DFS WEEK 8: 10 Sleepers To Fill Your Tournament Rosters

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10, Non-Chalk, Sleeper Players You Could Plug-In For Large DFS Tournaments For Week 8

Thirsty 30:

I will list 30ish players that I am using as core players to make up my rosters for DFS games.

I’ll list twenty or so chalk players, and ten players who I think would make good, non-chalk tournament plays.

*Disclaimer-These articles sometimes take up to 24 hours to publish.  Please check the official starting statuses via social media, sports websites, or pregame shows, for the players you are rostering, as players sit/start, at a moments notice due to injuries, etc. and thus can substantially affect/wreck your roster.*

The picks below are specifically for DFS large tournament rosters, Sunday Main Slates, but can be inserted into cash lineups as well. They are in no particular order of preference.


DFS Tournament Plays:

Hard to beat the matchups that Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, and Matthew Stafford have, and with the announcement of Matt Ryan being out, his projected ownership should push to those guys.  You could probably stack Houston, Seattle, with Detroit players and have a high-scoring roster.  The chalk seems heavily favored toward the chalky QBs and their weapons, this week .

Ryan Tannehill:  Probably could talk Brees here, and with the return of Brees comes a very low ownership, against a Arizona Cardinals team that gives up buckets of points to QBs (with a 49 point over/under, as well), but Tannehill will probably have similar ownership to Brees and with better WR matchups.  Tampa Bay’s run D is pretty decent, so shutting down Henry opens up a shot that this game goes to shoot-out mode.  Additionally, Corey Davis has become almost despised in fantasy sports, giving you depressed ownership.  Stacking Tannehill with Davis will give you a definite unique lineup with a lot of upsides.

Drew Brees: You know what, I’m going to include Brees, mostly because I like the stacking potential here.  Brees (non-chalk)+Michael Thomas (chalk)+Latavius Murray (non-chalk)+Josh Hill (non-chalk). The implied point total for the Saints is 30 points (highest for the week). Stacking 2-4 of those guys have the potential for a nice point base with a ton of upside if the Saints pour it on.

Josh Allen: The Eagles are a noticeably worse team, when they play on the road, only the Falcons give up more fantasy points to QBs away from home. I seem to be putting Josh Allen in a bunch of these articles, and to quote Oscar Winner, Cuba Gooding Jr., “I’m gonna ride your (Josh Allen) ass like Zorro until you show me the money.” John Brown and Cole Beasley will barely be on people’s fantasy radars, as well. Add to that; the Eagles locker room seems to be in total disarray.

The Chalk:

Russell WilsonJared Goff, Deshaun Watson, and Matthew Stafford


Week 8 is a weird week for RBs, depending on what DFS site you play on Saquon Barkley will be chalk (FanDuel)…or not chalk (Draft Kings).  Ditto Fournette (Super Chalk on FanDuel, mild chalk on Draft Kings), along with Christian McCaffery (Mild Chalk on FanDuel and chalk on Draft Kings).  The chalk seems obvious, and going around, it seems unwise, but like last week’s QB, if you pick the right low-owned guy, your roster will be popping up the rankings.

DFS Tournament Plays:

Josh Jacobs/DeAndre Washington:  Not sure who gets the start tomorrow, but the Houston Texans are vulnerable versus the run.  Controlling the clock might also be the only chance the Raiders have to win this game, as they are woefully outmatched against Houston’s WR corp. If Jacobs goes (he didn’t practice all week, including Friday), then he’ll be around 5% owned…if he’s out, DeAndrew Washington and his dirt-cheap price tag, and 1% ownership will be just what the doctor ordered.

Latavius Murray: Kamara is out, and it’s time for Round 2 of the Latavius Murray show.  His ownership may pop-up a bit, now that Kamara is officially out, but people are going to be guzzling down the chalk, either way. Murray versus an Arizona Cardinals team that are massive underdogs and with the Saints probably being cautious with Brees, Murray could be the cheap guy who gives you what you need.

Chase Edmonds: Edmonds has another week as the Arizona Cardinal starting RB. Last week there David Johnson was supposed to start, pushing Edmonds’ ownership down…this week, David Johnson is KNOWN to be out, and Edmonds’ ownership is about the same.  Next-Gen Stats has Edmonds as only facing 8+defenders in the box 1.96% of the time, the Saints rushing defense is stout, but they also have to respect the receiving game of the Arizona offense, should be another big day for Edmonds.

Mix in 1-2 of these guys with your favorite chalk play.

The Chalk:

Leonard Fournette, Saquon Barkley, Chris Carson, Christian McCaffrey, Ty Johnson


DFS Tournament Plays:

Marvin Jones Jr:  More a chalk-lite play as MJJ will probably be around 9-10% owned, but his matchup might be too good to pass up.  On a lot of sites, he’s priced at a similar level as Golden Tate. If you stacked two or three of the Lions’ WRs, I wouldn’t blame you.  All three have top 10 advantage matchups vs. their CB counterparts, according to PFF.com.

Emmanuel Sanders:  Sanders steps into a San Francisco offense that’s extremely similar to the Denver offense he just left.  He’s also got a nice matchup vs. the Carolina Panthers who give up the 2nd most points to slot WRs.  Last year, when Demarius Thomas was traded to the Houston Texans, we saw the Texans go out of their way to get Thomas targets, that first week.  I think we’ll see something similar as Shanahan gets to kick the tires on his new toy. BTW, Check out Morgan Mclane’s write-up about Sander’s move to the 49ers, here.

Corey Davis: Talked about in the Tannehill part (above), but he has the potential to rack up the points versus a very weak Eagles secondary.  He’s going to be cheap with a great matchup. If you pick him for your roster: rub your favorite good luck charm, throw salt over your shoulder and spin around three times.

The Chalk:

Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, Tyler Lockett, DeAndre Hopkins, DK Metcalf, Kenny Stills, Kenny Golladay


Darren Waller‘s over/under for projected receptions is 5.5.  That’s a big # for TEs; he leads the way for the chalky plays followed by the usual suspects.

DFS Tournament Plays:

Josh Hill:  Jared Cook is out, leaving Hill with the premium matchup versus the Arizona Cardinals defense.  I think last week was the 1st week that a starting TE didn’t cash in (Engram, but the backup TE has crazy stats though).  No way the Cardinals scheme to stop Josh Hill like they did Engram.

The Chalk:

The usual suspects: Evan Engram, Austin Hooper, George Kittle, Darren Waller, and Zach Ertz.

Hopefully, this helps with some of your DFS decisions this week.  Good luck!

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