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Sunday And Monday Night Start/Sits For Week 2 Of Fantasy Football

Sunday And Monday Night Start/Sits For Week 2 Of Fantasy Football

Sunday And Monday Night Start/Sits For Week 2. Hopefully Thursday night was a success for everyone, from a fantasy perspective. Below is a reminder of how this article will be laid out, followed by the rest of my start/sits for this week. Must Start: These are players that you’re starting week to week, regardless of the opponent. Flex Start: These are players...

Week 2 Thursday Night Football Start/Sit

Week 2 Thursday Night Football Start/Sit

Thursday Night Football Start/Sit For The Carolina Panthers & The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Week 2. Welcome to week 2 of the 2019 NFL season. Hopefully you all did well for week 1, even with all of opening week injuries. This is my first attempt at offensive start/sits, so bare with me. I’ll give a little background on my fantasy football...

Week 1 NFL Fantasy Football Redraft Waiver Adds

Week 1 NFL Fantasy Football Redraft Waiver Adds

The Week 1 waiver run is an important part of the fantasy season. Here is a look at the bountiful crop of potential adds for your teams. Quarterback Case Keenum – In one of the surprises of Week 1, the Redskins hung tough against Philadelphia and that is largely due to the play of Keenum. Despite having next to nothing...

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5 Sell High IDP Players

@JoeyTheToothIDP picks out five guys that you should capitalize on the values of. Sell high on these players now to improve your #FFIDP roster.


Top Landing Spots for Jalen Ramsey

Widely considered one of the top cover CB in the #NFL, Jalen Ramsey has requested a trade.

@JoeyTheToothIDP looks at a few landing spots and how that would affect him for #FFIDP.


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Boyd Killingworth

Boyd Killingworth

Was always a fan of fantasy sports in Australia and heard fantasy NFL is way more serious, fun, informative and enjoyable. Fantasy NFL basically got me interested way more into American Football than anything else, now I’m hooked & most spare hours and done spent trying to research and benefit my dynasty teams anyway I can.I’m a professional rugby player in Australia.Interesting and informative ones I hope. Haha I’ll be writing articles I’m genuinely interested in (rookies, boards, RBBC ect) and hopefully will provide some knowledge to some individuals.

Steve Tomasin

Steve Tomasin

My best friend got me in my first league in 1999 at age 14. 2 years later as a sophomore in high school I started my own keeper league which has been running ever since. The high of being "right" about players and combing through stats and box scores is so far unmatched by any other hobby or passion.I was born outside of Detroit but have resided in the suburbs of Philly since the age of 2. For many years I was actually quite the contrarian when it came to being a fan of Philly sports and teams. However as I grew older and wiser, the teams, and fanbase that surrounded me essentially my whole life, grew on me. I am also a huge WWF (80s-00s) fan. So there will likely be many wrestling references and gifs accompanying my writing.Hoping to do lots on my hometown Eagles and also looking to cut my teeth on some IDP analysis. ADP analysis and overall team outlooks as well.

Ron Sears

Ron Sears

Staff Writer

Been playing since 2002. Started in redraft, moved to my first keeper league 10 years ago, been doing dynasty for the last 5 or 6 years. Love everything football, trying to improve every year. Sad to admit I'm a Lions fan. Been torturing myself for close to 30 years.Husband and father of an awesome 2.5 year old. Avid golfer, rocking a single digit handicap. Seasoned sales rep turned sales manager.Dynasty. Redraft. Rankings contributer.

Joseph Petrosino

Joseph Petrosino

Sr. Media Manager

Dynasty Fantasy Baseball lead me here.I’m a Broadway stagehand. I’ve been to 49 of 50 states.Social Media Manager