Under-The-Radar Championship Caliber Players


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Players Who Could Win You Fantasy Championships Will Little to No Investment

This is a time during the off-season that you’re looking for under-the-radar players that can bring you the championship. In this article I will breakdown an under-the-radar player at each position. They will come with a snippet of why I think they will take that next step and become a dependable fantasy player. Let’s get into it:

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QB: Matthew Stafford

Stafford is slipping in every startup I have done this summer. Stafford finished as QB19 last year in standard scoring leagues. The Lions have set him up to finish AT LEAST better than what he did last year. After the Lions lackluster offensive season, the Lions decided to move on from OC Jim Bob Cooter. The Lions are going into their first season with new OC Darrel Bevell.

Yes I know, Bevell is known as a run-heavy play caller. But I think that the Lions have surrounded him with enough talent, with Babytron (Kenny Golladay), Marvin Jones, Theo Riddick and new addictions Danny Amendola and T.J. Hockenson.

My prediction is that Stafford finishes as QB13 with a ceiling of  QB8 with a floor of QB20.

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RB: Derrick Henry

Yes, we all know how Henry’s story has been the past few years. Each off-season all of us fantasy “experts” talk him up to be an RB1. This off-season is a little different. The experts don’t have as high of a value on Henry as they have done in the past. I recently acquire him for Tyler Boyd in a trade, which most people said I lost the deal.

Henry finished the season on an absolute tear. If you had him on your roster you probably won the championship because of him. During standard playoff weeks, week 14-16, he was THE RB1 averaging 30.7 ppg in standard scoring leagues. The flip to that is during the fantasy football regular season Henry averaged 7.0 ppg, that ends up being RB34. Just to mention a few players that finished higher than RB34; Isaiah Crowell RB 21, T.J. Yeldon RB22 and Peyton Barber RB28.

My prediction is that Henry finishes as RB16 with a ceiling of RB6 and a floor of RB30.

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WR: Tyler Lockett

Lockett might have been the person most to benefit from the off-season so far. He was a perfect under-the-radar candidate even before the off-season began so you better buy some shares of him before his price goes up even more. His competition for targets vanished out the window when Doug Baldwin announced his retirement.

And with the Seahawks coming out and saying that Lockett will be moved around a lot more this season screams target monster. Lockett finished as WR11 last year! That is pretty crazy nobody even noticed the season he put up. Lockett’s ADP currently is WR23, so his price is still low enough to get him for less than market-value before the season starts and he puts up WR1 numbers again.

My prediction is that Lockett finishes as WR13 with a ceiling of WR6 and floor of WR25.

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TE: Darren Waller

Waller has been my ultimate under-the-radar, buy-low candidate this off-season. Ever since Jared Cook left the Oakland Raiders for the New Orleans Saints during free agency, there has been a huge question mark at the tight end position. During the Annual Owners Meeting in March, HC Jon Gruden called out Waller and told him to be on notice because the Raiders have big plans for him the upcoming season.

There was a report that came out last week saying that Waller has been getting the majority of the first-team snaps. This is huge because Raiders QB Derek Carr loves targeting the TE.

Carr targeted TE’s on:

  • 20% of his attempts
  • 23% of his passing yards
  • 47% of his passing touchdowns

These are all players that I think can you trade from for less than market value and get a great return on your investment. Whether you want to hold them to sell once they reach high-value mid-season or want to hold onto them to ride them to a fantasy championship these players are great investments.

If you want to check out more of my articles, come look at my page. Its full of dynasty articles that I think you’ll enjoy. You can also follow me on twitter @FFSuperflexGuru. I will also be starting a podcast here soon so be on the lookout for that!

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