Fantasy Football Scoring Debate: Return Touchdowns!

Individual Players Scoring Touchdowns on Special Teams: A Fantasy Football Scoring Debate. Should They Count?

A surprisingly divisive fantasy football scoring topic is individual player return touchdowns scored on special teams (punt or kick returns) and whether the points for those special teams touchdowns should count towards your fantasy score for that player, is a hot debate topic.

Argument For

My stance is PRO 6 points added to a team’s fantasy score. The basic argument is that we’re playing fantasy football, and if my player scores a touchdown, I deserve points, simple. I never understood why anyone would be against this. All touchdowns are created equal and return TDs are part of Yahoos’ default scoring settings.

The debate originated in an old fashioned league to which I belong. I had Jarvis Landry one year and got really excited when he returned a punt for the Dolphins and scored a touchdown. To my surprise, when I went to check my fantasy score, there were no points for that play. Surely this was some kind of mistake? It was not. I was in a state of disbelief, as I went on to lose that particular week by about 4 points.

In my opinion, it is totally preposterous to exclude a touchdown, the fundamental scoring play in fantasy football, from a player’s score. It doesn’t matter how a player scores a touchdown. If my player enters the end zone holding the football, I should receive points for that.

Argument Against

There have been multiple league votes and I continue to lose, by a fairly wide margin. It has been frustrating to say the least, but in this league, we do use a team defense & special teams units (D/ST). The main argument against scoring return touchdowns is because of this.

Here is one vocal owner’s rebuttal to my points:
“Return scores are special teams plays, not offensive plays. So when a guy like Hill returns a punt, he is a special teams player. Those types of scores are accounted for by our team defense and special teams. Unless they are eliminated from there or team DST are eliminated from our rosters, my vote will be no. Yes, it’s a small subset of guys and an infrequent occurrence, so is it a big deal? No, it’s not.”

It was a big deal when I lost by less than 6 points and Jarvis Landry scored a touchdown for me that didn’t count! I keep trying to understand this point of view, but must be too hard-headed. Who cares if a touchdown is scored on special teams!?


Every 4-5 years there comes along players who are exciting and can score return touchdowns on a somewhat consistent basis. Thinking about guys like Dante Hall, Devin Hester, Jarvis Landry, and Tyreek Hill. Fantasy owners should not be essentially penalized by not receiving points for touchdowns they score on special teams.


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