5 Sleeper Players To Put On Your Radar


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Pointing Out Five Trending Sleeper Players Who Are Currently Undervalued But Could Have the Potential To Pay Off Big

Some people call players that are long-shots to be starters or long-shots to be significant fantasy contributors, a “sleeper” or “deep sleepers,” if they can be drafted cheaply or traded for at a low price.

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Here are five more players to keep an eye on:

WR Miles Boykin:

The first sleeper candidate is Miles Boykin. Boykin went for 4 rec and 39 yards on 9 targets in the Ravens 1st preseason game. At 6’4 and 220lbs he’s a big target for Lamar Jackson, and he’s quickly moving up the depth chart for the Ravens, as he’s been impressive so far in camp.

He looks like the real deal. If you’re in a dynasty league, take a hard look at Boykin as he could be the Ravens WR to own, for years to come.


RB Tony Pollard:

The Ezekiel Elliot contract situation is getting messier by the minute, and Tony Pollard seems to be the player in line to benefit.

The Dallas Cowboys are saying that they’ve offered a top 5 contract to Elliot. Elliot is saying it’s not good enough and he won’t play without a new contract. All of it points to a possible redux of the Le’Veon Bell situation from last year.

Any RB that has the potential to run behind the Cowboys O-line has the potential to put up some big-time stats. Pollard may only play a game or two as the Cowboys starter, but he could turn into this season’s James Conner.


WR Terry McLaurin:

Terry McLaurin is another WR that is burning up the preseason camps. He’s working his way up to a starting spot in the Washington Redskins receiving core. Likewise, he’s been one of the most electric new players for the Redskins.

The Redskins won’t be putting it all together, this year, but the combo of Dwayne Haskins, Guice, and Terry McLaurin will be one of the deadlier young combos in the coming years.


WR Jalen Hurd:

Trent Taylor went down with an injury, in camp, and in steps Jalen Hurd. Hurd isn’t the speediest WR, but he’s a big target, that can get open. By the looks of the 49ers preseason game against the Cowboys, the 49ers know how to take advantage of his size in the red zone.

Taylor’s injury will keep him out for a few weeks, and probably a couple of weeks to start the season, but Hurd is already making noise to take some of those slot targets. Get in on the ground floor with this guy, the 49ers have a potent offense, and if this guy gets plugged in, he’ll be racking up some sweet stats.


WR Hunter Renfrow:

The Oakland Raiders named Hunter Renfrow as their starting slot receiver. Whenever I hear a player is moving/starting in the slot, for any team, my ears perk up. NFL games these days are played in the middle of the field, and slot WRs are the guys racking up a ton of stats as offenses exploit the soft underbellies of NFL defenses.

Take a look at these five players, and look to maybe add 1 or 2, as all of them have upsides. If you’ve been a subscriber, you might already be on some of these guys, as Sean Lanigan gave you a heads-up on a couple of these players earlier in the year with his article.

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