DFS Week 4: 10(ish) Tournament Players To Target


Taking A Look At 10, Non-Chalk Players You Could Use In Large DFS Tournaments For Week 4

Thirsty 30:

I will list 30ish players that I am using as core players to make up my rosters for tournaments.  These aren’t full roster giveaways, but instead, giving you a carefully curated spectrum of players that I think would make good tournament plays, that you can integrate into creating your rosters.

I’ll list twenty or so chalk players, and then ten players who I think would make good, non-chalk tournament plays.

*Disclaimer-These articles sometimes take up to 24 hours to publish.  Please check the official starting statuses via social media, sports websites, or pregame shows, for the players you are rostering, as players sit/start, at a moments notice due to injuries, etc. and thus can substantially affect/wreck your roster.*

The picks below are specifically for DFS large tournament rosters, Sunday Main Slates, but can be inserted into cash lineups, as well, if needed. They are in no particular order of preference.


Chalk Plays:

Daniel Jones: Cheap and after a high-scoring Week 3, he’ll be in high demand.

Patrick Mahomes: Always deadly. Watkins and Kelce are great stacks for  Mahomes this week.

Russell Wilson:  Lockett, Metcalf, and Dissly all have nice matchups, making Wilson a chalky play, but also a guy who could lead your squad to a multi-TD game.

Jared Goff: Like Wilson, all three WRs have nice matchups.  We’ve yet to see a truly great game from Goff and the Rams, this could be it.

Matt Stafford: Most of the Chiefs games are shootouts, making Stafford a pick to put up big yards/points.  Stack with Golladay, Hockenson, and/or Marvin Jones Jr.

DFS Tournament Plays:

Lamar Jackson: Not sure how Lamar Jackson isn’t a weekly chalk pick, but he’ll be about a 1/3rd of Daniel Jones’ ownership. Deadly on the ground, and via the air.  Nice stack with Marquise Brown.

Deshaun Watson: Isn’t showing up on the DFS chalk radar, and I’m not sure why.  Has a nice matchup vs. Carolina with Hopkins/Fuller being the stack candidates, with Stills (Panthers getting killed by slot WRs, this year) and Atkins (red-hot as the Texans TE) being sneaky plays/stack add-ons.


One of the top ways to win these tournaments, from winning rosters I’ve seen, is to go with 3 stud RBs.  RBs who get both rushing and receiving yards. It’ll cost you, and keep you from having a stable of stud WRs, but RBs are more consistent in hitting near their projections than WRs seem to be.

The Chalk:

Austin Ekeler: No Justin Jackson, and with Melvin Gordon limited. A no-brainer vs. the Dolphins

Christian McCaffrey: Always chalky, always able to do some damage/put up huge #s.

Kerryon Johnson: Detroit likes to play it slow, and Kerryon will be the one to help them do it.  I like his matchup here.  Golladay, MJJ and Hock will keep that KC defense honest.

Marlon Mack: Projected by Vegas to have 99 total yards (rushing+rec).  Just needs a TD to get some good value.

Wayne Gallman: With Saquon Barkley down, Gallman gets all the volume at a super low price.

Leonard Fournette: Trying to be the 4th straight starting RB to expose Denver D’s soft underbelly. I’m not loving this matchup, but could payoff.

Chris Carson: Good matchup vs. the Cardinals…if he doesn’t fumble, lookout!

DFS Tournament Plays

Carlos Hyde: I like Hyde, this week, to be the McCoy/Gore of last week.  Cheap, low-owned, and projected for decent yardage.

Mark Ingram: He’s always producing, and always under-owned.

Nick Chubb: Projected by Vegas to have 96 total yards with three receptions, Chubb’s mostly underpriced on DFS sites, because of some bad games to start the season. Still a stud. Won’t be highly owned.

Todd Gurley: Last week, Kamara had this spot.  Projected to be barely owned, Gurley is facing a terrible TB run defense.  The Rams seem to be trusting him a little more, each week.  If they were going to go full-Gurley, this is the week.

Troymaine Pope: We’ll see how much, if any, Melvin Gordon plays, but Pope is the backup to Ekeler, with Justin Jackson injured/out.  Pope could see a bunch of carries, if Chargers start routing the Dolphins, early.  Super cheap, pretty risky play, ownership will be almost nada…won’t take much for him to pay off though.


The Chalk:

Sammy Watkins: Watkins is always going to be chalk, as long as Tyreek Hill is out. Projected for 81 yards and 5 receptions.

Keenan Allen: Last I checked, had the highest Vegas projected yardage at 101 yards! That’s 12 more yards than he was projected for, last week. Going to be owned at 30%+ though.

Terry McLaurin: If McLaurin is healthy (been iffy all week), then he should dominate a terrible Giants D.

Cooper Kupp: Easy matchup vs. Tampa Bay. Stacking a couple of the Rams WRs, plus Goff could pay off big.

DeAndre Hopkins: Nuk vs. Carolina D…it ain’t even fair.

Kenny Golladay: Came up short, last week, but again is in a nice spot to produce.

Mecole Hardman: KC WR.  Nuff said.

Julio Jones: Projected higher than last week at 91 yards (89 last week).  Has a nice TD scoring streak going.

DFS Tournament Plays:

Marquise Brown:  Stacking Lamar Jackson, Brown, and Andrews could help you pinball-up a bunch of points (this is also what I said, last week).  I’ve seen Brown’s projected yardage rise 15 yards, in 2 days.

Odell Beckham Jr: Like Chubb, or Gurley, a stud that is under-owned because of so-so results. He doesn’t have the sweet CB matchup, like Allen, Lockett, or Kupp, but he’s projected for yardage #s right around those guys. And, he’s going for a fraction of the ownership.

Larry Fitzgerald: Fitzgerald and Kirk have great matchups vs. Seattle. Stacking them and Murray could be a great strategy. That Cardinals offense is close to clicking.  Both Kirk and Fitz get a ton of targets, no matter what.

Dontrelle Inman: Fellow Chargers’ WRs, Mike Williams and Travis Benjamin are out for tomorrow’s game,  leaving Inman as the #2 option for the Chargers…vs. The Dolphins.  Projected at 2% ownership…he’s going to be cheap, but like Pope, he’s got a chance to get some stats no matter if this game is close, or a blowout.


The Chalk

Travis Kelce: Could be Mahomes #1 target in a shoot-out game. Mahomes/Kelce/Watkins would be super chalky, and expensive, but with some salary saving options at both RB+WR, this week, you could make it work. Kelce’s yardage projection peaked at 93 yds, before coming down to 84.  Kelce’s base #s have been good, so far. Lots of yards, lots of targets…if he gets 1-2 TDs he’s going to own this week.

Will Dissly: Been on a roll, and a favorite target of Wilson.  Pretty cheap and projected for a tasty matchup vs. the Cardinals.

Evan Engram: No matter who the Giants QB is, they depend on Engram. Lots of targets are coming his way.

Darren Waller: Opposing teams’ TEs have been feasting on the Colts defense. Carr/Raiders LOVE throwing to Waller. 1+1=Chalk.

DFS Tournament Plays:

I’ll cheat and put 3 TEs here:  Olsen, Hockenson, and Atkins. I like them in that order. Olsen has been K. Allen’s go-to, so he’s the best non-chalk play, but Hockenson is in a great matchup in a high-powered game, and Atkins is streaking in a game that should have lots of action.

Hopefully, this helps with some of your DFS decisions, this week.  Good luck!

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