DFS: 10 Players To Target For Large Sunday Tournaments

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Taking A Look At 10, Non-Chalk Players You Could Use In Large DFS Tournaments

Thirsty 30:

I’m still working on my presentation for these DFS articles, but what I was thinking was dwindling it down to 30ish players that I’m using as the core players to make up my rosters for tournaments.  I want to specify that I won’t be giving out full rosters, but instead giving you a carefully curated spectrum of players I think would make good tournament plays, that you can integrate into creating your list.

I’ll list twenty or so chalk players, and then ten players who I think would make good, non-chalk tournament plays.

*Disclaimer-These articles sometimes take up to 24 hours to publish.  Please check the official starting statuses via social media, sports websites, or pregame shows, for the players you are rostering, as players sit/start, at a moments notice due to injuries, etc. and thus can greatly affect your roster.*

The picks below are specifically for DFS large tournament rosters, Sunday Main Slates, but can be inserted into cash lineups, as well, as needed. They are in no particular order of preference.


Chalk Plays:

Patrick Mahomes: Always deadly

Lamar Jackson:

Kyler Murray

Kyle Allen: Yes, Cam’s back-up, Kyle Allen, is a chalk play. Could be a shootout, in Arizona, and at a rock bottom salary, people will be jamming him in and filling the rest of their rosters with stars.

Jameis Winston: You’ll notice both Mike Evans and Chris Godwin on the chalk WR list, below. It’ll be a highly owned stack to play all three players, but one with a good chance to pay off.

Dak Prescott: Playing the Miami Dolphins, who has been the punching bag for every team they’ve faced.

DFS Tournament Plays:

Tom Brady: Brady is in a nice matchup vs a completely outgunned Jets team. The Patriots could run the ball down the Jets throats, and probably will, but Brady has 3 passing TD upside, despite cutting Antonio Brown. James White and Edelman seem like above-average options if you’re looking to stack Brady with other Patriots players.  Patriots D is also a high-upside play, where applicable, as the Jets, with their 3rd string QB in Falk, shouldn’t score a lot on a tough Pats D. With an implied point total of 32, there are a lot of opportunities for Brady to rack-up the points.

Carson Wentz: I have some shares of Wentz as I expect a nice shoot-out with Detroit.  Tough to stack as players like Alshon Jeffrey may, or may not, play.  Ertz and Agholor (who is extremely cheap on almost all DFS sites) are probably the safest stacking bets. I’ve been a big fan of rookie WR, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, during the pre-season, as he was in one of my sleeper articles during the summer. If Jeffrey doesn’t play, JJAW could be an additional stacking option.  Miles Sanders could have a good game too.


One of the top ways to win these tournaments, from winning rosters I’ve seen, is to go with 3 stud RBs.  RBs who get both rushing and receiving yards. It’ll cost you, and keep you from having a stable of stud WRs, but RBs are more consistent in hitting near their projections than WRs seem to be.

The Chalk:

Ezekial Elliot: A no-brainer vs. the Dolphins

Christian McCaffrey

Dalvin Cook: Tasty matchup vs the Raiders

Austin Ekeler

Saquon Barkley: Seems to be a stud, no matter the match-up.

Chris Carson

David Johnson

DFS Tournament Plays

Frank Gore: Devin Singletary isn’t playing, this week, so Frank Gore gets a chance to get all the Bills carries. Josh Allen might siphon some of the rushing TDs, but Gore is at rock bottom prices. Vegas has him projected at 69 rushing yards, which is the 6th best-projected rushing total.

Aaron Jones: The Denver Broncos have given up 3 rushing TDs, over the first two weeks…all three to rookie RBs. They also haven’t faced an offense as potent as the Green Bay Packers. The Packers are favored by 7 points, and the Packers could turn to Jones for mop-up duty, as well. **Packers have been saying they want Jamaal Williams involved more, so he could siphon a TD away from Jones.

LeSean McCoy: Damien Williams will be out, this week, and like Gore, that leaves McCoy to be the beneficiary. BUT, McCoy has also been banged up, for most of the week, so there’s a chance he won’t start. If he doesn’t, rookie Darwin Thompson is a must-add. Thompson would be obscenely cheap and has the talent to make everyone forget both McCoy and Williams.

Alvin Kamara: Weird to see Kamara in the non-chalk area, but with the injury to Brees, Kamara’s DFS stock has dropped. Kamara has big-play potential, and with the presence of Michael Thomas, the defenses won’t be cheating by stacking the box, even with Brees out. Matching him with Elliot would be a great 1-2 punch, that gives you a lower ownership % than you’d typically get with those two. If names like Gore, Jones, or McCoy scare you, plugging in a Kamara could be just what the doctor ordered.


The Chalk:

Nelson Algholor: Super cheap, but will be highly owned, due to the injuries the Eagles have.

Amari Cooper: Playing Miami, he’d be a nice stack with Prescott.

Sammy Watkins: This seems like a smash spot for Watkins

Davante Adams: High Vegas projection at 83 receiving yards!

Keenan Allen: Last I checked, had the highest Vegas projected yardage (tied with Julio Jones) at 89 receiving yards.

Mike Evans

Larry Fitzgerald: Fitzgerald has had 24 targets in only two games. The fast-paced Cardinals offense is benefitting his fantasy stats.

Chris Godwin: Godwin+Evans+Winston could be a massive stack this week.

Kenny Golladay: One of my favorite chalk plays for this week.

Mecole Hardman

Josh Gordon: I prefer Edelman for this game, but can’t deny this a good matchup for Gordon who could easily eclipse 100 yards.

Julio Jones

DFS Tournament Plays:

Marquise Brown: With a Vegas projected receiving total of 80 yards, and a projected ownership % that I could count on my fingers, Brown seems a natural tournament play, as the Chiefs/Ravens have an expected over/under of 52 points. Stacking Lamar Jackson, Brown, and Andrews could help you pinball-up a bunch of points.

Julian Edelman: Tough choice between Gordon and Edelman, but with Edelman looking like he’s projected for higher receiving yardage, and at a lower projected ownership %, I’m rolling with Edelman. I’m liking Phillip Dorsett as an additional stacking chip to Brady/Edelman.  Dorsett had a great Week 1, only to be pushed back by the presence of Antonio Brown in Week 2.  Now, with Brown gone and a cupcake matchup vs. the Jets, Dorsett could be a nice piece and at rock bottom prices and ownership.

Calvin Ridley: Matt Ryan has a Vegas projection of 302 yards passing.  I expect Julio Jones will get a high % of those yards, but Calvin Ridley has a chance of having a very good game, in a game with a projected 47 point over/under.


The Chalk

Zach Ertz

Travis Kelce: Could be Mahomes #1 target in a shoot-out game. Mahomes/Kelce/Watkins would be super chalky, and expensive, but with some salary saving options at both RB+WR, this week, you could make it work.

George Kittle

Evan Engram

Mark Andrews

DFS Tournament Plays:

Jason Witten: This seems impossible to pass up.  Witten is cheaper compared to the chalky guys but is part of a Cowboys team that is facing a terrible Dolphins team. You could stack Prescott/Elliot/Cooper/Witten and do pretty well, this week.

Hopefully this helps with some of your DFS decisions, this week.  Good luck!

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