Embed from Getty Images The Drew Brees cat is out of the bag. With the tweaked quarterback scoring settings in this year’s Scott Fish Bowl, a few high value quarterback options are going undervalued who can help you take home the title: Philip Rivers, Gardner Minshew, Teddy Bridgewater, and KirkContinue Reading

2020 Tight End Revue 🍑. In addition to Mark Andrews, there is a host of young, up and coming tight ends who are itching to replace the old guard in that top tier. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites as well as some busts in sheep’s clothing.Continue Reading

https://twitter.com/onthejawn/status/1227988805803790336?s=20 Annnnnnd I’m here to tell you why you’re all WRONG!!! What is Best-Ball Scoring? If you haven’t heard of best ball leagues or best ball scoring, it is a simple concept. The optimal lineups are set for you after games have been completed. Inserted into your starting lineup requirementsContinue Reading

As fantasy draft season ends, now is roster reflection time. How did you do? The TRUE most wonderful time of the year, fantasy football draft season, is sadly over. Whether you’ve been slow drafting a dynasty startup since May, or just finished your home league redraft this Wednesday, now weContinue Reading

http://gty.im/1170317533 Individual Players Scoring Touchdowns on Special Teams: A Fantasy Football Scoring Debate. Should They Count? A surprisingly divisive fantasy football scoring topic is individual player return touchdowns scored on special teams (punt or kick returns) and whether the points for those special teams touchdowns should count towards your fantasyContinue Reading

Embed from Getty Images Players to Target with Deep Dynasty Rosters Identifying deep dynasty targets is fundamental to winning dynasty championships. Myles Gaskin, Troy Fumagalli, Maurice (Mo) Harris, Matt LaCosse and Bruce Anderson are not particularly exciting or well known fantasy football players. However with injuries to players ahead ofContinue Reading

These NFL Players Drafted in 2017 are Being Forgotten Adam Shaheen – TE Chicago Bears – Round 2 Pick 45 https://twitter.com/ChicagoBears_TT/status/1135855810758750209 The Trey Burton experiment didn’t start off so hot, now did it? Adam Shaheen has literally done nothing of relevance in fantasy football. Between 2 injury plagued seasons heContinue Reading

NFL VETERANS WHO COULD BE VALUABLE PIECES OF YOUR DYNASTY TEAM Every year there are some age 30 and over guys that can help your dynasty roster that drop in drafts mainly due to their age. Below is a list of 10 players, age 30 or older, who you shouldContinue Reading