best in the open field.

In the NFL, those lanes won’t be as big. He will have to improve his vision and decision making in the NFL.

On top of vision concerns, Bryce Love has durability concerns. He is a smaller back that runs a little more physically than you would expect. He had trouble staying healthy in college, and he doesn’t project to be more durable against bigger, faster, stronger players in the NFL.

Those durability concerns will likely keep Bryce Love from ever receiving a substantial workload in the NFL. While I think Love has the potential to be a fantasy contributor, the questions about his game and durability are big ones, and that doesn’t seem to be factored into where he is going in dynasty rookie drafts.

People haven’t forgotten his incredible 2017 season, and that is keeping his dynasty rookie draft price too high for me to invest.

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Myles Gaskin

Myles Gaskin has been around for a while and is another player that dynasty fantasy football players are likely already familiar with. Gaskin was incredibly productive in his time at Washington and projects to find a role in the NFL somewhere.

Myles Gaskin is a really well-balanced runner with excellent vision and patience, and a good blend of patience and contact balance, despite his size. He catches the ball well out of the backfield and should be able to carve out a role as a pass catcher at the next level.

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Unlike Bryce Love, Myles Gaskin excels behind the line of scrimmage. He has a good understanding of how to pace himself behind the line, let his blocks get set up, and when to make his cut upfield. His body control to contort and get skinny through the line of scrimmage is excellent and helps him run between the tackles with far more effectiveness than you would expect from a back of his size.

Gaskin is my favorite of this group of four running backs, both in terms of skill and value. I think that Gaskin is a versatile enough running back that he should find a role sooner rather than later. His ability as a pass catcher, ability between the tackles, ability in space, vision, elusiveness, and contact balance make him a player that can play a lot of different roles in an NFL committee backfield.

He is someone that I’m interested in if he falls to the late rounds of my dynasty fantasy football rookie drafts.

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Mike Weber

Mike Weber is probably the most dependant on landing spot of the players in this group. He doesn’t have any standout traits in his game but is an efficient runner that will take advantage of a situation where he has a good offensive line and can make the most of his opportunities.

Weber is well rounded and, like Myles Gaskin, has good vision and a good blend of patience and aggressiveness when attacking the line of scrimmage.

He has good balance through contact and does a good job of shrugging off poor tackles and falling forward when afforded the opportunity. He isn’t a power back that is going to run many players over, but his balance and intelligence help him get yards after contact on a pretty regular basis.

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Weber’s athletic profile is going to limit his ability in the open field. He isn’t a very elusive runner and doesn’t have burner speed. He is a player that is going to get his yards by succeeding at the first level and getting a little extra yardage after first contact.

Mike Weber catches the ball well and, while he isn’t going to be an electric receiving threat, his hands are serviceable, and he isn’t going to be removed on passing downs based on any of his own limitations. He won’t beat out any true receiving backs for passing looks, but if he lands somewhere without a true receiving threat, he could get some work in this area.

If Weber lands on a team with a good offensive line, Weber could be an efficient runner that can also catch passes. Like the other guys in this group, Weber is probably never going to be a workhorse, but if someone went down with injury, he could be a primary piece in a committee that would excel in the right situation.

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L.J. Scott

L.J. Scott was a player that I liked a good deal two years ago. Unfortunately he never really developed into the type of player that I thought he could have been. He still remains on many dynasty fantasy football players’ radar due to the hype surrounding him early in his collegiate career. Unfortunately, I don’t think that he projects to live up to that hype, or even his current dynasty fantasy football draft value.

L.J. Scott is a big back that has decent contact balance, runs with power and has consistent leg drive. He catches the ball well and can beat defenders one-on-one with power.

Unfortunately, those pretty much sum up the clear positive traits that he has, and that doesn’t offer the same upside as the other running backs in this group.

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L.J. Scott doesn’t have consistently good vision, long speed, lateral agility, elusiveness in the open field and isn’t particularly good as a pass blocker. Lack of pass blocking ability will keep him from being an asset in the passing game, and the rest of it will probably limit him to short yardage situations where he doesn’t have to trust his vision and patience as much.

Scott is likely to be the last of these running backs selected in the NFL Draft and will face an uphill battle to carve out a role on an NFL roster. I will let someone else in my dynasty leagues take a shot on L.J. Scott in the late rounds of my rookie drafts. I think the floor is a player that never sees the field and the ceiling isn’t particularly attractive either.

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