Lamb and Jeudy: The Head of the Class


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The 2020 WR draft class is destined to be historically good, but two men stand above the rest.

Two studs ahead of the class- In a Tier of Their Own

  1. CeeDee Lamb (6’2″ 198 lbs) – higher ceiling, frame to fill, more of a No. 1 WR mold to me
  2. Jerry Jeudy (6’1″ 193 lbs) – Still a stud, just to not to Lamb’s level; no knock on him, it’s close

These two studs-in-makings are two of juiciest rookie picks with a lethal combination unbelievable upside and a high floor that you rarely come across. 

Lamb: The Animal

The OU product is my favorite WR prospect…well ever. He checks almost every box I want in a WR1.  

  • A very physical receiver who loves to block and mix it up
  • Can runs around, past or through defenders – quite a challenge to tackle
  • A hard worker who continues to get better and fill his frame (went from 180 lbs to 198s in 3 years)
  • Dominates contested catches by knowing how to use his body
  • Who averages 21.4 yards per catch as the WR1? He’s a threat to break one for 6 almost every time.
  • Unreal body control and high-point catching ability which makes him a walking highlight
  • The route doesn’t matter- whether it’s on the screen or on a deep fade. he’s deadly.

Pro Comp: A slightly smaller Larry Fitzgerald

NFL pick range: Top 5-15 pick

Dream landing spot: Arizona where he reunites with Kyler Murray and plays in a pass-heavy offense

Where to draft: In SuperFlex drafts, I would take him at 1.03 because he’s that good and he’s the guy I’m most sure of becoming a stud. Would you be a fool to take Taylor over him? Absolutely not, but Lamb is my guy. In standard or PPR 1QB drafts, I’ll take him at 1.01 then let everyone yell at me about position scarcity. Go big or go home.

Jeudy: The Technician 

The Roll Tide speedster has been on dynasty radar for quite some time. He’s going to be a reliable WR1 in no time.

  • This guy’s route tree has an extensive number of branches – he’s polished.
  • His cuts are so explosive, sharp and precise- lots of corners watch him run away
  • His speed, separation, and agility make him an HR threat every time he touches the ball
  • Regularly showed the ability to a catch contested ball or in crowded areas
  • He can accelerate QUICKLY- his first step is unreal (only Reagor might be better…)
  • Coolest leg kick juke ever

Pro Comp: Route running makes me think of Marvin Harrison, but his athleticism reminds of Harrison’s old teammate Reggie Wayne

NFL pick range: Top 5-15 pick

Dream landing spot:  I would love to see Jeudy playing opposite Kenny Golladay in Detroit with the very underrated Matt Stafford at QB. Does that sound absolutely ridiculous? However, the Dolphins taking him at 18th with a new QB (Tua? Herbert?) to pair him with seems very realistic.

Where to draft him: In Superflex drafts, I’d take him at 1.05 or 1.06 with Burrow, Tua, Taylor, and Lamb as the four guys I’d definitely take over him. Herbert, Swift or Jeudy really depends on landing spots, scoring settings and roster construction for me.

In standard or PPR 1QB drafts, you could easily justify him at 1.03, but those RBs are commanding more draft capital. You could probably trade back to 1.05 or 1.06 and still safely secure Jeudy. Again, landing spots and draft capital could change this conversation dramatically. But let’s just have it again when that happens!

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