Jakobi Myers: An Under The Radar Dynasty Rookie Wide Receiver

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Jakobi Meyers was overshadowed by his teammate Kelvin Harmon, but he is a decent receiver in his own right and should get consideration in dynasty rookie drafts.

Jakobi Meyers isn’t an outstanding athlete, and he isn’t going to warrant a top pick in dynasty fantasy football rookie drafts, but the former quarterback does have a lot of promising traits that could help him be a productive player in the NFL and on your dynasty teams.

Jakobi Meyers has decent size and has a nice, big catch radius. He has soft hands and extends to catch the football outside of his frame with regularity. He is excellent in contested catch situations and should excel working in the short to intermediate range over the middle in the NFL. His body control in midair is excellent and he has no trouble contorting his body to make plays far outside his frame. His sideline work is excellent. All of this should help him contribute in the red zone sooner rather than later.

As a wide receiver that played out of the slot in college, we haven’t seen him release against the press, but his inexperience at the position as well as his heavy usage in the slot indicate that this is an area that will take some work in the NFL. He will probably remain in the slot to begin his career.

His long speed is probably going to limit him as a vertical receiver, which is a shame because he does a lot of things well that would translate to the vertical game in the NFL. I still think that he can win down the field, but it won’t be a staple of his game, and those reps will probably be infrequent. He can still threaten the seam a little bit as a big slot wide receiver.

Jakobi Myers make nice, crisp cuts at the top of his route, but isn’t always explosive out of his breaks and doesn’t manipulate defenders with the consistency that you would like. Too often defensive backs are able to follow on his hip, despite his clean cuts. These things will come in time. He is still new to the position, and he needs refinement at the NFL level.

After the catch, Myers is strong but not elusive. He has the ability to pick up yards through contact against smaller defensive backs, but he isn’t going to burn anyone with his long speed and isn’t going to juke anyone out of their shoes.

As a prospect, Jakobi Meyers is raw. He isn’t there yet, but he has traits that look promising if he can get there. His ability to win at the catch point, catch the ball away from his frame, elevate above defenders and his natural catch radius project favorably as a slot, possession receiver with red zone potential.

He is going to need to work on his route running to create consistent separation, but that is something that he is still learning. He should improve in this area at the next level. If he wants to make a move to the outside, he is going to have to learn to release against press coverage, another tough hurdle.

For now, I think that Jakobi Meyers can earn early playing time as a big slot receiver if he lands in a favorable position. I’m not expecting immediate production out of him, but he is a developmental player that could pay off long term.

I won’t be drafting him until after the third round of rookie drafts unless someone invests significant draft capital in him, but I feel comfortable taking a shot on him in the fourth, where most players are a gamble anyway.



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