Justice Hill: Where To Value Him In Dynasty Rookie Drafts

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Justice Hill is an interesting back that is probably going to be selected after the initial wave of running backs in your dynasty fantasy football rookie drafts.

Justice Hill is a rookie running back that I was really interested in entering this year. I caught a lot of splash plays from him last year when I was watching Mason Rudolph, and I was really excited to evaluate him as an NFL prospect this year.

Unfortunately, his 2018 tape was not nearly as good as his 2017 tape. His tape this year was still good, just not as good as it was, and he didn’t take the step forward that I had anticipated that he would take. I still like him as a prospect, and I’m willing to draft him with the hopes that he can return to form if he lands in a decent spot in the NFL.

Justice Hill was one of the few prominent running backs that performed well at the combine. He tested out as an elite athlete at the position, and his athleticism shows on tape. He has legitimate top end speed and explosive traits, and I think he would have tested at least above average in the agility drills if he had participated at the NFL Combine.

Justice hill has decent, but not elite vision. I think that his vision is better than he generally gets credit for, but he isn’t always a patient runner, and this can look like bad vision on tape. I think it’s hastiness, not lack of ability to see the field. If he can get coached into pacing his runs better and taking a little more time behind the line of scrimmage, I think that his perceived vision will improve dramatically.

Justice Hill is best in space. He is elusive, can string together cuts and make defenders miss in the open field. Hee isn’t a power back by any means, but he does have decent contact balance and can run through arm tackles. Will that be a translatable trait in the NFL? Probably not at his size, but he may gain more yards through contact than we expect.

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Hill was underused as a receiver in college, but he showed soft hands, the ability to catch the ball away from his frame and s surprising amount of refinement in his pass catching. I think that he could play well in a receiving role in the NFL and should excel with the ball in his hands in space. Even if he doesn’t work as a primary receiving back for a team, his receiving ability is more than enough to keep him on the field.

His pass protection, on the other hand, is not. He seems like a willing blocker in pass protection, but he just doesn’t have the technique and his size suggests that this may never be a strength of his game. This would be my primary concern when projecting his receiving production at the NFL level. He has to show that he can at least be serviceable to see significant passing-down reps.

I think that Justice Hill projects to find a role more cleanly than some of the other backs ranked ahead of him in this rookie class. Even if Hill ends up behind a legitimate workhorse running back, I think that his speed, elusiveness, and receiving ability will earn him touches immediately.

He may not have that workhorse upside, but he projects well as part of a committee. In today’s NFL, the second back in a productive running back committee is valuable. If he can earn the bulk of the receiving work in that committee, he immediately becomes fantasy viable.

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Personally, I’m still hoping to see him in 2017 form. His agility and elusiveness were clear on tape in 2018, but in 2017 he was legitimately electric. When I draft him, that’s what I’m drafting him for. I feel comfortable taking Justice Hill on a running-back-needy team anywhere in the second round after the big name running backs come off the board.

The second round is still loaded with wide receiver talent, so this would be more of a pick based on need but, if you need a running back, this is the range that I would feel comfortable taking him.

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