Kelvin Harmon Is Still A Top Dynasty Rookie Wide Receiver

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Despite his poor athletic testing, Kelvin Harmon still deserves to be taken in the first half of the first round of dynasty rookie drafts.

Kelvin Harmon is the forgotten man among what most consider to be the top tier of receivers in both the 2019 NFL Draft and dynasty fantasy football rookie drafts. Many people leave him out of their top tier of wide receivers completely. He should be firmly in the conversation as one of those top guys.

A lot of dynasty fantasy football players soured on him after his poor combine showing. He was never billed to be a very athletic prospect in the first place, so the combine shouldn’t have tanked his dynasty value the way that it did. If elite athleticism was a part of his pre-combine value, that would be another story, but he was always looking like he wasn’t going to test incredibly well, so his value should have stayed relatively the same.

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Personally, his poor testing removed him from the conversation at the 1.01. I think that is an acceptable adjustment to make based on his combine numbers. However, poor testing shouldn’t be dropping him below whoever your top running back prospect is, and he should still be selected in the first half of the first round.

Kelvin Harmon is a physical wide receiver with a wide catch radius. He does a good job of extending for the football and catching it away from his frame, maximizing his use of his long arms and physicality. Harmon has strong hands and can make contested catches with ease, frequently able to haul in passes through contact and with defenders on top of him.

He has excellent body control and sideline awareness and should be a legitimate red-zone weapon and a prime option for back shoulder throws along the sideline. Those are two areas where his extension, physicality, and ability to box out the defender should help him excel at the next level.

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While his athletic profile may suggest that he isn’t going to be a great separator, he is actually quite good in his routes. He isn’t going to be a burner at the next level, so he probably won’t ever be a true deep threat, but he works really well in the intermediate game. While his breaks aren’t necessarily explosive, they are sharp, and that helps him gain separation from defenders that some of the other big-bodied receivers in this class can’t seem to find.

In addition to his sharp cuts to create separation against zone coverage, Kelvin Harmon has a knack for finding holes in zone coverage and exploiting them.

His athleticism is never going to be a strong part of his game, but he does a nice job with his route running and football smarts to minimize this and still find ways to create separation, even with his athletic limitations.

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The only other real concern that I have with Kelvin Harmon is that he struggles to consistently create yards after catching the football. This will probably never be a strong aspect of his game, but that’s ok. He doesn’t have to be a RAC monster to be a productive receiver.

For dynasty, I’m still comfortable taking him in the first six picks of a rookie draft. I think that he will be a possession receiver that projects to have a nice red zone role and could develop into a WR2 for dynasty fantasy football purposes.

Since he doesn’t have elite athleticism, he may get off to a little bit of a slower start than some of the other prospects that can win without refinement, but I would expect him to project favorably over a three-year window compared to most other wide receivers in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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