How Early Is Too Early To Take Miles Sanders In Dynasty Rookie Drafts?

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Miles Sanders is my RB2 in the 2019 running back class. How early is too early to draft your preferred RB2?

Anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I am a fan of Miles Sanders. It seemed like he was a forgotten man in this 2019 running back class. That was strange to me, because this class is not particularly talented, and it is short on running backs with three-down potential.

Miles Sanders is a running back with three-down potential.

The thought of grabbing Miles Sanders while everyone else was distracted with David Montgomery, Darrell Henderson, and Damien Williams was pretty appealing.

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Unfortunately for fans of Miles Sanders that hoped that they would be able to land the underrated back at a bargain, he is no longer forgotten and is no longer a bargain.

Many still debate whether he deserves to be the RB2 in this class behind Josh Jacobs, but those that have him as their second favorite back in this class have Miles Sanders pushed far up their rankings. I’ve seen him as early as the 1.05.

To a certain extent, I understand this. Most dynasty fantasy football teams are light on running backs. As the NFL continues its shift toward running back by committees, the true “workhorse” running back is becoming more and more scarce.

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In a class that is light on talent at the running back position, people are shooting players up their boards just on the chance that they could find a way into a lead back role. For some people that is Miles Sanders. For others, it is David Montgomery. There are a handful of other running backs that get first-round consideration from dynasty rookie rankers, but Montgomery and Sanders seem to be the most common.

I think, regardless of who you have as your RB2 behind Josh Jacobs, pushing him up your rankings due to positional scarcity is a poor strategy this year. This wide receiver class is talented, and moving running backs above superior talents is something that I can’t get on board with.

The running back class is good next year, and most of the players that people are reaching for due to positional need are going to be pushed into irrelevance when their depth charts are reloaded with talent from the 2020 NFL Draft.

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If you need a running back, and Josh Jacobs isn’t available, trade for one. Don’t reach with your rookie pick and miss the chance to land superior talent at the wide receiver position simply because you are weak at running back. Reaching for a need gets NFL teams into trouble, and it will get your dynasty fantasy football teams into trouble as well.

I feel comfortable taking Miles Sanders, my personal RB2, at the end of the first round of dynasty rookie drafts or the beginning of the second. In the middle of the first round, I would prefer taking a wide receiver like Kelvin Harmon, or Deebo Samuel.

Everyone seems to have a different RB2, so I think that the odds are good that we see several running backs off the board in the first round of dynasty rookie drafts, and I think that the risk outweighs the reward this year. I think that despite the fact that I am a big fan of Miles Sanders’ game, I will probably end up with very few shares on my dynasty teams.

I’m ok with that.


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