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Ja’Marr Chase is the first player ever featured in the Devy Diamonds series.

Ja’Marr Chase is the first player target in the first installment of the Devy Diamonds series.  The LSU superstar took the college football world by storm in 2019 as the best wide receiver in a historic LSU offense. Chase saved one of his best games for the end, a record-breaking performance in the National Championship against Clemson (9 receptions, 221 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns).

The purpose of this series is to review the elite talent in your Devy or C2C leagues and where is the ideal place to land them on your draft boards. If you don’t play devy, you should play devy. However, this content can be very helpful for researching your upcoming rookie drafts as well. Given the uncertainty surrounding the college football season, it’s never too early to start looking at potential 2021 rookies.

College football fans are still sweating over what will happened to the 2020 season. One of the biggest frustrations would be getting to miss Ja’Marr Chase’s encore performance after shattering SEC receiving records. Chase is one of the elite rookie prospects in this 2021 class, or really any rookie class, in recent memory. The LSU stud is the perfect player to kick off this series.

@FF_Banterman’s Breaking It Down: 

The Bottom Line:

It’s a rare sight to see a sophomore dominate college football from the wide receiver position like Ja’Marr Chase did in 2019. The Louisiana native did not come to the Tigers as highly-touted as classmate Terrace Marshall, but he used his brute strength and freakish athleticism to become the alpha among that receiving group. This ultra-talented group included Minnesota Vikings 1st round pick Justin Jefferson as well. Therefore, Chase is a beast.

The sensational sophomore is the complete package at WR- top speed, impressive agility, elite leaping ability and sure hands. But it’s his unreal strength that separates him from most DB competition. Chase uses that strength and fantastic balance to win push contests deep down the field. You can search YouTube for multiple highlight videos of Chase absolutely abusing A.J. Terrell (16th pick by the Falcons in the 2020 NFL draft) deep down the field.

It was reported that Chase Supposedly ran a 4.40 this offseason at LSU, which is a significant improvement from his 4.66 in high school. His numbers, athleticism, strength and work ethic easily makes him the best wide receiver of the 2021 class, which is another loaded WR class at a similar level to the 2020 class.

CeeDee Lamb was my favorite WR prospect in a long time, but I see Chase ending Lamb’s reign of owning my heart.  If Chase lands in a good offense with a good quarterback, he’s a top 5 in all formats for rookie drafts in addition to a top pick in Devy and C2C start-ups.

The only player I would currently take over Chase in 1QB format is Clemson’s star running back Travis Etienne. You can argue taking Chubba Hubbard over Chase, given Hubbard’s unreal 2020 performance and scarcity at the running back position.

@ff_banterman’s Pick Target for Ja’Marr Chase:

  • Devy Start-up Drafts:
    • 1QB Leagues: Top 3 pick
    • SF Leagues: Top 5 pick
  • Insanely Early 2021 Rookie Draft Projection:
    • 1QB Leagues: Top 4 pick
    • SF Leagues: Top 7 pick (3 QBs and 3 RBs potentially ahead of him)

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