The Arizona Cardinals defense is simply too generous to opposing tight ends. If you’re a fan of fantasy football, you know that nothing is a sure thing. And that can be incredibly frustrating, as well as infinitely joyful. A strange phenomenon has been happening in the NFL this season. ThereContinue Reading

Size doesn’t always matter, especially when the stats are loaded! I’m old enough to remember when there was serious hesitation from just about everyone is taking a QB who was under 6’ tall number one overall in the 2019 draft. It was one of the staple offseason debates. The sampleContinue Reading

There’s always, always next year. It’s not too early to target guys for your 2020 squad. It’s entirely possible that you’re in a dynasty league. It is also very likely that you’re out of contention in your dynasty league, for whatever reason. Instead of checking out, I want to encourageContinue Reading

We’re onto Week 10. These next few weeks will be pivotal for most of us as we grind to get a ticket to the ball or want to ensure that treasured 1st round bye.  Or you could be sitting pretty, undefeated and ready to walk into the playoff. Or youContinue Reading