Deebo Samuel Is Underrated In Dynasty Rookie Drafts

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Deebo Samuel is an underrated wide receiver in the 2019 NFL Draft that should not be falling out of the first round of dynasty rookie drafts.

Deebo Samuel is a player that is being criminally underrated in dynasty rookie drafts right now. He’s sitting outside most people’s list of top twelve 2019 Dynasty Rookie Rankings. If you are getting him in the latter half of the first round of rookie drafts, you’re getting a steal. If you’re getting him in the second, where he seems to be going right now, you should throw yourself a party.

There are a lot of talented wide receivers in this class, but there may not be a safer pick than Deebo Samuel. He is among the most polished players at the position in the 2019 NFL Draft and is a good bet to be selected early in the NFL Draft. When drafting rookies before the actual NFL Draft, draft stock comes into play. Deebo Samuel checks that box.

He is a versatile player that can play on the outside or in the slot. He can move all over the field and play from pretty much any position a team wants to play him. This sets a pretty high dynasty floor because he won’t be pigeon-holed into any one role. He should be able to play immediately, regardless of what team he lands on.

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Deebo Samuel is an explosive technician as a route runner. He creates separation with ease and is excellent at finding holes in zone defense. He isn’t going to have trouble getting open at the next level, and his route running projects him to be productive out of the slot if that’s where a team uses him.

On the outside, Deebo Samuel should thrive as well. He has excellent releases due to his nifty footwork and explosive lateral agility. He shouldn’t have trouble beating press if he plays outside wide receiver, and he isn’t likely to be limited to a slot role in the NFL. He’s a prime candidate to play all over the formation. NFL teams will be able to use him in a variety of different ways.

Deebo is electric after the catch. He is and runs physically, getting every extra yard that the defense will give him.  Samuel consistently makes the first defender miss and will get yards after contact. He should be effective in the screen game, making him a legitimate threat at all levels of the field.

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The two biggest concerns around Deebo Samuels’ game are his size and his hands.

Deebo is a little on the shorter side, coming in just under six foot. It’s not the ideal height for an outside receiver, but there are plenty of outside receivers that have been able to excel at that height. He has a muscular build, and his weight is not a concern. His body should hold up from a durability standpoint due to his running-back-like frame.

Deebo Doesn’t drop many passes, but he is relatively unproven as someone who can consistently make contested catches. He has flashed some ability here, but it isn’t his strongest area, and he wasn’t put in a position to make many of these plays in his final collegiate career. His ability to separate from defenders keeps him from having to make contested catches as regularly as players like N’Keal Harry have to make them.

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In terms of dynasty value, I don’t think you can find a much safer wide receiver prospect than Deebo Samuel. He checks pretty much every box, and the ones that he doesn’t are really more questions than concerns. They are questions that he has answers for in other parts of his game.

I am completely comfortable spending a mid-first round rookie pick on him, knowing that he is one of the highest floor prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft. I think that he could end up a top 24 dynasty wide receiver in the next couple of years, and he is a player that is falling to the second round of rookie drafts in many leagues.

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