Value Quarterback options for #SFBX Scott Fish Bowl X

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The Drew Brees cat is out of the bag. With the tweaked quarterback scoring settings in this year’s Scott Fish Bowl, a few high value quarterback options are going undervalued who can help you take home the title: Philip Rivers, Gardner Minshew, Teddy Bridgewater, and Kirk Cousins.

Philip Rivers – QB Indianapolis Colts

Philip Rivers leaves San Diego for the best offensive line in the league, the Indianapolis Colts. Rivers averages about 31.5 sacks per season, not super ideal for this scoring format. It’s also just in the middle of the pack and I’d expect that to possibly go sub 30 this year and greatly improve Rivers’ finish in the Scott Fish Bowl. Rivers has a monster o-line, a solid corps of pass catchers, and a dominant run game. Additionally, Philip Rivers’ career completion percentage of 64.7% ranks 9th all time. All of these factors are being wildly undervalued by SFB drafters. Take advantage of Rivers’ low ADP, load up on RBs and TEs, then snag him as your second or even third value quarterback!

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Gardner Minshew – QB Jacksonville Jaguars

Two words, Jay Gruden. I am really looking forward to seeing what Gruden will do with the arsenal of offensive weapons at his disposal in Jacksonville as the new offensive coordinator. Subtracting Nick Foles out of the picture, Minshew is locked in as the Jaguars starter. He will build on a solid 2019 fantasy season that will include another year of rapport with stud-in-the-making WR D.J. Chark (excellent stack for SFBX). If Minshew can take a few less sacks, and improve that 60.6% completion percentage like we know he can (70.7% his final collegiate year at Washington State), he will be a high value quarterback. The Jaguars defense is still bad so that means plenty of opportunities for Minshew Mania.

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Teddy Bridgewater – QB Carolina Panthers

Teddy Bridgewater is another quarterback who I like based on his new offense and offensive coordinator. Joe Brady brings his coordinating talents from the national champion LSU Tigers where he called red zone plays and coordinated the passing game. Pretty good job last year, Joe. Teddy is an accurate passer with targets named CMC, D.J. Moore, Curtis Samuel, Robby Anderson, and Ian Thomas. That’s a LOT of speed. I could see Teddy being the generous beneficiary of some serious YAC (think Ryan Tannehill kind of efficiency from last year). So would you like to invest in 2019 Ryan Tannehill type numbers at one of the last starting QBs going off the board? I know I would.

Kirk Cousins – QB Minnesota Vikings

🎵 You go and save the best for last 🎵  Using this year’s scoring format, Kirk Cousins has finished as the SFB QB # 9 (2019) & #6 (2018) in points per game. His consistently high completion percentage and pocket awareness (only took 28 sacks in 2019) all contribute to Kirky being possibly the most high value quarterback in the Scott Fish Bowl. Even though the Vikings lost Stefon Diggs, they have plenty of backup and replacement talent. The addition of Justin Jefferson via the 1st round of the draft and second year tight end Irv Smith Jr (sneaky stack with Kirk) means Diggs’ targets will all be in good hands. If you can somehow score him as your QB 2 in the 4th or 5th (or later?), you are doing it right.

Honorable Mentions for Value Quarterbacks

Joe Burrow – QB Cincinnati Bengals

I think we all have a man crush on Joe Burrow. He reminds me of Josh Allen, without the bad. Meaning he is a running QB who is leaps and bounds more accurate than Josh Allen. That bodes very well for being a productive Scott Fish Bowl QB. Depending how Cincy’s O line performs and if they can stay healthy (they are talented) you may have to eat some sacks now and then. To be expected from a rookie QB. Burrow should easily outperform his draft position in #SFBX.

Jimmy Garoppolo – QB San Francisco 49ers

Even in non SFB leagues, people seem down on Jimmy G this year. Rightfully so, to some extent. He was very ho hum last year and performed as more of a game manager than fantasy stud QB, although he did finish #10 in points per game using this year’s format. For 2020, coming off an extended season with a failed Super Bowl run, I can see the ‘Niners being in more negative game scripts that call for Jimmy G to slang the rock at a higher rate. Considering he was pushing 70% completion last year, a more pass happy 49ers offense would leave Garoppolo as a major winner as one of the best return on investment  value quarterbacks in the Scott Fish Bowl.


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