5 Sleeper Players To Put On Your Fantasy Radar

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Pointing Out Five Trending Players Who Are Currently Very Undervalued But Could Have the Potential To Pay Off Big.

Some people call players that are long-shots to be starters or long-shots to be significant fantasy contributors, “sleepers” or “deep sleepers,” if they can be drafted cheaply or traded for at a low price.

While other people might prefer calling these players, “fantasy penny stocks” or “fantasy friend-zone players” (I just made that one up),  I prefer to call those long-shots, “lottery tickets,” because that is what they are; players you put a small investment in, that pay off huge when they get their opportunities.

For this article, we’ll be looking at five lottery ticket players that you should put on your fantasy radar.

“Radaring”a lottery ticket player doesn’t mean you rush out to add them to your roster, but you are on alert… Not Defcon 1 or Red Alert status, but more of an old lady doing neighborhood watch during Halloween, type of alert.

You’re consistently checking what they do and where they are on their teams’ roster depth charts.

WR Jake Kumerow:

There’s some talk that Kumerow might be the perfect type of player for the Packers’ slot spot.  The tagline has been, “The Kupp of the Packers.” There’s an interesting article about it here, by Zach Kruse.

Kumerow has been doing well in OTAs. He probably won’t get the slot spot, but if he can get on the field, he can do some damage. Definitely a lottery ticket, but one to keep a very close eye on.


RB Darwin Thompson:

If you read my Best Ball Championship Draft article, you know I’m high on Darwin Thompson and his lottery ticket status. Of course, I’m not alone; listen to Chiefs OC, Eric Bienemy, gush about Darwin Thompson.  He’s not the starter, and he’s not the backup, but he’s working hard, and it sounds like the Chiefs are ready to give him a hard look if he continues to show promise (sorta reminds me of Kareem Hunt’s rookie year and how he worked his way up).

*Beep, Beep, Beep*-You hear that? That’s the sound of Darwin Thompson going strong on your radar.

WR Deebo Samuel:

The 49ers have Wes Welker working with Deebo Samuel, and the rookie WR is working hard to learn as quickly as he can.  By now you’re starting to see a trend with the radar players, they’re hard workers who are doing everything it takes to get themselves ready to be contributors.

On the flipside, Samuel is the only player on this list that has been called fat by one of his coaches.

Despite the tough love by Wes Walker, Samuel has real potential.

TE Matt LaCosse:

After the Austin Sefarian-Jenkins signing, then recent cutting, the Patriots seem to be still a work in progress, at the TE position.  The Patriots could trade from someone (*cough, Kyle Rudolph)…or Gronk could unretire and start immediately…or Matt LaCosse could be the starter.

Yes, Matt LaCosse seems to be the latest New England Patriot rumored to take over the TE position.  After Ben Watson’s suspension (4 games), LaCosse appears to be in the driver seat to be TE1 for the Pats, at least for those 1st four weeks. He hasn’t had stellar stats, over his career, but the Patriots like him and he’s another “hard worker.”

It’s a bit of headache (and headscratcher) but worth keeping an eye on, as the starting TE, for the Patriots, usually equals fantasy gold.

WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside:

I might’ve saved the best for last with J.J. Arcega-Whiteside. When people talk about a player getting red zone targets or dominating the red zone, my ears start to perk-up.

JJAW is currently ripping it up in the Eagles OTAs and looks to have a decently good shot at making some noise.  It also helps that Alshon Jeffrey is currently holding out.

Take a look at the tweets below, and then add him to your list of radar players.


Final Thoughts:

I’ll keep digging for lottery ticket players to put on your fantasy radar.  There’s a lot of value out there to be had if you can be aware of it early.
Not all these guys are going to go on to fantasy glory in 2019, but one or two of them might…and that’s worth paying a little extra attention, to a few up-and-coming guys, over the next couple months.
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